Mainvest is a company that helps small business owners raise capital by providing them with a unique opportunity to share their story, showcase their products and services online. This enables Mainvest’s members to get funding from investors who are willing to support the ideals of entrepreneurship rather than just pure profit-making ventures which make up the majority of investments in startups today.

The “mainvest reddit” is a website that allows users to find small businesses for investment opportunities. The site has been around since 2014 and has received mixed reviews from users.

Mainvest Review 2022 | Invest in Small Businesses

Do you want to invest in small companies but aren’t sure where to begin?

Here comes Mainvest.

Mainvest is a platform that allows anybody to invest in verified small companies in return for a share of future income. Is Mainvest, though, everything it’s talked up to be?

In this Mainvest review, we’ll take a closer look at how the firm operates and what it has to offer investors. You’ll be able to tell whether it’s the ideal platform for you to take your portfolio to the next level.

What Exactly Is Mainvest?

Mainvest is a crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to invest in small companies. The firm was established in 2018 and is a crowdfunding platform. When you invest with Mainvest, though, you’re truly buying registered securities that may give you a share of a company’s profits over a predetermined period of time.

The platform thoroughly vets all of the firms soliciting funds on Mainvest. There are almost 450 firms raising funds via Mainvest, giving investors a diverse choice of investment options.

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What is Mainvest’s Process?

Mainvest has two facets: the business side and the investment side.

Mainvest seeks to discover and vet appropriate small enterprises on the business side. The profile of a company goes live on Mainvest after it has been thoroughly verified and all essential background checks have been completed.

Individual investors (that’s you!) may create an account and begin researching prospective investment options as soon as this occurs. 

The biography of each company provides detailed information about its financial and commercial strategies, as well as what it intends to do with the funds it receives. You may go through these profiles and even ask questions in the online discussion rooms for each company.

If you like a small company, you may decide how much money to put into it (the minimum is generally $100). You’ll then be told how much revenue sharing you’re likely to get from that firm and over what time frame.

You may transfer cash from your connected checking account after you’re satisfied with the conditions of your investment. Following that, you may use your Mainvest dashboard to track your investments and see how they increase over time.

Types of Investing Accounts

Mainvest, in general, only allows you to invest via an individual account. At this time, the firm does not provide joint or individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

It is theoretically possible to invest via Mainvest using an IRA, but this requires the creation of a checkbook IRA. Setting up and administering a checkbook IRA is hard, so if you’re thinking about it, talk to a financial counselor and a tax lawyer first.

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Account Registration

Account Registration with Mainvest is a straightforward process. Anyone who is over the age of 18 and has a US bank account can create an account with Mainvest by clicking sign up on the company’s.

You’ll need to enter your email address and create a password from here. Before linking your bank account with Plaid, you’ll need to enter personal information like your name and physical address.

Before your Mainvest account is completely active, you may be needed to provide a copy of your government-issued picture ID.

Features of Mainvest

Mainvest is a robust platform intended to assist investors in contributing to the financial success of small enterprises. Here’s what you can look forward to if you establish an account.

Invest in Small Businesses

The main advantage of joining Mainvest is that it allows you to invest in small companies without having to be an authorized investor.

Anyone over the age of 18 with a US bank account may use the site to invest. You might invest in anything from a microbrewery to an artisanal bakery to a boutique clothes store since the majority of the companies on the platform are in the retail, hospitality, and cannabis sectors.

Process of Vetting

One of the major features that sets Mainvest apart from other similar platforms is its Process of Vetting. Any business that wants to raise money on Mainvest will undergo it. 

Bad actor checks, extended interactions with company owners, and a detailed evaluation of the firm’s operating plans are all part of this procedure.

After Mainvest authorizes a small business, the company must gather $10,000 from ten individuals they personally know to show that they have community support. When a company raises these cash, its Mainvest profile becomes live, allowing it to begin recruiting investors.

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Types of Securities Available

When you invest with Mainvest, you’re buying a regulated security that specifies how much you’re investing and under what conditions. The following securities are presently supported by Mainvest:

  • Notes on Revenue Sharing – Sales sharing notes are the most frequent form of security on Mainvest, and they mandate the company to pay you a part of its revenue for a defined period of time.
  • Debt Securities – Also known as promissory notes, debt securities compel firms to repay you your money plus interest at a fixed rate over a certain time period.
  • An Equity-Alternative Revenue Note is a longer-duration revenue sharing note with extra financial incentive arrangements.
  • Equity Securities – Equity securities, often known as common stocks, give you a piece of a company’s ownership. They cannot promise that you will receive interest or revenue sharing payments, but the value of your shares may increase in the future.
  • Preferred Equity Securities – A preferred equity security is comparable to a common stock, except it often includes a dividend yield that is paid out before dividends are paid to other investors.
  • Convertible Securities – Convertible securities are securities that start out as one kind and subsequently turn into another. You may, for example, have a debt security that converts to equity after two years.

The majority of your Mainvest investments will be Notes on Revenue Sharing, but it’s critical that you properly investigate your possible investments so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Performance History

Since its debut in 2018, Mainvest firms have offered investors with returns ranging from 10% to 25%. As at the time of writing, more than 95% of Mainvest enterprises were on schedule with their repayments.

However, previous achievement is no guarantee of future success. Before investing your hard-earned money in any company, whether on Mainvest or elsewhere, always do your homework.

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Notes on Revenue Sharing

As previously stated, most Mainvest firms allow customers to participate in their company by acquiring revenue-sharing notes.

The idea behind Notes on Revenue Sharing is that investors like you can provide funds to a small business to help them pay for their expenses. When you provide these funds, you’re actually purchasing a revenue sharing note that requires a business to share a portion of its revenues with you over a specified period of time until a set return is reached.

If a company grows rapidly, you may expect a quicker return and a higher yearly return on investment. Of course, there’s always the possibility that a company could go bankrupt and be unable to refund your money, so never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Repayments in Quarters

When you invest in small businesses via Mainvest, the companies must submit quarterly revenue reports to the platform. You’ll get a percentage of the income once these revenue reports are ready and approved, according to the conditions of your original investment.

As a result, most Mainvest investors receive Repayments in Quarters of their funds. But keep in mind that the actual amount you’ll receive depends on the terms of your revenue sharing note.

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Marketplace Mainvest

Mainvest runs a business marketplace to assist you identify new investment possibilities. A list of small companies trying to raise capital on the platform may be found on this marketplace.

You may look for investment possibilities depending on their location, kind of company, financing status, or other financial information. You may look up each company’s profile, learn about their business goals, and make an investment right here.

Extensive Research

When you use Mainvest, you’ll need to perform some study to find solid prospective assets for your account. Mainvest offers business profiles that provide a wealth of information about each firm on its marketplace to assist you.

You may learn about each company’s balance sheets, financial statistics, and profitability history in these business profiles. Before you invest, you may also learn how the firm intends to use the cash it gets and speak with the proprietors if you have any concerns about the company.

Platform Mainvest

You’ll have access to a dedicated portal where you can follow the success of all of your assets after you sign up for a Mainvest account.

You can examine any firm you’ve invested in, its income and financial performance to date, and its payback status on your Mainvest dashboard. Your Mainvest dashboard also allows you to adjust your account and banking settings.

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Mainvest Pricing & Fees

Mainvest charges no fees to its investors. There are no costs associated with joining the platform or making an investment. If you invest with your debit card, you may be charged a fee; however, you may eliminate this price by paying using your bank account.

Mainvest earns money by collecting a portion of the capital received by each firm rather than charging fees to investors. This means you will not be charged to invest with Mainvest.

Mainvest Protection

To safeguard your personal information, Mainvest’s website is protected with improved AES 256-bit encryption. 

Furthermore, Mainvest uses Plaid, a secure third-party software, to link your bank account to your investment dashboard. Once your funds are invested, they’re sent to the small business that you’ve invested in through Mainvest’s FDIC-insured banking partner, Evolve Bank & Trust. 

Evolve transfers any quarterly payments you receive back to your bank account. As a consequence, when you invest on the site, Mainevst never gets control of your money or assets.

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Customer Service at Mainvest

If you have a problem with your Mainvest account, the company’s broad range of online support pages may provide solutions to most typical issues.

Mainvest also provides email, phone, and live chat help for any account-related queries you may have.

Pros of Mainvest

  • Allows you to invest in physical small companies.
  • Mainvest thoroughly vets all small enterprises.
  • Non-accredited investors are welcome to participate.
  • The majority of investors are paid quarterly.
  • Impressive Performance History with 10 to 25% returns
  • Provides in-depth information on all possible investments.
  • Excellent online help sites, as well as phone, email, and live chat assistance
  • Investors are not charged any fees.

Cons of Mainvest

  • A new corporation with a limited track record.
  • The amount of money that non-accredited investors may invest each year is restricted.
  • Selling your assets is very difficult, if not impossible.
  • High-risk investments with little recourse if a company fails.
  • Works with brick-and-mortar businesses exclusively, not internet enterprises or start-ups.

Alternatives to Mainvest

Not convinced that Mainvest is what you’re looking for? Here are some Alternatives to Mainvest to check out instead.


Wefunder is a crowdfunding site that allows you to put money into small companies and startups. Non-accredited investors may support start-ups and brick-and-mortar retailers with as low as $100 on Wefunder and Mainvest, respectively.

Wefunder, on the other hand, differs from Mainvest in that it allows you to invest in a broader range of enterprises. You may support anything from coffee shops and restaurants to IT start-ups, for example.

The downside is that Wefunder charges fees (normally around 2% to 3.5%) to investors and it doesn’t have as extensive of a business Process of Vetting. But, if you want to invest in a whole host of different business types, Wefunder is worth considering.


SeedInvest is another famous crowdfunding tool that allows you to invest directly in high-growth firms. It is one of the oldest platforms of its sort, having been launched in 2013.

Like Mainvest, SeedInvest is Non-accredited investors are welcome to participate. and it lets you financially support upcoming businesses. Most of the companies on SeedInvest are tech-focused start-ups, but you can occasionally find a brick-and-mortar business on the platform, too.

What’s the catch? SeedInvest charges a 2% fee (maximum at $300) for each investment you make. SeedInvest, on the other hand, rigorously evaluates all of the businesses it puts on its marketplace. SeedInvest should be towards the top of your list if you want to invest in tech start-ups and are willing to pay a little extra for access to a long-running crowdfunding platform.

Who Should Use Mainvest?

Individual investors who wish to diversify their portfolio while also supporting thoroughly verified brick-and-mortar small companies should use Mainvest. The platform is one of the only locations where non-accredited investors may invest directly in small firms, and its fee-free approach is difficult to beat.

You won’t find what you’re looking for with Mainvest if you seek a highly liquid investment that you can sell on the secondary market or if you’re not ready to take on significant financial risk.

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FAQs about Mainvest

Here are the answers to some of your most frequently requested Mainvest inquiries.

Is Mainvest a safe and reliable investment?

The SEC regulates Mainvest as a crowdfunding platform, making it a genuine and trustworthy company. Although the business has a small track record, it is recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating. Even with a respected site like Mainvest, there are still dangers associated with investing.

Can I Sell My Mainvest Notes on Revenue Sharing?

No, you generally can’t sell your Mainvest Notes on Revenue Sharing. There’s currently no public market available for buying and selling revenue-sharing notes that you purchased on Mainvest, so finding a buyer can be difficult or impossible. Should you find a qualified buyer for your notes, you may be able to sell them, but consult a tax and securities lawyer for advice before doing so.

Are Mainvest’s investments guaranteed?

No, Mainvest does not guarantee any of its investments. Investing in Mainvest has the same dangers as any other investment. It is possible to lose money while investing with Mainvest, so do your homework and only invest what you can afford to lose.

Is it necessary for me to be a Mainvest Accredited Investor?

Mainvest does not need you to be an accredited investor to invest. An accredited investor is someone who fulfills the SEC’s income and net worth requirements in the United States. Non-accredited investors, on the other hand, have a yearly investment limit with Mainvest (usually approximately $2,200, depending on your income and net worth).

What Happens If a Mainvest-Invested Company Goes Bankrupt?

Depending on the kind of investment you acquired, you may be entitled to cash compensation if a firm you invested in fails. In this case, you should speak with an investment adviser or securities lawyer to determine your next actions.

Mainvest: Is it a Crowdfunding Platform?

Mainvest is, in fact, a crowdfunding platform. While Mainvest is not the same as sites like Kickstarter, the US government considers its services to be crowdsourcing.

Is Mainvest accessible outside of the United States?

Mainvest is exclusively accessible in the United States. Currently, the firm exclusively works with US-based enterprises, and you must have a US bank account to invest with them.

How does Mainvest generate revenue?

Mainvest makes money by taking a percentage of the funds that are raised by businesses on the platform. The company may also charge various fees to businesses to help them with the start-up process. However, Mainvest Investors are not charged any fees.—only to the businesses that raise money on its platform.

What does Mainvest different from GoFundMe and Kickstarter?

Mainvest is distinct from crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter in that it enables you to invest directly in the company via financial assets. When you invest with Mainvest, firms are legally obligated to refund any obligations or interest owed to you via these securities. You make contributions to a company in return for a reward, such as a sample of the firm’s new product, like conventional crowdfunding.

Last Thoughts

Mainvest is a cutting-edge crowdfunding platform that makes it simple for anybody to assist small companies in the United States. 

What sets Mainvest apart from other similar platforms is that it focuses on businesses with brick-and-mortar locations and that it has an extensive Process of Vetting for any company that it works with. Plus, Mainvest doesn’t charge any fees to investors, so it’s a great option if you’re looking to keep costs at a minimum.

However, investing with Mainvest is not without danger, and you cannot usually sell your investment if you change your mind later. Mainvest, on the other hand, is worth considering if you’re seeking for a simple method to diversify your portfolio by investing in small companies.

The “mainvest holdings” is a company that invests in small businesses. This article will review the company and give you a brief overview of what they do.

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