As of today, apps aren’t great at generating revenue. This is due to the fact that most developers of apps make a continued effort to monetize their apps. It isn’t always easy to create an income generating app, but it is possible. In the past, apps have been able to be monetized by selling virtual goods within the apps, such as skins, hero coins, coins, and other premium features. Unfortunately, this model is proving to be a lackluster model.

It’s time to take your apps to the next level. You could be leading the pack with the best app reviews, but if your app review is not liked by the people you are targeting, you will miss your chance to generate real revenue. If your app review is not liked by the people you are targeting, you will miss your chance to generate real revenue. You can connect with thousands of users who are actively engaged with your brand, but only if your app review is liked by the right audience. Your app review will be outdated if you do not keep it updated with your app’s latest features. What should you do, if it’s not working out the way you want it to?

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The Drop app may be right for you if you want to earn free gift cards in return for your daily transactions. Simply connect your debit or credit card to the Drop app to start earning points when you buy. 

The Drop app isn’t going to make you wealthy, but it is a fantastic passive money-saving tool that can be used with other rewards apps to get the most bang for your buck on every purchase.  

What Exactly Is Drop?

Drop is a loyalty program app that enables users to earn points by linking their debit or credit cards, which can then be redeemed for cash at participating businesses. In 2015, the program was launched in Canada, and in 2017, it was extended to the United States. Drop was created as a method for companies to get extra exposure among millennials, according to its creators. 

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What Is the Process of Drop? 

To get started with Drop, you’ll need to download the app and establish an account on your iOS or Android smartphone. Drop points are awarded for completing each stage of the sign-up procedure. 

Drop then goes through their data privacy policy, assuring you that your information will always remain anonymous and secured with bank-level security. You may also unlink your card at any moment to prevent your data from being shared. 

The next step is to connect your debit or credit card to your Drop account, which will enable you to earn points when you buy online or in-store with a linked card at participating companies. You’ll link your card to Drop on the Drop app by entering the credentials you’d need to sign in to your credit card’s online account. 

You will have earned 500 points by completing the necessary sign-up procedures at this time, and you are ready to begin shopping with Drop. You may choose from a variety of deals to gain Drop points at certain brands, as well as unique flash sale offers to help you earn more points at your favorite shops. Uber, ExxonMobil, Apple, Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, Adidas, McDonald’s, and Target are just a few of the well-known companies who provide incentives via Drop. 

Drop Characteristics 

Drop offers a variety of methods to earn Drop points, making it a simple addition to your regular shopping routine. 

Points Earned 

On the Drop app, there are five main methods to earn points: 

  • Completing a card-linked offer entails the following steps: Activate the deal in Drop, then shop using the card you’ve connected.
  • Completing an in-app shopping offer entails the following: On the Drop app, go to the Shop page and start shopping. To earn points with in-app purchasing deals, you don’t need a connected card.
  • Play games: From the Games page, choose an offer and download the game to begin earning points while playing.
  • Participate in an in-app survey: To get a customized selection of available surveys, fill out your profile. Every survey you complete will earn you points.
  • Make a referral: For the first 10 people you introduce to Drop, you’ll get 5,000 points.

Drop is always releasing new deals, so be sure to check back in on a regular basis. 

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Deals of the Day 

Flash Deals on Drop are deals tied to your card that allow you to earn points for purchases completed within a certain amount of time. To locate and activate a flash deal, go to the Drop app’s Card page and scroll down to “add card-linked deals.” Choose your store, activate the offer, and then buy with your connected card (in-store or online) to earn up to 1,000 points each transaction. 

Offers that are only available once 

One-Time Offers enable you to earn points for just one qualifying purchase or sign-up. Once you’ve completed a one-time offer, it’s deemed fulfilled in your account, and you won’t be able to do it again to earn additional points. 

Offers that have been boosted 

On in-app purchasing deals, a boosted offer enables you to earn more points than normal. Your purchase must be made while the boost is active in order to qualify for the bonus points.

Drop Games are a great way to earn points. 

Drop points may be earned by downloading and playing games inside the Drop app. You’ll discover the Downloadable Games offerings by going to the All Games page and tapping on a game you want to play. Make careful to read the terms and conditions of the deal. 


Within the Drop app, there are three unique games known as Supercharge Games. Go to the Home page, tap on Games, then scroll down to Made by Drop to discover these games. These are the three Supercharge Games: 

  • Hoops: You may play this game on a daily basis, and the more shots you make, the more points you get.
  • Snake: After you’ve shopped five times on an offer, you’ll be able to play this game.
  • Every Tuesday, you may spin this for a chance to earn points or a bonus.

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Points for Redeeming 

On Drop, you can exchange your reward points for gift cards ranging from $25 to $100. To see the available gift cards, click to the Rewards tab in the Drop app and scroll down. You’ll click Redeem after you’ve selected the one you want, and your reward will be in your Drop wallet in three business days. 

Many well-known companies, such as Nike, Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, Domino’s, Lululemon, and others, provide gift cards. You’ll need a minimum of 25,000 points to earn a gift card, since 1,000 points equals $1 in gift card credit. 

Program for Referrals 

Drop users may get 5,000 points for referring their first ten friends. When your buddy gets their first 1,000 rewards points by shopping an offer via Drop, you’ll get a referral bonus. Your unique invite code may be found in the profile area of your Drop app, which you can share with your friends. 

App for mobile devices 

Drop is presently available as an iOS and Android app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. 

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Browser Extension for Chrome

Drop does not yet have a Chrome browser extension or a web application, however there is a method to shop with Drop on a desktop. On the Drop app, there’s a “Send to Email” button next to each shopping offer. You may shop from your PC by opening the offer in your inbox. 

Get Vaccinated & Get Rewarded 

For being vaccinated against Covid-19, Drop is offering a prize of up to 20,000 members. To be eligible for this program, you must meet the following criteria: 

  1. While being vaccinated, take a picture that shows the Covid-19 vaccination being given or you wearing a sticker that says “Just received my Covid-19 vaccine.” 
  2. Use the hashtag #DropCOVID and tag @JoinDrop in your picture on Instagram. You’ll get a unique code to put in your Drop app profile within 24 hours. 
  3. By inputting your unique code in your Drop profile, you may earn up to 50,000 points ($50).

Drop Pricing & Fees

There are no costs to use Drop, and there are no fees to get your Drop rewards. When your account has been dormant for six months, you will be charged a 2,500-point inactivity maintenance fee. 

You haven’t logged in or the app hasn’t been accessed at all if you’ve been inactive. After six months of inactivity, 2,500 points will be removed for each month until the account is active again. Simply log in and check the app on a frequent basis to be active and avoid the maintenance charge. 

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Customer service should be eliminated.

Drop provides two options for contacting their customer support department. You may reach out to the support staff through email at [email protected] or via the app. To do so, go to your profile, scroll down to Get Help, and choose Drop’s Support Concierge from the drop-down menu. It would assist speed up the process if you can offer a snapshot of your problem or proof of purchase. 

Reduce the level of security

Drop has three main security measures in place to keep the app safe: 

  • Drop never stores your bank login details since they are encrypted.
  • TLS ensures safe transfer of your data to Drop, which is industry-leading.
  • Drop’s support staff is glad to address any questions or concerns you have regarding security. 

Drop does not disclose any of your personal information with other parties, and only anonymous aggregate statistics may be shared. Drop gathers two kinds of data: basic user information (name, date of birth, gender, and so forth) and transactional data through your connected card (vendor purchase amounts, posted dates, etc.)

Drop Pros

  • Earn money simply by shopping: Once you’ve set up your Drop account and connected your card, you’ll automatically earn Drop points that can be redeemed for gift cards whenever you buy. Even if that’s the only time you use Drop, you’ll still get cashback! 
  • A fantastic app experience: Drop takes you step by step through their easy setup procedure, rewarding you with Drop points as you complete each step. The app’s design is simple to use, and you can rapidly scan it for deals. 
  • Daily new deals: The Drop app is updated with fresh offers every day. So if you keep checking back, you’re certain to discover some for things you’re planning to purchase anyhow.
  • While you may earn cashback just by purchasing with your connected card, you can further boost your rewards by shopping in-app, playing games, or doing surveys. 

Drop the disadvantages: 

  • Your card must be linked: You must connect at least one credit or debit card to your Drop account to complete the setup procedure. Some individuals may not like the notion of connecting their card to a third-party app, even if it has bank-level security and encryption. 
  • Lots of Offer Restrictions: If you want to participate actively in shopping on the Drop app and choose which deals you want to take advantage of, you’ll need to pay attention to the offer rules. In order to get your Drop points, there are usually a number of conditions that must be met. 

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Alternatives to Drop

There are a number of popular Drop alternatives that enable you to earn points and prizes while shopping.

Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a free desktop browser plugin that automatically compares prices at over 30,000 online shops utilizing rewards and online coupons. It is not necessary to be a Capital One client to utilize the tool. To discover more, see our Capital One Shopping review.


Shopkick is an app that allows you to earn reward points (called Kicks) for buying in-store and online, as well as for doing other non-purchase-related activities. The reward points may then be exchanged for free gift cards. 


Rakuten is a cashback service that offers discounts on online purchases. It does not need the submission of receipts. It’s not difficult to get started. All you have to do is install the Rakuten browser extension. To discover more, read our entire Rakuten review.

Who is Drop most suitable for?

Drop is set up in such a manner that earning rewards for your purchase is a breeze. While every consumer may profit from Drop and earn passive income, there are a few individuals who are most suited for it: 

  • Power shoppers: If shopping is one of your favorite hobbies, earning cashback from the money you’re currently spending makes sense.
  • Drop provides discounts for both online and in-store purchasing, although the bulk of the incentives are for online purchases.
  • People with Extra Time: If you’re willing to invest some time in Drop’s games, surveys, and referrals, you’ll see your reward points accumulate more rapidly.

Drop, on the other hand, is most likely not for you if you’re:

  • Drop is very security conscious, using bank-level encryption and security measures. When you use Drop, however, you are putting your credit card information into a third-party program. Drop is probably not for you if you’re not okay with it. 
  • Drop provides discounts for both online and in-store purchasing, although the majority of the offers are for the former.
  • If you aren’t interested in checking into the Drop app on a frequent basis to see what deals are available and how to qualify for them, the Drop app may not be for you. 

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Questions & Answers

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about the Drop App. Here are our responses.

Is it safe to use the Drop App?

In a nutshell, the drop app is risk-free to use. If you’re okay with other applications that use your financial information, such as banking and investment apps, you should be able to use Drop as well. 

Drop has a number of guarantees and characteristics that give us confidence in determining that the app is secure:

  • TLS (Transport Layer Security) is the gold-standard technique for data transmission that protects against outside intervention. 
  • 256-Bit Encryption: This is the same degree of encryption that banks and the United States military employ. 
  • There is no data storage: Drop servers never keep your bank login or payment card information.

Does Drop provide data for sale?

Drop will not sell your personal information to any other parties, in a nutshell. They may, however, sell anonymized aggregate data to other parties. This means that, although your data may be part of a larger research that is shared with a third party, no business other than Drop will ever get any personally identifiable information about you. 

On Drop, how do you get points?

With the Drop app, you may earn points in a variety of ways. Playing games inside the Drop app will earn you points. In the Games page, you may choose an offer and download the game. 

Completing in-app surveys and recommending friends to the app will also earn you points. For the first 10 people you invite to Drop, you may win 5,000 points.

Last Thoughts

Drop is a good rewards program that allows you to earn some money back on purchases you were going to make anyway. It’s not meant to make you wealthy, but there’s no reason to pass up free rewards and gift cards earned from money you were about to spend anyway. 

Simply stated, Drop is a fun method to earn gift cards without exerting any effort. When you combine it with other rewards and cashback purchasing applications, you’ll almost certainly finish each month with a little more cash you didn’t anticipate!

Up Next

In 2021, a new app will be launched to help you review products you have purchased. After reviewing the app, you will be compensated for your opinion.. Read more about drop app download and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What apps give you real rewards?

The apps that give you real rewards are usually games. If youre looking for a reward app, try out some of the many free apps on your phone.

How does the drop app make money?

The drop app makes money by selling in-app purchases.

What is the best app for shopping rewards?

The best app for shopping rewards is the Shopkick app.

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