What I like about QuickThoughts is that they offer an app for free with no hidden fees. Another feature of this website is that the surveys are short and sweet, lasting only a few minutes each. Even better than their quick survey time frame, you get paid within 24 hours via PayPal or Amazon gift card which can be used on your favorite purchase!

The “quickthoughts no surveys” is a survey site that promises to pay you for your opinions. The site claims to be legitimate, but it has not been verified by any third-party authority.

QuickThoughts App Review 2022: Is This Survey Site Legit?

Making money online with surveys is one of the most easy methods to make money, particularly when all you need is a smartphone and access to the internet.

You may make money from the comfort of your own home with get-paid-to sites like QuickThoughts. I’m a survey hound. and Tellwut are two more popular survey sites that function.

If you’re thinking about utilizing QuickThoughts to supplement your income, you should read this whole review first. The app offers a cheap minimum cashout as well as a large number of surveys to complete.

This QuickThoughts app review will tell you all you need to know about it.

What is QuickThoughts and how does it work?

The QuickThoughts app [iOS or Android] is a mobile application that rewards users for completing surveys and other tasks.

Survey Sampling International, located in Connecticut, owns the company, which was created in 2013.

What is the Process of QuickThoughts?

QuickThoughts helps businesses get user feedback on their goods and services. Companies need this information in order to enhance their goods and tailor their marketing efforts.

Companies pay for this service via sites like QuickThoughts.

Users may offer their ideas via surveys after installing the app and be compensated for their time and work. It operates in the same way that most survey and get-paid-to sites do.

How to Use the QuickThoughts App to Participate in Surveys

You must first download the QuickThoughts app [iOS or Android] before proceeding with the sign-up procedure.

The app is compatible with a broad variety of devices and is available on the App Store and Google Play. Only users above the age of 17 in the United States, the United Kingdom, and a few European nations are eligible to join up.

Follow the instructions below once you’ve downloaded the app.

  • Fill out the registration form.
  • Accept the terms and conditions by submitting it.
  • To verify your address, open your email.
  • After that, you may begin taking surveys.

How to Profit from QuickThoughts

QuickThoughts offers two major methods to earn money: Online polls and in-store purchasing.

Online polls

With the Discover Me A Survey option on the QuickThoughts app, you may quickly find surveys.

This will give you with surveys that QuickThoughts believes you qualified for based on your profile.

The duration and value of surveys vary, with some lasting up to 30 minutes and paying up to $3. You earn Surveys differ in length and rewards, with some lasting up to 30 minutes and rewarding up to $3. If you are disqualified from a survey, you get $0.10..10 if you are rejected from a survey.

You will almost certainly never complain about a shortage of surveys using QuickThoughts. It links you to hundreds of surveys, ensuring that you always have something to do.

Shopping at a Store

Aside from Online polls, you can earn extra cash with Shopping at a Store.

QuickThoughts may assign you tasks such as obtaining a certain product and submitting an image of it, photographing the shelf where a specific product is located, shopping at a specific store, completing a questionnaire, and so on.

The amount of money you earn depends on the assignment you accepted, however it might be up to $5 per task.

QuickThoughts App ReviewQuickThoughts App Review

How is QuickThoughts compensated?

QuickThoughts [iOS or Android] compensates users with gift cards rather than cash.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10, and you may request a gift card number after you’ve received it. You may earn gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, and other well-known retailers. The firm also provides immediate gift cards.

If you wish to donate to a good cause, QuickThoughts also encourages you to do so. You may contribute your profits to one of the Dynata organizations that have been authorized. Simply go through the supported organizations and choose the one you’d want to donate to with your profits.

Is QuickThoughts a genuine website?

QuickThoughts is a reputable platform for earning gift cards as a reward. Survey Sampling International, the company’s proprietors, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau but is not certified.

QuickThoughts is a verified business on TrustPilot, however it has a terrible 2.1 rating out of 54 reviews.

The QuickThoughts app has a 4.2 rating on Google Play, based on 129,207 reviews. The app has a 3.3 rating in the App Store, based on 11.3k reviews.

In general, QuickThoughts has received great feedback and has shown to be a viable money-making tool.

QuickThoughts Advantages

  • The software is simple to install on any smartphone.
  • It’s completely free to join up and get started.
  • Surveys that never stop depending on your sign-up information.
  • Even if you are rejected from surveys, you will be rewarded.
  • Gift certificates are immediately redeemed.
  • Shopping at a Store is available for extra earnings.

QuickThoughts’ drawbacks

  • There is no possibility to use a web browser.
  • There are no extra monetary incentives and just a few methods to earn money.
  • There are no cash prizes available.

Is QuickThoughts a Good Investment?

QuickThoughts has received over a million downloads and several excellent ratings on the Google Play Store and App Store.

It’s worthwhile for people looking to supplement their income on the side or in their spare time, but not as a full-time job.

It’s rather simple to meet the minimum withdrawal requirement, particularly because consumers have access to a large number of surveys.

Keep in mind, however, that you cannot do surveys on a computer or a Mac, so you must first download the app in order to make money.

Alternatives to QuickThoughts

There are more applications like QuickThoughts that you may use if you don’t like this one or want additional alternatives.


Tellwut is a survey panel located in Canada that enables users to develop surveys, participate in internal and external surveys, and earn prizes by referring friends.

You may withdraw using gift cards like QuickThoughts after you’ve reached a minimum of $10.

Target, Amazon, Starbucks, and Tango gift cards are among the payment possibilities. It also has great BBB and Trustpilot ratings.

Personalized Surveys

You can also go for Personalized Surveys if you’re looking for a reliable QuickThoughts alternative. It features a 4.3-rating on Trustpilot and allows you to withdraw as low as $5.

You may withdraw money through PayPal, Branded Pay, Amazon, and Apple, or donate to charity using the platform.

You may make money by completing surveys, referring friends, and participating in daily polls, among other things.

Read the rest of our review.


Swagbucks is one of the most well-known get-paid-to sites, making it one of the top QuickThoughts alternatives. On this network, you may make anywhere from $1 to $5 every day.

Achieving surveys and polls, purchasing online, recommending friends, completing daily objectives, downloading apps and games, and joining contests are all methods to get money.

Read the rest of our review.

I’m a survey hound.

Another good alternative to QuickThoughts is I’m a survey hound., which allows you to earn money by completing surveys online.

With focus groups, you may earn up to $100 and up to $3 every survey. Then, using PayPal, e-gift cards, or bank transfers, redeem incentives worth at least $5.

Read the rest of our review.

Pinecone Investigations

Pinecone Investigations is a legitimate survey panel owned by The Nielsen Company. It has an A+ rating on the BBB and offers you cash in exchange for your opinions.

Keep in mind that before you may use the survey website, you must first submit an application and wait to be invited.

You may conduct surveys and get cash and rewards whenever you receive a survey notice. Per survey, the minimum payout is $3.

Read the rest of our review.


MobileXpression [iOS or Android], a Comscore-owned research panel, is another QuickThoughts equivalent.

It comes with a smartphone app that enables you to make money while you sleep. After you download the app, it gathers data from your smartphone and pays you for it (in the first week, you’ll get a $10 gift card).

You may also get money by doing surveys on your smartphone. Survey invites are available via MobileXpression.


Zoombucks is a reputable get-paid-to service that enables you to earn money by participating in a variety of activities. Completing surveys, viewing movies, and accepting offers are examples of these activities.

You may also earn money by inviting friends and reading emails. Some of the offers even require you to play games and take tests.

You may quickly withdraw profits using PayPal, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and other gift cards.

QuickThoughts App Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Money Can You Make on QuickThoughts?

You may earn between $5 and $10 per hour depending on how many surveys you can finish. The average person earns $1 each survey, with the other activities paying up to $5.

How Do I Redeem QuickThoughts Rewards?

On QuickThoughts, you may exchange your points for gift cards. To redeem the gift codes, you must have a minimum of $10. They will send you the gift code after you have redeemed it. So, check your email for the code and use it. You may also give to a good cause.

Which Survey App Is the Most Effective?

This is dependent on your unique requirements. QuickThoughts is a great survey software for folks who wish to earn gift cards while doing surveys and shopping.


QuickThoughts is a real software that gives you gift cards for completing surveys or participating in local retail activities. The software is simple to use and install on any device, and it enables you to make money on a regular basis.

With little effort, you may make up to $5 every day. However, bear in mind that PayPal offers no sign-up incentives, referral schemes, or cash awards.

However, if you’re searching for a simple method to receive free gift cards, this is an excellent option.

Survey Junkie is a survey company that promises to pay its members for taking surveys. But is it legit? Reference: survey junkie.

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