Imagine you have a chance to travel back in time and share a letter with your younger self to tell them what you really need to know so that they can be happier with their future lives. But, you can’t tell them, because you don’t know! So, you’re left to speculate on the things that will matter most to them.

In many ways, my life has been a happy one. I’ve gotten to travel to over 100 countries and have met and been friends with some of the most artistic, creative, and fascinating people I’ve ever met. I’ve lived in several different countries, and met many of those people in person as well, as well as some of the people who help run the country that I live in now. I’ve been able to travel and see so many different places. As you can probably imagine, there is a lot of pressure that comes with all of this—some pressure that comes from family and friends, and some that comes from society in general. As a result, I’ve created a difficult decision bubble over my head, and it’s

word-image-12976 Many of us are caught up in the daily monotony of our lives. We are neither happy nor unhappy, and in this state we are often unwilling to change. But if we are not prepared to take a new path, our future is guaranteed to remain the same. Here’s a question: If nothing changed and you met your future self ten years later, would you be happy? 1С8 What would your life be like? Aren’t you in the same rut? Would you complain about the same problems or feel limited by the same roadblocks and thinking errors? If so, you’re not alone.

Do you change or stay the same?

Imagine you’re going to a party. Maybe it’s a backyard barbecue, a 40th birthday party. Birthday or the latest art exhibition in the hippest neighborhood in town. While you’re there, meet an old friend. You haven’t seen this person in over a decade and you’d like to catch up and find out what’s new. Unfortunately, your excitement will be short-lived, because instead of hearing about the highlights of the past decade, you’ll be treated to a barrage of complaints from them. It starts with negative comments about your friend’s career, and then moves into a complicated list of complaints about money and relationships. Your friend is unhappy and wants to talk, and you’re there to listen. You listen intently and realize you’ve heard these stories before. Ten years ago, your friend told you similar stories.Then she was frustrated and dissatisfied with the same things. It doesn’t look like much has changed since the last time you saw her. Now reverse the call. This time, imagine that you are talking and your friend is listening. Has your life changed since the last time you spoke to me? Are you always dissatisfied with the same things?

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Let’s travel ten years into the future. They’re coming to the same party ten years from now. What does your future self do? Do you like the vision you see? What if everything in your life stays the same for the next ten, twenty or thirty years? Would you be happy, satisfied or downright unhappy? 1С8 1Д9

Teenage letter to my future self

When I was a teenager, my favorite English teacher asked us to write a letter to our future selves. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I put it. If I could find that letter from my childhood, I’m sure it would be about money, work, love and friends who never seem to part. When I wrote this letter, I saw myself through the eyes of a teenage girl. I wrote about things that bothered me when I was younger, but I didn’t see my priorities change. If I were writing to my future self, I would write about the problems of the present. But I need a fake letter from my future self to read now. What would I like to say to my future self?

Letter to my future self

Dear J, First, know that your greatest successes will be moments you never even imagined. For everything you thought might happen, your life is better than you could have even predicted. The most memorable events happened when life didn’t go the way you planned. All important discoveries are made through unforeseen opportunities, so keep your eyes open and explore new possibilities. Never get too comfortable or complacent and keep looking for new ways to be inspired. Failure to follow the policies and expectations of others. Ignore the naysayers before you start believing their distorted view. Instead, surround yourself with a support group. Listen carefully and you will find them. Fear can stop you from moving forward. It can keep you in your current state of mind and make you believe that you are not worthy of living a great life, but fear is not all bad. Use the fear of death to help you act courageously. You only get one chance in this life, so don’t waste your time on endless circles. Set aside your beliefs about success, money and praise. Climbing the career ladder will not make you happy, so don’t feel guilty if you don’t want a career anymore. Don’t be afraid to fail. You may not believe me, but your biggest mistakes will lead to your most memorable triumphs. Remember: If you throw your stone into the pond, the tsunami will not hit the bank. Few of us get great results with a stone, so wait patiently for a little splash. Then add a few more. Finally, if you don’t like the path you are on, you have the option to change it. Please don’t change everything at once. Instead, start small and take your time. Take small risks and find new adventures. When you feel stuck, think about your future self. Imagine being ten, twenty or thirty years into the future. Imagine the party ten years in advance and imagine dealing with the person you want to be. We wish you all the best, J


Do you feel satisfied at the moment? If not, what is missing? Think about the key elements that make up your happiness. It can be about your relationships, your career, your health, your family, your skills, your knowledge and your sense of community. What are you satisfied with and what needs to be changed? If you could improve only one thing, what would it be? Start there. The goal is not to solve everything in your life at once. Instead, determine what you want to keep and what you want to do differently. Life is a choice. So what do you choose? Do you choose to stay the same or live differently?

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