We’ve all had our free coffee from Panera Bread at some point. But, have you ever wondered how many cups you could drink if you ordered that “unlimited premium coffee” for the entire summer? Well, now you know, and the answer is an astounding 60,000 cups! That’s right, the fast-casual restaurant chain offers its customers unlimited premium coffee for the entire summer (from June to September).

If you’re like many of us, you’ll spend countless hours each week in the kitchen preparing meals. And of course, you’re going to want to enjoy them while doing so! After all, that’s why you’re in the kitchen. (This is true of virtually everything you do. You’re there to ENJOY your life.)

There are several things you may have noticed about Panera Bread. One is that their stores are always actually pretty clean. They are always super-organized and they have great artwork. It’s like a mental health day spa in a bakery. Another is that their coffee has never tasted better. It’s just so rich and delicious. And did you ever stop to wonder how much they pay for their coffee?. Read more about panera menu and let us know what you think.

Panera Bread is offering all-you-can-eat premium coffee all summer long! This includes hot filter coffee, iced coffee and hot tea when ordered at the Panera Bread Café, online on the website or in the app. Ninja Update 4/21: You may now register until 30. April sign up for free coffee. Ninja Update 12/18/20: Panera now offers a free 3 month trial!

MyPanera+ coffee subscription

Panera Bread offers a coffee subscription called MyPanera+ Coffee , which normally costs $8.99 per month. A monthly subscription offers you :

  • Unlimited amounts of premium 100% Arabica coffee, slow roasted; any size, any flavor (every 2 hours).
    • Hot coffee
    • Cold coffee
    • Hot tea
  • Free snacks at Panera Bread Café

Free coffee offer

Direct reference Apparently, Panera Bread asked its Twitter users if they wanted unlimited premium coffee all summer, as part of the company’s Twitter #FREECOFFEE4SUMMER promotion. If 500,000 people vote for it, Panera Bread will do it:   word-image-17252 word-image-17253 Shocking fact: Three days after the tweet was posted, it received 500,000 upvotes, with 87.4 percent of Twitter users voting for the free coffee. Panera Bread keeps its promises. If you are now to 13. July 2020 Sign up for MyPanera+ Coffee and get free coffee until Labor Day (September 7, 2020). relating to :

Conditions of use

New subscribers:

  • Purchase is not necessary.
  • For new subscribers who purchase a MyPanera+ coffee subscription between June 22 and July 13, 2020 (new free subscription period), you will receive a free coffee subscription from the date of purchase until September 7, 2020 (new free subscription period).
  • You must be at least 18 years old and a member of MyPanera to enroll in the MyPanera Coffee+ Program (the Program).
  • Visit http:/www.panerabread.com/MyPaneraCoffee during the subscription period and fill in all the required information on the subscription page.
  • You must provide a valid major credit card and agree to the terms of the program.
  • If you do not cancel your subscription before the next renewal date after 7/9/2020, you will be charged $8.99 plus tax on the next renewal date (based on when you signed up during the subscription period).
  • If you cancel your subscription, your free subscription will expire 30 days after the renewal date.

Current participants:

  • Your coffee membership is free from 6/22 to 9/7/2020 or until the current renewal date thereafter (current free membership period).
  • During the current free subscription period, you will not be charged the usual monthly renewal fees.
  • If you do not cancel your subscription before the next renewal date after 7/9/2020, you will be charged $8.99 plus tax on the next renewal date (based on the current renewal date).

All participants:

  • Registration is only possible online, not at the kiosk.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you do not cancel your subscription, your credit card will automatically be charged $8.99 plus tax for the monthly subscription, and this amount will then be charged every thirty (30) days on a recurring monthly basis until you cancel your subscription.
  • To unsubscribe online, visit the Subscriptions section at http:/www.panerabread.com/MyPaneraCoffee or in the Panera Bread app. You can also call Panera customer service at 1-855-372-6372 to cancel your subscription.
  • The offer is only valid for hot coffee, hot tea and iced coffee and unlimited refills.
  • With the exception of iced coffee, espresso and cappuccino. Registration and redemption of membership cards is only available at participating Café Bakeries in the United States.
  • Excluding delivery and catering orders from third parties.
  • One subscription per person.

The conclusion

This would be a super sexy ninja affair in a normal world. Many people work near a Panera Bread restaurant and could have a coffee every day, which is great for a fast food establishment. It’s a nice amount considering that this world is now slowly being rediscovered. The fact that there were no more than 7. Giving away free coffee in September makes it even more valuable. Be sure to cancel your subscription at the end of the free period, or you will be charged a subscription fee of $8.99 per month. H/T for The Money Ninja Vir H. reader who brought this to my attention!I was surprised to see that Panera Bread has a summer promotion for their coffee that is actually pretty good. They are able to offer a summer promotion because of their long term partnership with Keurig. The Keurig kiosks they have at most of their locations will provide customers with any blend of coffee or tea of their choice.. Read more about panera bread menu and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Panera giving free coffee all summer?

Panera Bread is one of the most popular quick-service restaurant chains in the United States, with nearly 1,600 locations, including more than 100 in Canada. The company is famous for its “pay-what-you-want” pricing model, which even allows customers to spread out their costs over many months and years. Of course, there are certain things that come free with that offer; like unlimited premium coffee, unlimited refills on all beverages and unlimited snacks. Panera Bread is giving away free coffee all summer long, if you buy its premium roast coffee. The offer is valid at any Panera Bread restaurant, and you don’t have to buy anything to get your fill of one of its signature sandwiches or baked goods. The offer runs through the end of August, and while Panera Bread is based in St. Louis, Mo., it has more than 2,000 locations in the U.S.

How often can you get free coffee Panera?

As a way to spread the word about their new coffee subscription program, Panera Bread is offering out free coffee to anyone who signs up for their newsletters. Ever since I can remember, my brother and I have had a tradition of going to Panera Bread whenever our family is together. We always get the same thing: chicken and vegetables. It’s been one of our most consistent traditions, and I’d say we’ve always gotten a pretty generous amount of food for our money.

Is Panera coffee subscription still free?

Every year right around this time, Panera Bread begins offering a new promotion that gives many of its customers free access to its famous coffee. The menu of free coffee is similar to last year’s, but this year it is a “limited time” offer. Every summer, Panera Bread offers a free coffee subscription to its customers. You pay for the coffee only at the beginning of the summer and cannot cancel the subscription. The coffee is not a cheap one, so if you spend more than $25 you will lose the free coffee. But the coffee is so good that you will not care about the money.

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