Eating healthy on a budget can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be. While there are plenty of people who eat healthy diets, and are not on a budget, there are also lots of families that eat fast food regularly, or that rely on frozen dinners for meals. If you’re one of those families, you know how expensive eating healthy can be.

Eating healthy on a budget can be hard but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips that can help you to save the most money and still eat healthy. Plan your meals ahead of time and shop for your meals instead of snacks. When you do this, you will buy less junk food because you are not tempted by it. Plan to use your leftovers or to make more in order to save money. Also, try to cook from scratch. This will save you money and will also reduce your intake of unhealthy fats that are in pre-packaged foods.

Eating healthy on a budget may sound like an impossible feat, but as more and more people are becoming interested in eating healthy, there are more and more resources on the subject. Today, we are going to give you some quick tips to get you in the right direction.. Read more about how to eat healthy when you have no money and let us know what you think.

word-image-6286 There is a misconception that eating healthy costs more. This is generally true, but there are many ways to save a lot of money on healthy eating. We spend about $70 a week on food for two adults, and in the past year I’ve managed to lose weight and eat healthier than ever, so I know it’s possible. Here are my top 10 tips:   word-image-6287

1. Buy more of these vegetables cheaper

We all know that vegetables are good for our health. But did you know that cooked green beans cost about 3 times more than cooked carrots? That cooked green peas cost 2.3 times more than cooked cabbage? When shopping for vegetables, it is helpful to do some research before heading to the store. And it’s not just about comparing the price per pound at the grocery store. Contraction must be taken into account. For example, a pound of fresh corn gives you 0.54 pounds of real corn to use, but a pound of dry lentils gives you 2.7 pounds to use after cooking! Knowing which vegetables are the cheapest can be a real headache! Fortunately, we have done all the research for you. These are the 10 cheapest vegetables you can buy (see image below).   word-image-6288

2. Buy fewer of the more expensive vegetables.

To eat healthy on a budget, you should also make sure that you buy a little less of the more expensive vegetables. The vegetables in the table below are still good for you, but can cost 3 to 4 times more per pound (after cooking or preparing) than cheaper vegetables.   word-image-6289

3. Buy the cheapest and most nutritious food

Try to eat more healthy, inexpensive foods, such as eggs, brown rice, beans or oats. All of the following products are healthy, inexpensive and can be made into delicious dishes! All products cost less than $0.99 per serving. By putting these items on your shopping list, you can save money and eat healthy on a limited budget. 1. Eggs (6 cents per serving). Eggs are a very cheap way to get protein. 2. Boneless, skinless chicken breast (50 cents per serving) It is one of the cheapest meats in our region. This is the meat we eat 95% of the time. We use it in wraps, soups and quesadillas. 3. Salmon (95 cents a serving). The salmon is not super cheap, but we found that the price is not too high if you buy it frozen. It’s very hearty, so you don’t eat too much. 4. Brown rice (15 cents a serving). It goes with every meal. You can also try cold rice salads with lots of chopped tomatoes and cucumbers and a little parsley. 5. Whole wheat pasta (15 cents per serving). 6. Quinoa (31 cents per serving). Quinoa contains more protein and amino acids than brown rice, but brown rice contains more fiber (see quinoa vs. rice). Both options are great for eating healthy and on a budget. 7. Homemade hummus (49 cents a serving). Hummus at the store is not cheap. Fortunately, it is very easy and not expensive to do it yourself. Here is my basic recipe for hummus. See the full list by browsing our list of cheap and healthy products to save on.

4. Buy in bulk and save up to 50%

This is obvious advice for most of us. But many of us don’t realize how much we can save by buying certain types of products in bulk on a regular basis. If you buy in bulk, you can often save 50%. I’m not kidding. Take a look at the two examples below.   word-image-6290 Buy basic foods in bulk whenever possible: Rice, quinoa, grains, lentils, dried fruit or oats can all be bought in bulk and stored at home for a long time. These are inexpensive foods to start with, and they can be used in a variety of healthy dishes. Buying these basic products in bulk can save you a lot of money.

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But don’t make the mistake we did a few years ago: We had a Costco membership and ended up buying quality items in bulk or in large portions. Yes, expensive French cheese is much cheaper per pound in bulk, but you still end up buying much more expensive stuff.

5. Going to the store with a shopping list in hand

It’s simple advice, but it has worked wonders for us: It’s so easy to get distracted in the store and impulsively buy more expensive items. If you use a shopping list of healthy, inexpensive foods, go to the store with a specific plan to save money by stocking up on healthy foods. Bring our list of healthy and affordable products to the store. This way you can buy cheaper items, which will save you a lot of money.

6. Shopping on a budget (e.g. $70 per week)

We stick to a grocery budget of $70 a week, and that’s how we do it. Why do you have a number in your head? Creating a grocery budget helps you better understand where you are spending your money, prioritize where you are spending the most money, and motivate you to look for clearance or cheaper options. This forces you to look for creative ways to limit your food intake and be disciplined. But you can reward yourself if you meet your budget goals!

7. Preparing healthy food from inexpensive ingredients

Cooking delicious meals with cheap ingredients is the best way to eat healthy on a budget. Some examples of healthy and inexpensive meal combinations: (1) stir-fried chicken (frozen stir-fried vegetables with sauce, boneless chicken breast and rice), (2) chicken wraps (boneless chicken breast in a whole wheat sandwich with green pepper pieces, ranch dressing and hot sauce) or (3) baked fish and vegetables : Just roast potatoes, carrots and onions (with a little olive oil and salt) on a baking sheet, place the fish on top and bake (4) Oatmeal Pancakes: They are made from oats, milk and eggs and can be both delicious and healthy.   word-image-6291 For more, read my Fabulously Frugal Recipes, my 23 favorite healthy meals on a budget, or check out Food Network’s list of 10 cheap healthy restaurants.

8. Minimisation/grinding of meat

Meat is expensive, so we try to stretch it as much as possible. Here are some of the ways we do this: 1) Replace the meat with your new favorite food: We add beans to tacos and quesadillas to use less meat. They are cheap, hearty and very good for you. 2) Cut the meat into slices: Instead of serving a big, expensive steak, add ground beef to your dishes. Or smaller slices of steak. For example, add slices of ham to salad and baked potatoes. For more information, check out our article on The easiest way to eat healthy on a budget.

9. Plan your meals in advance

Many people find meal planning ahead of time a bit tedious. But planning your meals for the week ahead and making a shopping list for those meals is one of the best ways to eat healthy on a budget. This saves money and is an effective way to eat healthy. Here’s why: First, you are much more likely to eat healthy if you plan your meals well. Second, going to the store and buying a bunch of random useful things is a sure way to spend more than you should. Here is a link to my most popular article on meal planning: Learn about easy two-step meal planning.

10. Knowing what fruits and vegetables are in season (cheaper now)

You can definitely save money by buying fresh fruits and vegetables in season. You can read my article When to Buy Fruit and Vegetables in Season or use this handy chart from The Budget Mom to see which fruits and vegetables are best to buy now at lower prices.   word-image-6292 See the document from

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Eating healthy can be tough on a budget. If you’re looking to eat healthy while saving money, here are ten tips to save money on eating healthy. 1. DIY Your Own Smoothies.  Healthy smoothies can be expensive to buy. Instead of buying smoothies, make your own using frozen fruit and yogurt instead of ice cream or ice. You’ll save some money, and it’s often healthier too. 2. Make Your Own Chicken Salad.  Sandwich shops charge a lot for chicken salad. Instead, make your own chicken salad. You can save a lot of money making chicken salad at home. 3. Buy Canned Goods In Season.  Some canned goods are cheaper to buy in season. Canned tomatoes. Read more about eating healthy on a budget single person and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest and healthiest way to eat?

To save money on food, you need to keep your costs low, while maintaining a healthy diet. You also need to be prepared to think creatively and to experiment with new foods. Use the following tips to find the right balance for you and your family. The average household in the United States spends $6,054 a year on food, and that doesn’t include eating out. With food prices on the rise, eating healthier is sometimes easier said than done. Don’t fall for the trap of buying pre-packaged foods to save money. Eating healthy on a budget is all about making smart decisions when you grocery shop.

How can I eat $10 a day?

Feeding yourself on a tight budget is tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you make the most of your grocery money. 1. Make a shopping list, and stick to it . Don’t get distracted by impulse buys or clever marketing ploys. 2. Buy in bulk. You’ll get more for your money, and save on packaging – up to 80% by some estimates. 3. Make it a habit to check the unit price of every item you buy. The unit price is the cost per ounce, pound, or whatever unit of measurement the store uses. Eating healthy can be very expensive. If you don’t already have a full pantry of healthy snacks, you might think you have to go to the grocery store and buy everything you need to make a healthy meal. This is a great way to spend a lot of money every week. You can, however, eat healthy for only $10 a day. If you are on a limited budget, I can help you eat healthy and save money throughout the week by making the most of your food budget.

What are 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle?

Keeping your health, and your bank account, in check is a lot easier than it may seem. With a little planning and a small financial investment, you can save money and feel better every day. The key is to focus on five areas of your daily routine. These areas are: fitness, food, finance, family, and fun. Here are 10 tips to help you get started, and you can check out these resources for additional help . The best diet is the one that works for you. If you are going to be successful, you are going to need to find a diet that works for you. The problem is that everyone is different. The reason you need to find a diet that fits your lifestyle is that you need to be able to stick to it long term. There is no point in following a diet that you hate just to lose weight. The key to success is finding a diet that fits your lifestyle.

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