In the past, 9-to-5 work schedules and Monday through Friday offices were seen as a necessity for efficiency. But with advancements in technology, people are now shifting their working hours to fit more into the day. How will this shift affect business?

The “still working 9 to 5” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is yes, but the way it’s used in 2022 may be different than what we’re familiar with now.

Does 9-to-5 still work in 2022?

Employees are clamoring for even more flexibility in their working hours now that they’ve experienced remote working during the epidemic. According to an Adobe research, 51 percent of corporate workers would want total scheduling freedom, compared to just 16 percent of respondents who stated their ideal work week would have no flexibility at all, but instead “start and conclude work according to a defined work schedule.”

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‘The Future of Time’ is a film about the future of time.


The 2021 report, titled ‘The Future of Time’ is a film about the future of time., states that this desire for a flexi approach was found in all seven of the surveyed countries, including the U.K., U.S., Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Japan. Of these, Germans were the keenest group to embrace flexible working hours, with 56 percent of respondents supporting it. They were also the group with the highest percentage of people currently experiencing a flexible lifestyle, at 39 percent.

With just 12% of individuals working flexible hours, Japan is the least flexible of the seven nations questioned, yet over half (48%) of respondents said they’d prefer to work in a less restricted way in the future if feasible.

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Younger generations & work flexibility


According to the survey, Millennials in particular tend to value levels of self-control over their work schedule, with 73 percent stating they would move professions to one with more flexibility if their income and job description remained the same.

At the same time, as Wrike points out, more flexible work hours may enhance gender equality by allowing parents to share childcare responsibilities. According to RTÉ, this trend looks to be gaining traction, with more firms and even governments adopting the concept. For example, Ireland is preparing to establish the ability to seek flexible work arrangements.

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Is the world changing?


Since Henry Ford implemented 8-hour hours for manufacturing employees in the early 1900s, times have changed. As Forbes points out, living in a service economy is not the same as living in a manufacturing economy; we now have the ability to link us with colleagues in other time zones instantly, and social patterns have fundamentally shifted for many individuals, at least in the global north. “Employers must solve these difficulties or risk losing great personnel,” argues Adobe.

Here are the real work flexibility and desired degree of flexibility with regard to working hours for 3,404 polled business employees since the commencement of Covid, as well as their claimed pre-Covid flexibility.

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Work schedules prior to Covid


  • 17 percent total flexibility
  • There is some leeway: 36%
  • 47 percent don’t have any flexibility.

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Work schedule at the moment


  • 23 percent total flexibility
  • Some room for manoeuvre: 44%
  • 23 percent have no flexibility.

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Work schedule that is ideal


  • 51 percent total flexibility
  • There is some leeway: 33%
  • 16 percent have no flexibility.

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From April 30 to May 28, 2021, a survey of 3,404 company personnel from seven countries was performed. Adobe’s “Future of Time” research provided the statistics. More information is available here.


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