It is not a scam site, but it has problems. The company website’s URL was registered in 2007 and the domain data shows that most of their traffic comes from countries like Nigeria, China, and Taiwan

Scamadviser is a website that reviews websites for suspicious activity. It does not give a direct answer to whether or not the site is a scam, but it does provide information about the site’s reputation and how reputable the company behind the website is. Read more in detail here: scamadviser.

Not A Scam Site, But Not Excellent

Because there isn’t much available information on Opinion City, it’s difficult to write this assessment. In reality, I was able to get the majority of this information from other personal finance websites’ Opinion City evaluations. That should be the first warning sign for anybody wanting to make money doing surveys in their leisure time.

That’s a shame. After all, getting money online is a very popular promise. Every dubious pop-up promises to assist you in “Making Money At Home In Five Seconds!” Is this, however, a legitimate method to generate money?

Nothing looks to be more appealing than a simple approach to gain money. A scam site would also search for their next victim in this manner.

It’s natural to be skeptical when you encounter a site like Opinion City. There are several significant red signs to be aware of.

Come on board! We’ll give this firm a thorough rating in our Opinion City website review. At least as much as we can.


What is Opinion City, exactly?

Opinion City is a messenger, to put it simply. It acts as a middleman between members and the top survey sites available.

Opinion City is a virtual portal that links you to marketing research platforms. Consumer trends are important to these research marketing platforms. These reputable survey platforms care about what you have to say as a customer. 

You will not be paid directly by Opinion City as a survey aggregator. Opinion City is a website that links you to other survey sites that pay you directly.

This is also why it’s so valuable in the end. It sifts through bogus information released by dubious scam websites, ensuring that you only deal with legitimate survey sites.

You don’t need any employment experience, a CV, or references. All that important is that you express your true feelings. 

opinioncity homepage

What is the Process of Opinion City?

That is an excellent question. And one that I won’t be able to fully address without first describing how affiliate marketing works.

Opinion City’s website lacks a about page. There isn’t any meaningful information available. It’s basically a collection of postings with links to other well-known survey sites. However, it is up to you to separate the excellent websites from the ones that make you grimace.

Maybe there’s some beneficial information if you know what you’re doing. However, if you’re a rookie who is relying on this to screen out scam sites, it’s difficult to believe them.

What’s the deal with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing has existed since before the Internet’s inception.

This is how it goes:

  • Promote my product.
  • Someone makes a purchase after seeing your advertising.
  • I’m going to pay you a commission. The consumer is not charged for this commission.

This notion has developed rapidly since the Internet’s inception. This is how it works on the internet.

Assume you’re creating an article for your website, similar to this one. It’s possible that it’s a product review. This one, for example.

You could include an affiliate link while writing about the product. That affiliate link will direct you to a page on the product’s website where you may complete a certain task.

This action might be purchasing the reviewed product. Or, in the case of Opinion City, it’s registering to do a survey. The original website owner receives a commission when you do this.

The affiliate marketing approach used by Opinion City is unique.

Opinion City generates revenue via affiliate marketing. In essence, they serve as a middleman or affiliate site. Like a lot of other personal financial websites, for example. As a middleman, you publish an article with a link to Panda Research, for example.

Panda Research’s new members will be added to the li The middleman receives a tiny fee if they successfully deliver anything.

Opinion City earns a modest compensation for successfully connecting you to survey panels at no additional cost to the user. 

Affiliate marketing has become a common business concept, particularly in the internet world. You’ve most likely been on the purchasing end of it without even realizing it. 

Is Opinion City Effective?

The fundamental attraction of Opinion City is the promise it makes to you. Is it really possible to earn $500 a week by doing internet surveys? According to one of its posts, the writer earned $100 in an hour by doing surveys on two different websites: InboxPays and Panda Research.

Of course, it was from a December 2020 piece, so things might have altered since then.

The quick answer is that the outcomes vary. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for red flags. Let us return to Panda Research.

Panda Research is a marketing research firm that has had a lengthy history of payment difficulties. Many members of the website claimed that they had not been paid on many times. That’s a huge warning sign.

As a result, Opinion City’s claims to be a middleman are jeopardized. You may as well perform the task yourself if your middleman isn’t trustworthy.

Is Opinion City a genuine website?

“Does it mean it’s not a legitimate website?” It’s not a hoax; it’s a legitimate website. Opinion City is not a rip-off. It, on the other hand, fails to keep its promises. 

Opinion City finds itself in a difficult situation as a result of this. Don’t expect to earn a lot of money from the survey possibilities provided by Opinion City.

At the very least, not ones you couldn’t find on your own.

Concerned areas

So, you’ve concluded that you need the additional funds. When utilizing Opinion City, there’s something you should keep in mind. 

Exchange of Email Addresses

You would join up for Opinion City and be prompted to submit your email address when this item was originally published. Opinion City would not only request your email address in order to send you weekly newsletters or special offers. They’d distribute it to other websites. 

The email opt-in is now quite well disguised. It’s still there, however.

“We enable third-party firms to gather some information when you visit our web site or inside our email newsletters,” according to Opinion City’s website. In other words, even if you don’t fill out the contact form, you’re sending personal information to third parties.

So don’t be shocked if you later read your inbox and it’s full with advertisements. This is most likely simply another money-making marketing technique for Opinion City. 

There is no true owner.

You’ll only discover an archive of articles containing affiliate links if you go to the website. That’s probably better than the previous version of Opinion City’s website. Here’s a rundown of what was on the site before.

The first thing you’ll see is a picture of Alyssa. She describes herself as a “consumer trend investigator” and explains the site’s purpose in a single paragraph. 

Go to Google Images now. Alyssa’s photos should be uploaded. Surprise, surprise, surprise! The picture of the lovely blonde smiling is really a stock shot.

A Palm Springs casting agency was one of the places where I encountered Alyssa No-Last-Name. Is she a model? Who knows what will happen. “Savvy lawyer” and “SEO expert” are among Alyssa No-Last-other Name’s jobs.

No, Alyssa isn’t a super-smart multi-tasker who knows all there is to know about law and marketing. She’s most likely a stock picture model, not the proprietor of this web store.

However, any information that would persuade you to assume that Opinion City is a legitimate firm is lacking.

Promises that aren’t kept

Nobody, including myself, enjoys being disappointed. So I’m a little suspicious when I notice that Opinion City has complete five-star ratings on all of its featured paid survey websites. 

When I look at the survey websites’ salary scale, I’m even more doubtful.

Is it really $5? Maybe. $75 to fill out a survey? It doesn’t seem to be doable.

Receiving a $1,000 reward for viewing a video? We’ve arrived in dreamland.

Opinion City’s Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It’s an excellent way to make some additional money.
  • On the listed sites, there is valuable information.
  • It’s an excellent place to start if you’re unfamiliar with survey websites.
  • Signing up is free of charge.


  • Opinion City’s owner is unknown.
  • Your email address is shared with other websites by Opinion City.
  • Some of the survey websites listed on Opinion City are suspect.

Bringing Our Opinion City Review to a Close

So, did our Opinion City review find them to be worth your time in the end? Most likely not.

Bringing in a full-time wage online is obviously not enough. It’s also insufficient for generating any kind of fulfilling revenue. At most, you may utilize it to supplement your income while you experiment with other online professions.

However, you’ll probably be better off hunting for legitimate survey businesses on your own. There are several survey sites where you may complete surveys and earn money on a daily basis.

The “scammer alert website” is a site that helps you to identify scams. However, the site is not perfect and it can be quite difficult to tell whether or not a website is legitimate.

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