Snipfeed is a link-in-bio monetization platform for your social media posts. It’s perfect when you need to share and access links without having the extra time, or just want to post on multiple platforms with one click.

Snipfeed is a platform that allows you to monetize your content and link it to a social media account. This review will explore what Snipfeed is, how it works, and whether or not it’s worth using.

Snipfeed Review. Link-In-Bio Monetization Platform For You.

Do you want to learn more about Snipfeed but can’t seem to find any comprehensive reviews? Are you pressed for time?

OK Let’s skip the introduction and go directly to the point.

Snipfeed is a link-in-bio platform that helps content authors expand their businesses. It provides a variety of monetization options, making it more simpler for you, as a creator, to monetise your fans, customers, and/or followers.

One of the nicest features is that followers and/or customers may make purchases or give tips without having to leave the social app.

Because to Snipfeed’s simplicity and usefulness, several members are already generating five figures each month.

Perhaps you’re still on the fence about Snipfeed and have some additional questions.

It’s understandable, so let’s look into it more.

Is Snipfeed legitimate?

Yes, Snipfeed is a genuine program that works and is supported by real people.

You may take my word for it since I’ve evaluated a lot of frauds and deceptive items, so I know how to tell which platforms are legitimate and which aren’t.

Let’s look at some statistics.

In May of 2018, the domain was registered.

snipfeed review

The website’s traffic has been rather strong over the last four years. had an average of 4 million monthly views in the previous several months, according to the website.

People find Snipfeed handy, since there is no major decline.

snipfeed review

The figures may be a little overstated, based on my experience with (when it comes to monthly visits). The number of people accessing is probably fewer than 1 million every month, but it is certain.

What is the source of the traffic?

snipfeed review

The majority of traffic originates in the United States, after which:

Although it may alter over time, the number of visitors continues to rise.

According to, organizations including CRV, abstract Venture, and others have invested more than $5.5 million in Snipfeed to prove that it is genuine.

Now that you’ve established that this is a genuine platform, let’s go further.

Who is the brains behind Snipfeed?

Rédouane Ramdani is the originator and co-founder.

snipfeed review

He graduated from HEC Paris Business School with a master’s degree in business administration.

He studied at the University of California Berkley’s Haas Business School from 2017 to 2018.

Redouane also taught philosophy at the University of Lille for about a year. He worked as a venture capital analyst before founding Snipfeed in September 2018.

As of this writing, the Snipfeed team consists of at least 15 employees, and it is growing.

How did it all begin?

snipfeed review

Snipfeed was launched with “just” 44,000 weekly active users who utilized it as a content discovery tool.

The corporation veered to the link-in-bio business less than two years after registering the website, with several characteristics that the competitors lacked.

This contained a mechanism for monetization.

As a consequence, the number of registered users skyrocketed, as seen by the latest monthly visit count shown above.

The firm has offices on both sides of the Atlantic, in Los Angeles, California, and Paris, France, where the technical office is located.

What Exactly Is Snipfeed?

snipfeed review

Snipfeed is a monetization platform (also known as a link-in-bio) with a customisable bio link that may help you develop your company and make the monetization process easier and quicker as a creator.

It has the ability to integrate all social connections into a single link.

A clickable URL in your bio directs users from social media to a product page, your website, your YouTube channel, or an opt-in page where you provide a service.

In other words, it’s a single location where you can host all of your material while still being compensated.

Other tools that are comparable include:

  • Feedlink
  • LinkTree
  • eLink
  • I’m direct.

Is a secure website?

I understand if you are concerned about the safety of this website.

And, as someone who is skeptical, this is a valid concern. However, after many hours of searching, I saw no big red signs.

Snipfeed co is a rather secure website, according to various sources.

It is not a scam, and they provide a real service for which there is no charge.

To double-check the snipfeed, we’ll employ a third-party site.

Is Snipfeed co safe

Scamadviser was first registered in 2011, therefore it is a well-established and reliable website.

How Do I Create a Snipfeed?

snipfeed review

It’s simple and only takes a few minutes (maybe even seconds).

Signing up is also free, and all you need is:

  • choose a username (or domain name)
  • Name
  • Email (phone is optional)
  • Also, the password

Then, to characterize your material, choose three categories:

snipfeed review

After then, you must confirm your email address.

It may be on the Promotion Tab for Gmail users (at least that was my case).

You may log in after authenticating your account, and here is the dashboard:

snipfeed review

What is the Snipfeed Process?

Once within the dashboard, there is a menu on the left-hand side that is very self-explanatory.

snipfeed review

My Page

You may add whatever block you like, and on the right-hand side of the screen, you can see how it will appear on your phone.

You can even include monetizable blocks, which I’ll discuss later.

Option Monetization

Snipfeed has a lot of revenue opportunities, which is wonderful.

Let’s go through them quickly:

1) Original Content

Your digital items or e-book that you desire to sell might be exclusive material. Simply submit the information into the Snipfeed, whether it’s an article from your own blog or some advice.

Caroline explains how to set it up in greater detail:


2) One-on-one consultations

If you are an expert in a certain field and are aware that there is a need for specialized knowledge, you may schedule a one-on-one appointment with your customer and provide counsel.

You may work as:

  • teacher
  • account manager
  • chef
  • fiduciary
  • ..anything

Set up a meeting with your specialist through Zoom or Google Meet.

3) Q&A 

You may add a shoutout feature by submitting a video with a description, according to Snipfeeds.

You educate your followers about the next subjects in the description so they know what to question.

Make a plan for how you’ll react.

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Alternatively, it will be written.

You may include a graphic that reflects the subject and pricing. It’s as simple as that:

snipfeed review

4) Livecasts

Do you like live streaming?

This is an excellent method to sell tickets for live events.

5) Tipping

Your supporters may help you directly by donating you money.

Although this is the final choice, you should not be concerned about using it as your first chance.

In the worst-case scenario, you won’t get paid, right?

Please keep in mind that payments might take up to a week (5–7 days) to reach your account.

Don’t forget to provide your preferred mode of payment.

You will be sent to the appropriate website after clicking on connect (Paypal or stripe). Alternatively, you can log into an existing account.

snipfeed review

What is the purpose of Snipfeed? Or Who?

Snipfeed is a tool that assists content authors, as we’ve previously said.

To be more precise, consider the following:

  • teachers
  • comedians
  • Internet entrepreneurs that offer their own products

to communicate directly with their fans and followers

But there’s more (to come).

Future of SnipFeed?

Snipfeed’s creators are working on new features to make it more appealing to a wider audience.

We also anticipate e-commerce facilities to be integrated into the platform, allowing producers to sell real products via their link-in-bio.

Another strategy is to use instructional materials.

I’ll keep an eye on this tool as it develops so that I can keep you updated.

Is Snipfeed completely free?

It is free to join, therefore you may wonder:

How do they produce so many?

Snipfeed gets 15% of each sale you make as a creator. As a result, they only profit if the creators profit.

Enough is enough.

Referral scheme for Snipfeed

snipfeed review

There is also a referral scheme available (it is not MLM nor any sort of pyramid).

If a creator suggests someone and that person makes a sale, the creator receives 5% of the transaction.

Conclusion of Snipfeed

Snipfeed is a multi-platform monetization platform that allows artists to reach a larger audience and monetise their following in a variety of ways.

We’ve gone through the built-in features in Snipfeed, and you and I both know how simple it is to build up a profile with the appropriate connections.

Have you used a link-in-bio tool before? If so, which one is it?

Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Also, if there is anything unclear about which you would need more information, please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Mike

Snipfeed is a social media platform that allows you to monetize your content. It uses the “alinity” and links it in your bio. Reference: snipfeed alinity.

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