OpinionWorld is a platform that rewards users for completing surveys. The company has been in business since 2015 and now partners with over 20,000 survey companies. They offer a variety of ways to earn cash, including surveys and offers from brands like Walmart and Amazon.

OpinionWorld is a website that allows users to earn rewards with online surveys. Users can earn money, gift cards, and other prizes for their opinions on various topics.

OpinionWorld compensates individuals for doing online surveys and providing candid feedback on a variety of subjects, goods, and services.  

Businesses employ them to get insight into the purchasing patterns of prospective customers so that they can adapt their goods to suit those requirements.

OpinionWorld is one of several survey websites used by companies and brands for market research. Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, Pinecone Research, and Opinion Outpost are some of the other prominent survey sites.

We assess what OpinionWorld is, how it works, if it is legitimate, and whether it is worth checking out in our OpinionWorld review.

What is OpinionWorld all about?

OpinionWorld is a subsidiary of Research SSI, which was founded in 1977.

For many years, the parent firm has worked with market research data and with businesses to assist them make better decisions.

Research SSI became Dynata after a merger in 2019.

OpinionWorld and Research SSI are mainly based in Asia and the United States. Almost 1500 research firms utilize the surveys created by these two businesses each year.

Anyone from anywhere in the world may sign up for a free account and earn 300 points for completing surveys and other activities, both online and off.

According to the company’s website, it has over 1.5 million subscribers and pays out around $325,000 each month, with two million surveys beginning each month.

OpinionWorld’s Operation

Taking surveys is the most common method to earn money on OpinionWorld. You may do the surveys on your phone or on your computer. To keep the surveys coming, make sure you take as many as you can and as precisely as possible.

Updating your profile is essential if you want to succeed on the site. As a result, the website considers your profile to be among the top-tier accounts. You’ll get more and better surveys in the future.

To register for Opinion World, go to their registration page and establish an account. You must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States.

To complete the registration, you will be required to provide information such as your name, residence, location, and profession. This data enables the site to offer you surveys that are relevant to your demographic group.

You are free to perform activities, collect points, and claim your prizes once you have completed your profile.

What is the Best Way to Make Money on OpinionWorld?

On OpinionWorld, you may earn money by:

Taking Questionnaires: The survey business provides daily surveys that are just a few minutes long.

Reviewing Advertising and Watching Videos: You may provide comments on ads and videos by reviewing them. Although the incentives are modest, it is an additional option on the OpinionWorld platform for achieving the minimal cash-out level more quickly.

Real-World Activities: Depending on where you reside, you may be able to earn money and points by performing real-world tasks.

The majority of these trips include exchanging information while visiting stores and other companies that serve consumers. You must link your mobile phone or tablet to participate.

Users on OpinionWorld get a unique referral link that they may send to their contacts through email or social media.

Your referral link may be located on the right side of your OpinionWorld account under the “Refer a Friend” button.

Each referral link is worth 50 points, which are added to your account once your referral completes their survey, which takes two weeks.

It’s worth noting that you may only recommend up to five individuals.

Take a look at Opinion World.

OpinionWorld Survey Review

How is OpinionWorld compensated?

Depending on the kind and length of the survey, you may earn anywhere between $0.50 and $3 for each one. Each 1,000 points is worth $10, which is the highest amount you may withdraw.

The following are the payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Gift cards from Amazon
  • Miles on the plane
  • Checks.

Physical cash-outs take a week, whereas e-gift certificates and PayPal take a few hours.

Getting Your Points Redeemed

As previously stated, the minimum redemption amount is $10 (Canadian dollars).

The point conversion is 100-1, which means that each point is worth $0.01. 250 points are worth $2.50, however the value may vary for individuals outside the United States.

Advantages of OpinionWorld

OpinionWorld offers a number of benefits that contribute to its popularity:

It is effective in a number of countries: When it comes to utilizing OpinionWorld, survey takers all around the world have had varying degrees of success. You may get a constant stream of surveys depending on where you live. Users in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong seem to get a large number of surveys.

Fast payouts: If you request a payment, you will get it quickly. Payments are never late, even if they are made physically. You may receive your money in 24 hours if they pay online.

The survey collecting parts as well as the survey itself are simple and fast to utilize. The site’s structure and user interface make it simple to complete surveys, and you won’t have any trouble navigating it.

Various survey lengths: Some survey sites provide customers with excessively lengthy questionnaires that require an excessive amount of time to finish. Shorter surveys, ranging in duration from five to half an hour, are available on OpinionWorld. You will be able to select a survey that fits your needs based on your preferences.

OpinionWorld’s Drawbacks

The World Opinion Survey websites have several drawbacks, such as:

Disqualification: After just a few minutes of completing a survey, some individuals have been disqualified. According to the business, this may be owing to inconsistent and conflicting survey question responses.

Account Termination: Recently, several customers have had difficulties while trying to pay out their winnings. They discover that their accounts have been shut off. Users on Trustpilot have complained about not being compensated and having their accounts deleted for no apparent reason.

Is OpinionWorld a reliable source of information?

OpinionWorld seems to be a genuine website, however it, like other survey sites, is not without flaws.

This panel has said that it would not sell user data to other parties in line with market research norms.

Hacks at OpinionWorld

You may attempt a few tricks to improve your experience in OpinionWorld, such as:

  • Maintaining your profile on a regular basis
  • Do not disregard an email asking you to complete a brief survey.
  • Fill out as many questionnaires as you can. They’ll enter you into a “Thank You!” drawing if you’re rejected.
  • Fill out all of the forms.

The tips listed above will help you make more money and be rewarded via draws and surveys.

Is OpinionWorld a good investment?

If you can be paid without having your account terminated, OpinionWorld is worth it. If you are persistent enough, you may make some decent money on the side.

In general, a survey site will not compensate you well. Use them to make additional money or spare change to put towards your emergency fund.

Alternatives to OpinionWorld

If you’re unsure about OpinionWorld and want to compare it to other survey sites, here are some suggestions:

Frequently Asked Questions on OpinionWorld

Is OpinionWorld a secure site?

OpinionWorld is a reputable website that has been around for over a decade.

Do You Get Paid by OpinionWorld?

Yes, OpinionWorld pays, however there have been recent reports of people attempting to cash out and having their accounts closed.

What Are Some Ways I Can Make Money From Surveys?

Filling out surveys, rating advertisements, watching movies, completing real-world activities, redeeming points, and introducing friends are all ways to earn money.


OpinionWorld is an online survey website that allows users to earn rewards by completing surveys. The website has a wide variety of surveys for various topics. Reference: opinion world sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OpinionWorld legitimate?

OpinionWorld is a legitimate website.

Does doing online surveys really pay?

It is difficult to say whether or not doing online surveys will actually pay. There are many factors that go into paying, such as the amount of time you spend on the survey and how much it pays.

Are Aussie paid surveys legit?

Aussie paid surveys are not necessarily legit but they are a good way to make some extra money.

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