This may be the best time to invest in cryptocurrency, but there are a lot of things that you need to know before you start. We discuss what Webull is and how it works with beginners.

Webull is an online trading platform that allows users to trade stocks, options and currencies. The platform is good for beginners because it has a tutorial that walks you through the process of trading on the platform.

Is Webull Good For Beginners? What You Need To Know

Everything You Should Know About Webull

Curious about the ins and outs of the Webull platform? I’m not saying Webull is a bad option for new investors, but it’s good to know what you can expect when you sign up for the platform. 

Options for personalization

True novice investors don’t need much modification. If you’re an experienced investor, though, you’ll appreciate the level of customisation available with Webull.

First and foremost, the Watchlist function is fantastic. You may create custom alerts and add certain stocks to your watchlist. For instance, if the price of shares falls below $50, you may request that the platform warn you so that you can move quickly. 

You may even modify your keystrokes using Webull. I believe it is preferable for active investors since do you really need keyboard shortcuts if you just check your assets once a month? No! If you trade every day, you’ll need them.


Because Webull is entirely configurable, if you don’t want to view particular widgets, just go to your Account Details page and change anything. You may also make default trading settings. Set your order timing, trade hours, price limitations, and other preferences.


Option trading

Webull features prolonged trading hours, unlike other trading platforms that only offer a single trading window each day. You may trade from 4 a.m. until 8 p.m. Eastern time, depending on your account configuration. Another reason why I feel Webull is better suited for experienced traders rather than long-term investors or newbies is because of this. 

I enjoy the many investing choices accessible on Webull, apart from the trading hours. You may put money into: 

  • Equities: Webull allows fractional shares, so you may invest as little as $5 in stocks. 
  • ETFs: Webull’s assortment of ETFs matched to your needs can instantly diversify your portfolio. 
  • You may invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and over 20 other cryptocurrencies with Webull. 

…and more in an Individual Brokerage Account or an IRA (Traditional, Roth, or Rollover). 

Schedule of charges

Webull does not charge fees on stocks, ETFs, or options, which is great news. This does not, however, imply that the platform is fully free to use. Webull earns the majority of its money through interest and loans.


Depending on your investments, you may be responsible for fees such as: 

  • This is the annual margin rate for margin trading alone. If you have less than $25,000 in Webull, though, you will be charged a 6.99 percent yearly cost. Ouch.
  • Short selling fees: You will be charged a fee if you borrow shares before selling them. 
  • Fees charged by regulatory agencies are referred to as regulatory fees. Although these aren’t Webull fees, Webull does pass the expenses on to you. 
  • Fees for deposits and withdrawals: If you utilize ACH, there are no fees, however wire transfers cost $8 to $25. 
  • Postage: Yeah, this is a weird one, but Webull charges you for postage. You’ll pay $2 – $5 any time they have to mail you a statement, so it’s a good idea to sign up for paperless everything

Webull, by the way, does not take debit or credit cards. To fund your account, you’ll need to link your bank account through ACH or make a wire transfer, so keep that in mind.

Webull is a new cryptocurrency that promises to be the next big thing in the world of cryptocurrencies. However, there are some users who claim that Webull is not safe and should not be used by beginners. Reference: is webull safe.

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