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OhMyDosh! Review: Is it Legit? How to make money online with OhMyDosh a cashback reward site. If you want to make money from home, OhMyDosh! is a great option. Perfect for stay at home mums looking to make a bit of extra cash in their spare time.

OhMyDosh! is the quickest cashback reward site in the UK, paying out in only three working days.

OhMyDosh! is a fantastic place to start if you need money quickly.

It’s a fantastic way to supplement your income by doing paid surveys, offers, free trials, and more in your leisure time.

Signing up is totally free, and there are many options to select from.

I like how they categorize things based on what you need or what you’re interested in.

There are many categories to select from, including Lightning Payouts, High Earners, No Spend, Trials, and many more.

They also have a fantastic refer-a-friend program!

You will get £5 for each person you recommend who cashes out, plus your buddy will receive £1.

You may also be entered to win £50 every week just by sharing your referral link.

Isn’t that good?

So I decided to join the half-million individuals who already use OhMyDosh to supplement their income and give it a go.

So, without further ado, here’s my honest OhMyDosh review (sorry for the rhyme!)…

💰 I’ve teamed up with OhMyDosh! to offer a £2.50 Welcome Bonus. 💰 >>Sign up through this link today!<<


My OhMyDosh Experience

OhMyDosh! has some fantastic and simple offers for you to complete.

As a result, you’ve got items like:

  • With BT Superfast Broadband, you may get a £40 refund.
  • With Coral Bingo, you may win £17.50 by depositing and playing £5.
  • Get a free 30-day Amazon Video trial and earn £3.50.

Unlike its sibling site, 20Cogs (join up here for a £10 welcome bonus), you don’t have to wait to pay out after completing 20 offers.

You may cash out whenever your completed offers become due and you’ve achieved the £10 payment threshold.

In three working days, the funds will be in your bank account.

I’ll go through everything I’ve learnt in my OhMyDosh review…

What exactly is OhMyDosh?

OhMyDosh! is a cashback and reward site in the traditional sense.

There are a number of different offers to fulfill. You choose the ones that interest you, finish them, and get money in return!

Free trials, surveys, or moving your broadband provider are all examples of these offers.

Some of the deals may require you to pay a modest fee for a product or service. BUT, with OhMyDosh, you always make more money! As a result, you should never be out of cash.

One of my offerings, for example, was to subscribe to a magazine subscription service. I spent £0.99 for online access to tens of thousands of publications (many of which I would have purchased at Tesco!). OhMyDosh paid me £3 in exchange!

So I was still £2 ahead, plus I got to read Grazia in the evening with my feet up!

It looks like this when you initially join up:

Example OhMyDosh sign up page - OhMyDosh Review.

OhMyDosh Offers as an Example

OhMyDosh has a ton of different deals, and they’re always adding new ones.

The bulk of the transactions are totally free.

There are certain offers that need you to pay a deposit, but you’ll receive more money back from OhMyDosh! to cover the cost AND earn a profit (save for Telecoms and Utilities packages if you’re switching Broadband or Energy provider).

For example, if you deposit and spend £5 on one of the deals, you will receive £15 back from OhMyDosh, resulting in a profit of £10!

You’ll see this page when you initially join up, with a few samples of the kinds of offers you might complete. On the left, you’ll find the many types of deals you may test (for more information, check below):

Example OhMyDosh offers when you first sign in - OhMyDosh Review.

They categorize the offerings into the following groups:

  • New and popular deals are available in the “Hot Offers” section.
  • There are no upfront fees for you to pay, so it’s free money!
  • If you need money quickly, stay with lightning payments. These offers are usually paid out within 24 to 72 hours.
  • Paid surveys — these are usually low-paying, but if you do enough of them, they quickly add up.
  • High-earners – these are typically offers for £20 or more. Insurance, banking, utilities, and energy are the most common areas where people switch agreements.
  • Bingo and gambling are often high-paying games. You’ll have to deposit and spend often, but it’ll be “deposit £5 and earn £15,” so you’ll be in the black. Furthermore, they often provide bonuses like free spins/games as part of the package. My buddy got £50 from her deposit and bonuses, as well as the money she received from OhMyDosh for joining up – very good!
  • Trials are often subscriptions. I like them since you can receive some great items! Online magazine subscriptions, Amazon Prime Video TV streaming trials, Graze snack boxes, cat and dog food subscriptions, online kids learning programs, and dishwasher and laundry subscriptions are all available. There’s a ton of things you can get your hands on!
  • When you purchase from some of the biggest high street stores via OhMyDosh, you can get cashback. There was 5% cashback with New Look, 8% with the Body Purchase, £5 cashback on your first online Tesco shop, and much more at the time.
  • Subscriptions to television, food, and magazines are all examples of entertainment. Basically everything you’ll need for a relaxing evening at home!
  • Cashback incentives for insurance, credit cards, ISAs, and other financial products.
  • Utilities and telecommunications – mainly switching offers, however switching not only saves you money, but it also earns you cashback!

💰 I’ve teamed up with OhMyDosh! to offer a £2.50 Welcome Bonus. 💰 >>Sign up through this link today!<<

What is the mechanism behind OhMyDosh?

OhMyDosh! shares a portion of the commission it receives from the advertisers that run the offers with you.

OhMyDosh will pay you once the business has paid them.

That’s why it can take a bit of time for some of the offers to become payable (check out the T&C’s of each offer to find out exactly how long).

You may pay out after you’ve hit the £10 mark.

You have the option of requesting payment through BACS or PayPal.

Within three working days, the funds will be in your account.

So here’s how it goes:

#1. Browse the categories for hot offers, lightning payments, top earners, and so on to find an offer.

#2. Finish offers – after you’ve chosen one you like, click the green button to finish it. Make sure you read the terms and conditions thoroughly (you can find them on each individual offer page).

Here’s an example of a Graze offer page. To get started, click the green “Complete to Earn” button. Below that is the offer explanation, how to earn, and the Terms & Conditions:

Example OhMyDosh offer - OhMyDosh Review.

#3. Offer pending – the status of the offer will change to pending after it has been finalized. This takes less than 24 hours on average, but it may take up to 7 days.

#4. Offer payable – when the offer is accepted and the money is credited to your OhMyDosh account. Depending on the offer, the time it takes for an offer to become due varies.

#5. Cash out – after you’ve earned £10, you may cash out and get payment through PayPal or direct deposit into your bank account.

#6. Repeat the procedure as needed – you may complete as many offers as you like to increase your earnings!

Is OhMyDosh a genuine company?

In a nutshell, yes!

I went to OhMyDosh and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of deals offered.

Finding offers that I wanted to fulfill was simple.

I wanted to test out some items that take a little longer to pay out, so I’ll update this post after I’ve paid out.

I’m just half way through and I’m already up to £13.70, plus some fantastically cheap items that I’ll really use (cat food, skin care).

Furthermore, Trustpilot has over 5,000 ratings with an overall rating of “Excellent.”

Is it possible to earn money on OhMyDosh?

Without a doubt!

How much you can earn is determined on your circumstances.

If you need money quickly, for example, you may finish the offers under Lightning Payouts.

You would earn £32.30 if you completed all of the Lightning Payout offers available today.

If you have a little more time on your hands, you may finish the offers that take a little longer.

These are typically the High Earners, and they may make you £20 – £50 each offer, but they take a long time to pay out.

💰 I’ve teamed up with OhMyDosh! to offer a £2.50 Welcome Bonus. 💰 >>Sign up through this link today!<<

How long does it take OhMyDosh to pay out?

OhMyDosh! claims to be the UK’s quickest paying cashback reward service on its website.

Your offer will pay out in only three working days after it is finalized and begins payable.

When your balance hits £10, you may pay out.

However, this payout is once the offer has become payable. It’s important to read the T&C’s as this will tell you how long after you’ve completed the offer it will become payable.

This may take a little longer for the High Earners, but it’s worth it for the larger reward.

Stick to the Lightning Payout offers if you need money quickly.

Top Tips from OhMyDosh

OhMyDosh! is a fantastic method to make money while you’re sitting on the couch.

While working my way through some of the deals and testing it out for this OhMyDosh review, I learned a lot.

Here are some of my best ideas for making it as simple as possible to maximize your income while completing offers…

Read and understand each OhMyDosh! offer’s terms and restrictions.

You’ll find the T&C’s on each individual offer page along with the instructions on how to complete the offer.

Before you finish the offer, I suggest that you read them thoroughly.

For example, it might state that you must remain subscribed for the whole 7-day free trial time. If you cancel too soon, you risk losing out on the opportunity to complete the offer and get payment.

However, you do not want to forget and be charged a membership price!!

Set a reminder in your calendar for subscription cancellations.

A membership is one of my favorite things!

However, be sure to keep track of any subscriptions you sign up for.

You may like it and want to keep going, which is great!

However, if this is not the case, you should cancel before being charged.

If you’re planning to fulfill multiple subscription offers, keeping a tracker is a smart idea. Add both the sign-up and cancellation dates to your tracker.

I put a note in my diary to remind me when I needed to cancel each of the subscriptions just in case.

💰 I’ve teamed up with OhMyDosh! to offer a £2.50 Welcome Bonus. 💰 >>Sign up through this link today!<<

For the offers you complete, create a new email account.

When I first began matched betting, I discovered this technique.

I didn’t want to clutter up my personal inbox with all of the offers I accepted, so I used Hotmail to establish a new email account (which was completely free btw).

It also made it simple for me to keep track of my offers.

I also avoided giving out my phone number when signing up for various websites for fear of receiving unsolicited calls.

The Final Word on OhMyDosh

I would strongly advise you to try OhMyDosh since it is a great way to earn money in your free time.

What I like about OhMyDosh is how it categorizes the offerings so you can pick and select based on your needs.

Unlike 20Cogs (where I made £143 – join up here for a £10 welcome bonus! ), you may pay out as soon as you hit $10 instead of waiting.

When looking at the deals, be sure to check out 20Cogs since it occasionally pays more than OhMyDosh. Just make sure you’re getting the greatest price and getting the most bang for your buck!

OhMyDosh is ideal for making money and being paid fast.

Try it out today and let me know how it goes!

Sign up for OhMyDosh! now and receive a £2.50 welcome bonus added to your earnings when you use this link!

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