Online shopping can be a fantastic way to find great bargains, but because internet purchases are relatively anonymous you are also at risk of falling victim to one of the many online scams. So, to help you make the best choices, we have listed the top online scams, how to avoid them, and how to contact the site if you have fallen victim to one. We hope you find this blog post useful, and if you do please share!

The internet is full of scams. Some of them are easy to spot—you know, the ones with outrageous claims like “20,000 members in the club” or “you only pay $1.99 for every $1.00 you invest!” Others are harder to spot because they are so well designed that they seem legitimate. From the look of the site, it may seem like they are legitimate. I mean, at first glance, you might assume that the site is about luxury bags. Looking closer, though, the site is actually about you purchasing luxury bags at a discount price.

Every month, thousands of people are scammed when they buy expensive replica designer bags online. We will take a look at the latest in this type of fraud.. Read more about list of scamming websites 2020 and let us know what you think.

Are you enticed to purchase from because of the cheap prices? There are a few things you should know before handing up your cash. is a Russian unprotected domain hosted in China; both nations have a reputation for shady websites. In addition, only accepts payment through money transfer, which is a red flag for a shady operation. Caution is recommended. has a bad reputation on the internet. Taking a deeper look shows a slew of red signs to consider.

Is a trustworthy website?

If you donate your money to My Luxury Bags, the most you can expect for is a cheap Chinese knock-off of the item you ordered.

However, many individuals have reported never getting anything after making a purchase on the internet.

You can never get your money back since My Luxury Bags only takes payment through money transfer.

They entice you by promising a $950 Gucci handbag for $149.

If you think you can get a new genuine Gucci handbag for $149, you’ll jump through hoops to transfer your money to this Chinese company. scamadvisor warning

Warning from ScamAdvisor

According to, has a poor trust rating and is potentially dangerous.

Despite the fact that the domain suffix is Russian, the website is hosted in Beijing, China. Russian and Chinese websites are well-known havens for scammers.

When I looked into the server that is housed on, I found that a large number of the websites located on the same server are questionable. Those who are like birds of a feather flock together.

Fake Products

My Luxury Bags promises to provide “Top Brands Online” at the top of the page, beneath the logo.

However, they explicitly mention at the bottom of the website’s footer that they offer “duplicate purses, phony wallets, and accessories.”

Images That Have Been Stolen

Images of goods from other websites that appear on the My Luxury Bags website.

Because the images are from other websites, it’s possible that My Luxury Bags does not have the item in stock and will not be able to send it to you.

Here’s how to determine whether the pictures on the website are genuine. Use the Google Chrome browser to access the site. Right-click on a picture with your pointer.

Select “Search Google for Image” from the option that appears.

Gucci handbag pictures linked to the Gucci website.

There is no physical address provided.

There is no physical address for My Luxury Bags. Only an email address is provided as a means of communication.

A respectable business understands that it must demonstrate to its clients that it is a trustworthy business.

It’s critical to have contact information, especially a physical address that can be confirmed.

The absence of a real postal address is a major red flag, indicating that the company is fake.

Transferring Funds

My Luxury Bags accepts payments in three different methods. Regrettably, each of the three ways amounts to nothing more than sending money to them.

It’s the equivalent as giving them money. There is no paper trail, and you will not be able to get your money back if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

The majority of reputable businesses do not accept money transfers. For tax purposes, a firm that runs honestly must monitor every dollar that enters the business.

Allowing money transfers is considered suspect by the IRS and nearly always results in a tax audit.

A legitimate company makes it simple to pay with a credit or debit card. There will be a paper trail in this case. Furthermore, whether you pay with a credit card or debit card, your bank or credit provider may be able to assist you if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

When you buy from, you don’t have any security.

Remember that you are giving cash to a stranger in China when sending money to My Luxury Bags. What could possibly go wrong? website

Complaints on the Internet

My Luxury Bags has a lot of negative feedback on the internet.

We received one here at from someone who claimed they had not received anything from the business after placing an order for a handbag for a few hundred dollars. has 13 reviews on Ten of the reviews are negative, claiming that after making a purchase, nothing is delivered.

Three of the reviewers have given the product five stars. The complaints, on the other hand, are so numerous and constant that I believe the good reviews are false.

There have also been allegations that the business behind has used additional names, including and redirects from It’s the same web address.’s Final Word

This website should not be trusted. You’ll almost certainly lose money if you attempt to conduct business with them.


Read What to Do When You Get Scammed if you lost money to My Luxury Bags or any other online business.

When shopping online, it’s important to know that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for. Unfortunately, scammers are out there who are willing to take advantage of people looking to make a quick buck, or simply want to take advantage of consumers. Scammers prey on consumers, so it’s important for everyone to be aware of the latest scams and protect themselves at all times.. Read more about how to get a scammer in trouble and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the latest scams to be aware of?

The latest scams to be aware of are the free offers that ask you to sign up for a subscription, or pay with Bitcoin. These are often fake and will charge your card without permission.

How can you check if a website is legit?

There are many ways to check if a website is legit. One way is to use the websites domain name, which should be listed on their homepage. Another way is by looking for any email addresses or phone numbers that might be listed on the site.

How do I know if Im being scammed?

If someone asks you to send them money for a product or service, then it is likely that they are scamming you.

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