The holidays are typically a time of cheer and giving, but they can also be expensive. If you’re looking to get some cash back on your unwanted Christmas presents, check out these four great hacks that will help you turn those gift cards into cold hard cash.

Clever ways to turn your unwanted presents into cash

The “where to donate unwanted christmas decorations near me” is a blog post that has been written by someone who is looking for ways to turn their unwanted presents into cash.

Even if you’re fortunate enough to get largely gift cards (or at least gifts with gift receipts) this Christmas season, you’re certain to get at least a few items you don’t want and can’t return.

Perhaps it’s another unattractive sweater from a relative, a video game you’ve previously completed, or a book you’ll never finish (“Twilight,” anyone?) . Why not get your money’s worth by selling those goods instead of going through the effort (and hurt emotions) of chasing down gift receipts?

There are lots of ways to earn extra money selling your unwanted items, no matter what sort of unexpected presents you receive this year—from gift cards to businesses you despise to clothing that don’t fit or even weird camping gear.

So, if you’re looking for a way to generate money this season, this is the one for you. Here are eight of the most regularly given things, along with tips on how to resale them after the holidays to make some additional cash.

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1. Gift certificates

gift_card_hacks gift_card_hacks

In principle, gift cards are a terrific present, unless you actually despise the shops in issue. Perhaps your grandma gave you an Apple gift card and you just made the switch to Android. Alternatively, your parents may still believe you shop at Old Navy (oops). Unusable gift cards might be the worst in any scenario. But don’t panic; there are various simple strategies to get rid of these unused monies and generate money.

Cardpool, which reimburses up to 88 percent of the value of the gift card, is one of the finest sites to sell your unused gift cards. This may not seem to be a significant amount, but bear in mind that other sites may take a larger percentage. In the end, the amount you can earn from a gift card is determined by demand, such as the popularity of the business at the time you’re attempting to sell it.

Most of these sites enable you to just input your credit card information and get immediate reimbursement, while others, such as Raise, use an auction system. You may choose your own price for the gift card since this site operates similarly to eBay. It also means you could have to wait longer to sell it, particularly if your asking price isn’t competitive.

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2. Apparel

iStock-1056748038 iStock-1056748038

It may be difficult to find clothing that appeals to anybody beyond the age of ten, which is presumably why people should give up trying. Even if a friend or family member gets the style part right, there’s a good chance the size will be wrong. Fortunately, there are a slew of websites that make selling your unwanted items — even if you’ve only worn them a few times — a breeze (we see you rocking that ugly sweater to humor Aunt Dolores).

Sellers on sites like The RealReal may earn up to 85% of the value of their belongings, and items can sell in as little as a few days. Fine jewelry and home furnishings are also accepted, so toss in that gaudy silver charm bracelet while you’re at it.

ThredUp is another fantastic service for selling your gently used clothes. This is a wonderful option if you have a lot of garments to sell at once, since the procedure begins with you receiving an empty bag to fill and return.

If you want to sell your items in person, look for vintage and consignment shops in your area. They may offer you a nice (and immediate) price on some of your unwanted presents, saving you time and irritation with the logistics of getting rid of them.

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3. Computer and video games

iStock-901198998 iStock-901198998

What else is difficult to choose for people? Games on the computer. We don’t need to tell you how costly gaming is if you’re a regular player. That’s why, if you ever obtain a game you don’t intend to play, you should attempt to sell it as soon as possible.

Swappa is one of the greatest locations to sell your unwanted video games for cash. This platform eliminates the intermediary, enabling you to sell to other players directly. Remember that you’ll be responsible for paying shipping costs, so include it into your selling price.

If waiting for the appropriate buyer and depending on the postal service doesn’t appeal to you, consider selling your games straight to a GameStop or BestBuy near you. You may exchange your games for cash or shop credit that you can use towards something you really desire.


Electronics is number four.

iStock-472139521 iStock-472139521

Whether you’re wondering if people still purchase secondhand gadgets, the answer is yes – so don’t pass up the chance to sell yours. Selling old electronics isn’t as difficult as it may seem, particularly if the items in question are still in excellent functioning (and cosmetic) order.

If you’re thinking about selling your new devices after the holidays, do yourself a favor and save all of the packaging. This not only helps your “Used, Like New” boasts online, but it also gives your consumer some piece of mind. Facebook Marketplace is one of our favorite locations to sell generic old gadgets. Selling on here is convenient since you can set your preferences to “local pickup only,” which means you won’t have to worry about shipping if you don’t want to.

Check out Apple or Amazon’s trade-in programs if you’re selling a brand-specific item that was originally sold by them. Because these firms can trace purchases and returns more precisely than your local mall’s old-school electronics shop, they may be able to buy it back from you at full, or almost full, price. Even if the item is broken or has been used for a while, it’s worth checking with these major shops since many of them provide refurbished items and may be willing to give you a fair deal if they believe they can restore and resell yours.

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5. Books

iStock-1200764266 iStock-1200764266

Books are similar to vehicles in that the value of a new one drops dramatically almost immediately after purchase. Even if you never split the spine on your unwanted hardcover, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to recoup even a fraction of its original cost. When it comes to hardcovers, unless the book is brand new, you should expect to earn less since these volumes are considered less desired than softcovers.

With all that geeky criticism aside, here’s how to make the most money selling your books:

  • Because of how simple it is to sell your books on Amazon, it is a terrific initial option. It’s also where people go first when looking for secondhand books, so if you have something that others desire, you should be able to sell it there.
  • Another fantastic location to sell your unwanted books is AbeBooks. Despite being less popular than Amazon, this site is a good place to look for out-of-print and rare editions at moderate costs.

Also, if you have a large volume, make sure you conduct some research before selling it. You might also inquire at your local secondhand bookshops to see what they can provide you in exchange for your books. Although it will be less expensive than those available on Amazon, it will also be less of a hassle. You could even find a local bookshop that will offer you considerable store credit, allowing you to continue your reading habit (and get the books you actually want to read).

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6. Outdoor and sporting equipment

Wilson_Football Wilson_Football

If you were fortunate enough to obtain any unneeded sports or outdoor gear over the holidays, you’re in luck since selling these expensive things is a terrific way to make some extra cash. There are many locations where you may sell or exchange stuff for a reasonable price, whether it’s a set of skis, a camping stove, or even a new gym bag.

SidelineSwap is an excellent place to start if you’ve acquired any bike, skiing, or other classic sporting gear. This service, founded by former collegiate players, is on a mission to help individuals sell their high-quality sports equipment for a decent price.

If you have an unwanted present that is more outdoorsy than sports, explore what your local gear exchange can do for you. These businesses are popping up in more and more locations, and they’re a terrific community resource for helping others discover inexpensive gear. They’ll also let you sell without having to deal with any back-and-forth via the internet.

If you like doing business over the internet, consider selling on Geartrade, Facebook Marketplace, or even Craigslist.

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7. Trinkets and trinkets

glass-figurines glass-figurines

We’ve all got them, and if Santa gave you even one more this season, it may be time to reduce before you turn into a professional hoarder. You may always give these products to Goodwill or another donation-based secondhand shop, or you can attempt to sell them.

We suggest utilizing Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for this. Locals may prefer one site over another, depending on where you reside. To maximize your chances of a successful sale, list your unwanted trinkets on both sites. Make sure you take nice images of anything you’re selling before you make your internet listing.

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8. Food

cheese-and-cracker-gift-box cheese-and-cracker-gift-box

Although it may seem appealing, selling your unwanted food presents is usually not a good idea. Not only is it improbable that someone would want to purchase food from a stranger, but you also don’t want to risk getting in trouble with any online platforms – none that we know of allow it.

Rather of attempting to profit from those undesired food gifts, get into the Christmas spirit by donating to your local food bank, homeless shelter, or even church. These organizations are constantly in need of additional help around the holidays, and your contribution may make a great difference for someone in need.

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What’s the best way to receive the most money for your gifts?

Depositphotos_167505504_s-2019 Depositphotos_167505504_s-2019

Selling your belongings is about more than simply getting rid of them; it’s also about learning how to sell them for more money and at the highest potential price.

To begin, familiarize yourself with the things you’ll be selling. You should be familiar with some of the jargon, as well as what makes your object special, why others would desire it, and how much it’s worth. Spend some time studying online before posting a post or composing a description if you don’t know much about what you’re offering. Even if you’re simply contacting a local company, understanding what you’re selling can help you.

It also helps to have beautiful images if you’re selling your items on the internet. You’ll need to take photos of your stuff in natural light from various angles on an uncluttered surface for this. Bonus points if the images are shot in an appropriate context, such as outdoors with skis or on the kitchen counter with a mixer.

Keep your object sealed if you haven’t opened it yet. Then hunt it up on the internet and borrow the original vendor’s images to use in your own sales. To entice your consumers, indicate that the item is new and knock (at least) a few dollars off the buying price.

Finally, if you have any very unique items to sell, it wouldn’t hurt to take them to a consignment store or have a garage sale. Some items just cannot be articulated, therefore an in-person transaction is your best bet. is the source of this image.

In conclusion

Depositphotos_124957094_m-2015 Depositphotos_124957094_m-2015

Selling your belongings for cash isn’t only a terrific way to get rid of unwanted presents after the holidays; it’s also one of the finest side hustles we’ve come across. After all, having unnecessary items around isn’t helping you and may might be cluttering up your area. This holiday season, do your feng shui and your pocketbook a favor by selling the gifts you don’t want or need and putting the money toward your financial objectives instead.

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