A vision board can be a powerful tool for manifesting your dreams. But it does require work and effort to create the materials that you’ll use on your board, especially if this is something new or different from what you’ve done before. The goal of this blog post is to give some ideas about how you might do just that!

A vision board is a tool used to help you visualize your financial goals. This article will give you some ideas on how to create your own vision board. You can also find examples of other people’s vision boards in this article.

How to Create a Vision Board for your Financial Goals

Because a Money Vision Board Motivates You to Succeed

The aim of today’s post is to show you how to make a vision board for your financial objectives.

You’ll know the five stages to bringing your money vision board to life after we’re done. You’ll also get some advice on how to make your financial objectives a reality.

So, let’s get this party started…

In 5 Easy Steps, Create A Financial Vision Board

Here’s how we recommend you go about making your money vision board:

  1. Choose your financial objectives.
  2. Choose a location for your money vision board.
  3. Look for photos that reflect your financial outlook.
  4. assemble the materials for your financial vision board
  5. Create your board using spatial and temporal features.

We’ll go through these processes in more detail later. But first, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about today’s issue.

Let’s start with a definition…


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What Is The Purpose Of A Financial Vision Board?

A vision board for financial objectives is a collage of pictures, words, and motivational slogans. It symbolizes your aspirations for money, finances, and financial freedom.

Its goal is to show you how to achieve success. Also, to encourage you to achieve your objectives.

One of my favorite expressions pretty much sums up a financial vision board…

If you can imagine anything, you can make it happen!

Okay. We’ve covered the stages for making a vision board for your financial objectives. We also understand what a financial vision board is.

So, let’s go through each of the five phases in further depth. Of course, the initial step must be taken.

Then you can get down to business. Creating a financial independence vision board for long-term financial success!

1. Choose your financial objectives.

To begin, balance your financial goal planning. Choose a combination of short-, medium-, and long-term objectives to achieve this.

To begin with, short-term objectives should be completed in less than a year. Long-term financial objectives will take longer than 5 years to achieve.

Finally, mid-term objectives include everything in between.

If you already know what your financial objectives are. That’s fantastic.

Otherwise, here is a full list of possible financial objectives.

Make a list of your objectives when you’ve chosen them. Provide as much information as possible. Include a deadline for each goal’s completion.

Let’s go on to step 2 now. In your efforts to establish a financial vision board.


2. Choose a location for your money vision board.

Consider the greatest location for your money vision board.

To begin, choose a location where you will see it every day.

Second, choose a location that is simple to deal with.

Here are some suggestions about where to put it…

A bare wall in one of your rooms. Make sure it’s a space you use regularly.

A corkboard was used. In your home office, place it over or next to your desk.

Next to your bathroom mirror on the wall. As a result, you’ll notice it every morning as you get ready for the day.

In your kitchen, on the refrigerator.

Alternatively, you may use it as a screen saver on your PC. After that, you’ll have a digital vision board for your most significant financial objectives.

Images, quotations, and phrases are required next. That’s the third step…

3. Look for images that depict your financial objectives.

Here’s how to discover photos for your financial vision board. It is to ensure that they are directly related to your financial objectives.

Pexals.com is my go-to site for finding free stock photos online. Old publications are also a good source.

Let’s put what we’ve learned together now. Consider the following vision board ideas for financial objectives…

Examples of Financial Vision Boards

  • Open a savings account as a financial objective.
  • Illustration of a bank
  • Saving money for an emergency fund is a financial objective.
  • A collection of cash and coins
  • Purchase a new automobile as a financial aim
  • Picture of the vehicle you want


  • Saving for a foreign trip is a financial objective.
  • Image: A scene from one of your travel places
  • Debt-free status is a financial objective.
  • Illustration of a piggy bank
  • Owning a house is a financial aim.
  • Image: A rendering of your ideal home
  • Early retirement is a financial objective.
  • Photograph of oneself on vacation


Do you see how well-balanced these financial objectives are?

Because they consider short, medium, and long-term goals. All of this is geared at realizing your dream of financial independence.

Next, collect the remaining ingredients…

4. Gather Materials

Much of what you need will be determined by the location of your money vision board. And how you’ve chosen to present your photographs.

If you’re planning to make use of a blank wall. A roll of double-sided tape should sufficient.

On the other hand, you may use a whiteboard, bulletin board, poster board, or corkboard to display it. And then affix it to the wall.

A color printer is also extremely useful. For printing internet photographs, graphics, and quotations.

Then it depends on the kind of foundation you’ve selected. It will determine what further items are required. Tape, glue, push pins, and wall hangers, for example.

Finally, buy a good pair of sharp scissors. To chop your photos to the desired size and form.

It’s now time to let your imagination run wild. And put together your vision board.

5. Create your board using spatial and temporal features.

If you are a creative person. That’s fantastic. Then choose a design that highlights it and encourages you.

For the rest of us who aren’t that gifted. Allow me to suggest a few different methods for organizing your financial vision board.

Ideas for a Financial Vision Board

Consider what I refer to as the hub and spoke model.


Your long-term financial objectives should be placed in the middle of your vision board. That is the center.

Then use pictures of shorter-term objectives to encircle the center. Financial goals, in particular, that are linked to your long-term ambitions.

Following that, you may like the stair-step design.


At the bottom of the steps, you place your short-term objectives. And with the visions of your long-term ambitions, move higher and to the right.

Finally, there’s the notion of a goal tree.

The foundations are short-term objectives. The trunk reflects medium-term objectives. Finally, the pictures of your long-term objectives form part of the tree’s leaf canopy.


That’s all there is to it. That’s precisely how you make a vision board for your financial objectives.

As a result, your vision board aids you in visualizing your goals. And it gives you the drive and inspiration you need when things become rough.

Because reaching significant objectives is achievable. It is, however, difficult labor. But, in my view, it is worthwhile.

Next, I’d want to provide some advice on how to attain your objectives…

How to Make Your Financial Independence Vision Board a Reality

Have faith in yourself. Maintain an optimistic outlook at all times. I recommend starting your financial vision board with a positive phrase.

Set your objectives correctly…

Break down your challenging ambitions into smaller, more manageable chunks. Along the route, look for pictures that support those stepping stones.

After that, get started. Concentrate on activities and procedures that help you achieve your objectives.

Also, don’t be too concerned about the outcome. Particularly at the beginning.

One of my favorite sayings is…

Allowing perfection to come in the way of good enough is a mistake.

Take lessons from your failures. Along the road, remember to appreciate your achievements.

Finally, when some of your short-term objectives are met. Alternatively, when your circumstances need it. Your financial vision board should be updated.

It’s entertaining. It’ll also keep you motivated.

Extend your view to include new regions. Goals in life, for example.

Finally, for some further assistance and inspiration. Consider the Goalry virtual goal mall’s resources.

It includes all of the advice, information, and tools you’ll need to realize your financial goals.

Okay. That concludes today’s discussion.

Here’s the last word…

What Is A Financial Vision Board?

Create a financial vision board in five easy steps:

  1. Choose your objectives.
  2. Determine the actual location of your board.
  3. Look for photographs that are relevant to your objectives.
  4. Collect the essential materials
  5. Make your board using space and temporal aspects.

Now go to work. And then make your dream a reality! Create your own personal money vision board.

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Detailed Instructions For Making A Financial Vision Board


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