The job market in the U.S. has been on a steady decline since 2008, and many people are moving toward an economy that is powered by cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency. The influx of new technologies like blockchain will create opportunities for those who have served their time and deserve another chance to contribute to society.,

The “programs for felons to get jobs near me” is a job board that connects felons with employers in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.

Jobs for Felons in Raleigh, North Carolina

Finding work after a criminal conviction is notoriously difficult. The program you’re looking at right now was created with the express intention of making it easier for convicts in Raleigh to find work.

Wake County has slightly under half a million employment, according to the 2019 census bureau (home of Raleigh). Clearly, many individuals are finding jobs, some of whom have a difficult past. 

To make the job search a bit simpler, we contacted over a thousand businesses to gather more about their recruiting methods so that we could correctly report on them.

This guide’s goal is to identify businesses that are most likely to recruit persons with your specific experience. 

Many of our employees have firsthand experience with the difficulties of finding work with a criminal record. We understand how difficult it may be, and we want to help!

Raleigh jobs that employ criminals


Below is a search feature that is specific to the Raleigh area. The listings have been selected not just for their size, but also because they are the most likely employers to hire former felons. Fill in the fields to narrow down your search for Raleigh jobs that employ criminals.

Raleigh’s best employers for convicts

Raleigh has a lot of employment in the collegiate education system, we discovered. Several colleges are the largest employers in the region, and they all provide a substantial number of entry-level positions. 

There are a lot of decent retail and warehouse employment available for folks who cannot work inside the academic system for one reason or another. 

By identifying businesses that provide entry level positions in a variety of industries, the list below removes some of the uncertainty that comes with seeking for work. 

Restaurant Big Ed’s

Brewery Lonerider

Scaffolding Associated

Company of Fred Smith

Food Lion

Red Hat

Cisco Systems, Inc., Inc.

North Carolina Blue Cross and Blue Shield

LLC Major Clean-up

Finding work is excellent, but it’s just half the battle if you don’t have your other ducks in a row. Before you proceed any further with this advice, make sure that your resume is in excellent form. 

Done? Let’s take a look at some firms in Raleigh that recruit criminals.

Restaurant Big Ed’s

You might have eaten here yourself! Restaurant Big Ed’s has been around for years and could be a great source of employment for you now.

Here are some examples of entry-level employment you could encounter:

  • Cashier
  • Server
  • Cook
  • Dishwasher

Brewery Lonerider

Working at a brewery isn’t for everyone, but there are several advantages to doing so. There’s also a lot to learn about the process of making the ideal beer.

At Lonerider, entry-level positions include:

  • Delivery Person
  • Customer Support
  • Event and Promotional Planner for Bars
  • Bartender

Scaffolding Associated

Scaffolding Associated is an industrious construction support company. They provide scaffolding and erection services to job sites all over the city and are in frequent need of workers.

Entry-level employment are available in the following categories:

  • Transporter
  • Builder of scaffolding
  • Laborer in Construction
  • Warehouse Employee

Company of Fred Smith

A well-known name in the construction industry, Company of Fred Smith started off as a small family affair and has grown to over 1200 employees. You could be among them if you can show them you’re family-oriented yourself and have the right attitude for the job.

Entry level jobs at Company of Fred Smith include:

  • Laborer
  • Administration
  • Diver
  • Installer
  • Technician in Asphalt

Food Lion

Food Lion is a grocery shop with a very unique name. There are around 1,000 Food Lion shops in total, although the firm began in North Carolina. They, like any other retail outlet, have a number of entry-level roles that might be a suitable fit for those with a convoluted history. 

Food Lion entry-level positions include:

Red Hat

Is your game software? For your job application, Red Hat can be the name you need. They’ve established themselves and thrive on change.

Job titles include:

  • Engineer, Software
  • Engineer for IT Support
  • Specialist in Application Platform Sales
  • Manager of Accounts

Cisco Systems, Inc., Inc.

Cisco Systems, Inc., Inc. is a tech company that has positions all over the country, with a big presence in Raleigh. Think services hookup and maintenance like installing internet or helping solve network issues. 

Here are some of the entry-level jobs you can expect to come across at Cisco Systems, Inc., Inc.:

  • Custodian
  • Customer Support representative
  • Technician

North Carolina Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California is a large insurance company with offices around the country. While “insurance” may not seem to be an entry-level position, Blue Cross Blue Shield has a surprising number of positions that are suitable for those with little or no expertise. 

Among them are:

  • Assistant in Administration
  • Custodian
  • Customer Support Representative

LLC Major Clean-up

Do you like organizing and cleaning? LLC Major Clean-up is a local cleaning service that also provides organizational services to personal and professional clients. If you can keep things ship-shape, you might really enjoy working with this company.

Some of the most approachable Job titles include:

  • Residential Cleaning Service
  • Designer/House Stager
  • Cleaner for Business
  • Organizer

Felony trucking jobs in Raleigh

Trucking is an excellent business for ex-offenders since you may be employed without much experience and the positions are typically well-paying. 

If you’re looking for Felony trucking jobs in Raleigh, here are a few places to direct your attention:

  • Transport by JB Hunt
  • Driver Personnel at EMCEE
  • Local CDL
  • J&K Trucking

Felony warehouse jobs in Raleigh

Former criminals might choose warehouse work since the compensation is decent, the hours are frequently long, and no prior experience is required. 

Below you will find some Felony warehouse jobs in Raleigh:

  • Amazon
  • LB&B
  • Auto Parts Advance
  • Furniture from American Freight

Felony temp agency employment in Raleigh

Sometimes you want (or have no choice but to find) a job that is of a more temporary nature. If that is your position, Felony temp agency employment in Raleigh is definitely the way to go. Indeed, there are lots of employment agency jobs for felons in Raleigh.

The following are some of the largest staffing firms in the area:

  • Temporary Alternatives
  • Frankel Personnel Partners
  • Staffing firm Adecco
  • Staffing Services at its Finest

Raleigh has second chances and employment training programs for criminals.

North Carolina banned the Box for all state government posts by an executive order issued by the governor. This implies that if you’re looking for a job in Raleigh’s state government, you won’t be asked whether you’ve ever been convicted of a crime. 

By itself, this is very good news. Better yet, there are also plenty of Raleigh has second chances and employment training programs for criminals. that help former felons with training that might help them look for jobs and acclimate to the conditions of their new life.

Among the resources are: 

  • From Prisoners to Entrepreneurs
    • Our objective is to help individuals with criminal past launch their own businesses by delivering practical entrepreneurship education in the form of in-person and online courses taught by successful entrepreneurs around the nation.
    • Workshops at correctional facilities are among the services provided.
  • Initiative for Community Success (CSI)
    • Mission: 
    • Educational services are available.
  • Reentry Program of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety
    • Mission: Protect and preserve the lives and property of the people of North Carolina by honesty and honor in prevention, protection, and readiness.
    • Addiction and recovery, education, employment, housing, medical, mental health, and spiritual services are all available.
  • Farm of Benevolence
    • Mission: Farm of Benevolence seeks to cultivate leadership, promote sustainable livelihoods, and reap structural change with individuals impacted by the criminal justice system in North Carolina.
    • Clothing and household items, education, employment, food, housing, and medical services are all available.

The “jobs for felons in durham, nc” is a job listing that is looking to hire people with felony convictions. The company has been established since 2009 and specializes in providing career opportunities for those who have served their time.

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