June 2021 is nearly upon us, and that means we will be getting warmer as the summer months advance. The summer months are the perfect time to take stock of your finances and make a plan for the future.

The warm and quiet month of June is the ideal time to take some time off from the stresses of the daily grind, and savor a few days of rest and relaxation at home. This heat-free month is also the perfect time to make some investments, like stocks and bonds, which can potentially yield some nice returns over the years.

Summer is just around the corner, and, with its arrival, we’re frequently reminded that the next seven months will be some of the warmest, sunniest and rainiest we’ve ever experienced. It’s clear that while we can expect to see periodic downpours here and there, the majority of the days will be breezy, mild and almost tropical.

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June 2021 is already over. Everything went really fast! After the rotten weather in May, we finally had better weather, even though it was insanely hot. And then the weather turns bad again. But all in all, it was a good month. We even had a nice little holiday in Toon.

Financially it was a good month, despite a lot of expenses related to vacations, the blog and some purchases at home. In total, we still saved 53% of our income this month.

June 2021

Schloss Schadau, Thun

June 2021 was generally a good month for us. At the beginning of the month the weather became pleasant. Unfortunately, the weather turned bad again at the end of the month, with thunderstorms almost every day. Our vegetable garden was almost destroyed by the hail! It was great to be outside on the terrace for a change.

On a personal note, we spent a few days in Tuna. It was nice to enjoy the holiday. And Thun is a very pleasant town in a very good location. There is much to see in the city, and even more in the surrounding area.

Of course the holiday made the month more expensive, but all in all we spent less than 1,000 CHF. But on the way, we stopped at IKEA to decorate one of the rooms we hadn’t finished. That was a big bill every month. In addition, there were many annual or quarterly invoices: AVS for the blog, electricity for the house, home insurance, …

So we had a big problem this month. Still, we managed to set aside 53% of our income. So, even though we overspent, it’s still a good result! We received some dividends and some reimbursements from health insurance companies which increased our income.

Our targets for June 2021

Overall, our objectives have been fully achieved. There are only two goals that don’t do well.

Our pre-tax spending target is below 100% again this month due to expansiveness. I still believe that we can achieve this goal before the end of the year. But it won’t be easy, we knew that when we started. Hopefully we’ll get a higher average next year as home prices stabilize.

The other objective is the purpose of the navigation on the blog pages. I’m almost back where I started – only 39% of the way to my goal. Nothing I do on the blog seems to increase the number of page views per month. I can’t even maintain the same number of pageviews from month to month. Traffic was down almost 10% this month. It’s pretty discouraging.

Other than those two, the rest of the goals are going well and there’s not much to report.

Net cost

Let’s look at our net assets as of June 2021:

Our net worth as at June 2021

Thanks to good savings and very good stock market results, we made up this month what we had last month. In addition, the US dollar strengthened against the Swiss franc, which also contributed to our recovery. That brings us to 418,000 Swiss francs this month.

I am very happy with this result. Our net worth hasn’t changed much, but it’s nice to see the growth in the stock market starting to help us. We also received almost 500 dividends this month. Now that we are almost fully invested again, it is nice to see the dividends coming back.

Next month, net worth should improve after my ESPP shares take effect. However, this is highly dependent on the state of the stock market before vesting.


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I’ve been so busy this month that I haven’t blogged much. I still did some translations and updates, but less than usual. And the fact that traffic continues to drop after last month’s hard work doesn’t motivate me to do more.

I don’t have many plans for the blog in the next month. I’ll try to keep it simple.

If you had to read just one article from the past month, I would recommend my article on choosing a safe withdrawal rate.

Next month is July 2021

Personally, we don’t have much planned for July. We have a few events planned with friends and family, but that’s about it. Hopefully the weather will be more stable.

Financially, it’s not going to work. We just received last year’s tax report. And as we knew, we didn’t pay enough. So next month we have to pay over CHF 10,000 in taxes. As a result, we expect to see 0% savings again next month.

What about you? What was June 2021 like for you?

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Sir, I want to thank you for your support. Poor Swiss is the author of thepoorswiss.com. In 2017, he realized he was caught up in lifestyle inflation. He decided to reduce his expenses and increase his income. This blog tells his story and his conclusions. In 2019, he set aside more than 50% of his income. His goal is to become financially independent. Here you can send a message to Mr. Send Bad Swiss.June 2021 will be a warm and quiet month, with temperatures close to those experienced this month, although this time it is likely to have fewer hours of sunshine and be cloudier than April, when we had the highest amount of sunshine recorded. In the first week of the month we will enjoy the last of the sun and the first heaps of sunshine for the month, with mainly sunny days during the first two weeks. The last week of the month will see a return to cloudier skies, with temperatures similar to those experienced in the last week of May.. Read more about 2021 weather predictions and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 2021 gonna be a hot summer?

Yes, it will be a hot summer.

What does the Farmers Almanac say about summer 2021?

The Farmers Almanac predicts that summer 2021 will be a very hot one.

What kind of winter is predicted for 2021?

A cold winter is predicted for 2021.

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