With the recent surge in cryptocurrency prices, investors and day traders alike are looking for ways to increase their returns. To help you on your quest to save money every month, here is a list of 7 simple ways that could help you make $100 more than before.

The “how to start saving money” is a blog post that talks about 7 ways to save $100 every month. The article also includes tips on how to start saving money, like using the same bank account for savings and checking, or cutting out unnecessary expenses.

7 simple ways to save $100 every month

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an additional $100 or more every month? If that seems difficult, don’t think your budget is too tight to enable you to save for an emergency or a big purchase or trip.

You’ll be shocked how much more money you may save each month by making a few little changes to your daily expenditures. It also doesn’t have to be painful.

Here are seven simple methods to save $100 a month — or possibly more – for savings, trips, and other financial objectives.

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1. Make more home-cooked meals


We all like going out to eat, socializing with friends, or picking up takeout on our way home from work. However, eating out may quickly add up, particularly because inflation has driven up the cost of meat, dairy, vegetables, and other commodities.

You don’t have to fully give up the eating out experience to save money. However, even cutting down on eating out and making at least a few of meals a week at home may save you at least $100 every month.

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2. Bring your lunch to work with you.


Why not bring your lunch to work, since you’ll be making some meals at home anyway? If the idea of eating from plastic containers in the shadow of the break room vending machine makes you sad, remember that you are not required to carry your lunch every day.

You may easily save $20 or more each week if you bring your lunch to work two days a week. Then, on the other days, treat yourself to lunch out, opting for eateries that offer lunch deals to save money.

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3. Only use ATMs that belong to your bank.


Do you go to the closest ATM with your debit card anytime you need cash, regardless of which bank controls the money machine? If that’s the case, you’ll almost certainly be charged $5 or $6 every time you use an ATM that isn’t operated by the bank that issued your debit card.

To avoid paying fees, withdraw the cash you believe you’ll need for the week from your bank’s ATM ahead of time.

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4. Make a shopping list


If you go food shopping without a list, you’re undoubtedly overspending. Make a list of everything you need before you go shopping to save money on food. Plan a few meals for the week and then stock up on goods that can be used for several meals. You’ll spend less on groceries each week if you have a list and a budget in mind.

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5. Lower your power bills


You may not think about why your utility expenses are so expensive. However, if you make an attempt to reduce your utility expenditures, you will most likely save money each month. Check for leaky faucets or a toilet that runs continually if your water bill is excessive. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, leaks waste up to 10,000 gallons of water each year for the average home (EPA).

Request an energy audit from your gas or electric provider while you’re at it. Many utility providers will send someone to check your house for air leaks and other unintentional energy waste, as well as suggestions to fix the situation for reduced power costs.

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6. Turn off or pause streaming services


If you like variety, you could have three or four streaming services set up so you can watch all of your favorite series and movies. Multiple streaming subscriptions, on the other hand, might cost $50 or more each month. Can you get by with with two, or even just one, streaming services? If that’s the case, you may save money by canceling or pausing one or two subscriptions for a few months.

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7. Make automated savings contributions


Allowing your employer to remove at least $50 from each paycheck and deposit it into your savings account is one of the easiest methods to save at least $100 every month. You may not notice the sacrifice, but after a year, you’ll have at least $1,200 set up for unexpected expenses, a trip, or a large purchase.

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