If you have a knack for typing that helps make your money, as many do and which is often referred to in the world of transcription (typing), then you may be able to join this burgeoning service sector. A job in transcription can pay more than $50 an hour, depending on where you live and what skillset necessary. With global demand rising by 9% each year due to the rise of technology use worldwide, it’s no wonder why so many people are looking into getting paid just for their time being transcribed.

In 2022, the average salary for a transcriptionist is $25.58 per hour. Transcriptionists type in audio files and transcribe them into text. The 7 best transcription courses are free online with certificates of completion. Read more in detail here: free online transcription course with certificate.

My post “Best Transcription Jobs (for Beginners)” from a while back was really well-liked. I have a sequel, so I’m back. The greatest transcribing courses that are accessible to you online are described in this post.

This post will include both free basic transcribing training and expensive online courses!

As you are all aware, I am a proponent of putting money into your own future without going bankrupt. I’ll be outlining a few courses in this post at various pricing ranges.

I’ll tell you what they have so you may choose from the best of the best! Here are the top online transcribing courses without further ado. 


You may click on some of the affiliate links on this page at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you, and I may get a commission. I hope this information is helpful to you! Thanks.

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The Top 7 Transcription Courses Available

To make it simpler for you to choose a course, I’ve broken down the fundamentals of each one. So, below is a ranking of the top transcribing training programs:

1. Record anywhere

With the help of their programs, Transcribe Anyplace promises that “you may learn to transcribe with perfection and can do it from anywhere.” 

They provide instruction in both general transcribing and legal transcription. There are paid and unpaid versions of both courses. 

best transcription courses

Let’s examine the paid programs:

2.General Transcription : Theory & Practice

Price: $597

Yes, certification

This course is a comprehensive online transcribing curriculum. It

contains all the information you need to know about transcribing, how to become a great transcriptionist, and most importantly, how to become a transcriptionist who really gets employed. 

What you get is this:

  • Where to get the greatest equipment deals
  • Shortcut key usage techniques

Additionally, they provide printables.

  • style manual for transcription 

Additionally, these templates are down loadable. 

  • videos for software, time coding, and other topics
  • Finding a Job 
  • How to locate higher-paying employment as a freelancer
  • Practice dictations in 7 levels 
  • lifelong access to the course’s content and any future upgrades
  • lifelong access to our Facebook student support forum

If this is a topic that interests you, you can also have a look at their legal transcription course. Although certification is not necessary for regular transcribing, certain businesses may choose certification when it comes to legal transcription.

Price: $697 instead of $897.

Yes, certification 

You study the following, just as in their regular transcribing course:

  • Where to get the greatest equipment deals
  • Shortcut key usage techniques
  • style manual for transcription 
  • videos for software, time coding, and other topics
  • Finding a Job 
  • How to locate higher-paying employment as a freelancer
  • lifelong access to the course’s content and any future upgrades
  • lifelong access to our Facebook student support forum

This training is different since you additionally receive:

  • 14 instruction modules 
  • Typing exercises for speed and accuracy
  • a more than 100-page compendium of legal terms (both English and Latin in a downloadable format)
  • For the legal transcriptionist, capitalization, and punctuation
  • explanations of the several categories of law and the legal system
  • 10 dictations for practice

I’m all for investing in yourself, but not if you can’t afford it, as I’ve already said. Check out the free mini-courses that Transcribe Anywhere provides if you’re saving up for a course.

I’m all for investing in yourself, but not if you can’t afford it, as I’ve already said. Check out the free mini-courses that Transcribe Anywhere provides if you’re saving up for a course.

best transcription courses

4. Free Mini-Course: Foundations of Transcription

Mini-Course with Janet Shaughnessy, 7 Lessons

best transcription courses

Cost: Free

No certification 

The mini-course will cover some fundamental transcriptionist skills and was created by Transcribe Anywhere’s creator, Janet Shaughnessy. Mini-courses do not, the organization emphasizes, take the place of the additional training they provide. 

It provides information to assist you decide whether or not to pursue transcribing as a profession, but it is only an overview of the field. 

You’ll discover the following:

  • Lesson 1: Get to know Janet. 
  • Lesson 2: Discover who hires transcriptionists, what qualifications are required, and the two secrets to their success.
  • Lesson 3: Myths dispelled about transcription.
  • Lesson 4: 10 indications you’re not a good transcribing candidate
  • Lesson 5: What can a transcriptionist expect to make? 
  • Lesson 6: Where does the task of transcribing originate?
  • What are the prerequisites for lesson 7? 


Here are the top two Udemy courses for online transcription:

On the online learning site Udemy, teachers may create online courses on the subjects they find most interesting. On Udemy, you can study just about everything, including transcription. 

The greatest aspect is that you have full control: you get to choose the course you take, your teacher, and how quickly you finish the course. It’s also quite economical. I’ve personally taken a couple classes on the internet and had a great time. 

5. Learn Beginning to Advanced Transcription Skills (Udemy)

Price: Down from $64.99 to $18.99.

Yes, certification

best transcription courses

By the Conclusion of the course, you will have the knowledge necessary to work as a professional transcriptionist, according to the teacher Chelsea Flint. This course will assist you in developing your basic transcription skills if you already have them.

What it provides:

  • With more than 20 videos, improve your transcription abilities.
  • Discover how to modify and proof transcription files.
  • Working with Express Scribe
  • Study time-stamping and speaker tracking.
  • Learn how to use text expanders to speed up transcription and get a 500-word list of expandables to get started.
  • Removing background noise from audio files
  • For both PCs and Macs, there are useful productivity shortcuts.

How to Work as a Transcriptionist, No. 6 (Udemy)

Cost: Down from $59.99 to $18.99

Yes, certification 

best transcription courses

For those of you wishing to begin transcribing, Flint’s course is more appropriate. You will have some experience transcribing by the Conclusion of this course since it contains three test files and shows you how to make a transcription resume.

What it provides:

  • An overview of the transcribing market
  • How to download, play, and use audio files while using Express Scribe
  • audio transcription
  • the transcript’s revision
  • In Microsoft Word, create text expanders. 
  • Using style guidelines
  • Guidelines for writing resumes for transcribing jobs and submitting applications
  • How to maximize your revenue as a subcontractor and how to do it
  • three audio exercises with answers
  • Bonus information

Seven. The Transcription Certification Institute

Price: $499

Yes, certification 

Are you still doubtful about your ability to get employment as a transcriptionist?

With the help of this accredited training program from the Transcription Certification Institute, you may gain confidence and stand out from the crowd (TCI).

You may access the course materials, exams, and expert advice on the finest transcribing methods by registering in this course. You take a test after completing the course, and you then get your certificate. 

After getting your certificate, you may go on by applying for an internship. 

best transcription courses

What you get is:

  • Tips and tactics for becoming a skilled transcriptionist in transcribe
  • after completing the course, an internship
  • Webinars and Q&A with fellow professionals
  • Opportunities for employment on the official TCI job board
  • How to work from home and make money to supplement your income

If you’re searching for something a little bit more flexible or just don’t want to spend $499 all at once, the TCI offers a one-time payment plan and a three-month payment plan.


A transcriptionist is what? 

An individual who listens to audio recordings of individuals speaking and then writes down what they are saying is known as a transcriptionist.

That’s accurate. That is all there is to it. A transcriptionist performs that. Nice, huh?

You may be wondering how that earns any money at all, but the truth is that many businesses would employ you to do this. There are excellent transcribing positions available, waiting for your application.  

After sharing the finest transcribing courses, I’ll highlight a few of the jobs that are recruiting.

However, despite the fact that you may be acquainted with transcribing and have heard rumors about medical or legal transcription jobs, transcription jobs are no longer limited to the medical or legal sectors. 

Other subcategories in the industry include general transcription and the more recent and in-demand category of podcast and Youtube video transcription.

Categories for transcription

  • general stenographer
  • Health Transcription
  • Business of legal transcription

Why Do Individuals Employ Transcriptionists?

We are aware that businesses are employing transcribers, but why? Why can’t technology do this for us easily? We have Siri, speech-to-text programs on our keyboards, and all of our films have automated captioning, after all. 

So Why Do Individuals Employ Transcriptionists?

Right, a lot of us talk to Siri, Alexa, and other voice-activated phone assistants. But just how reliable is Siri? Would Siri take the role of a personal assistant? How often do you need to edit a text message that you send after utilizing a speech-to-text app? Would you continue utilizing that function even if you stopped texting? 

Personally, I wouldn’t, and I’ll explain why businesses prefer to employ transcriptionists than using robots to do the task.

Fortunately for us, science hasn’t developed a flawless software system that can flawlessly transcrib.

“If you have individuals transcribe conversational dialogue over the telephone, the mistake rate is roughly 4%,” says Xuedong Huang, a senior scientist at Microsoft.

Not too awful, yes? The shocking part is that Huang claims that if you combine all of IBM, Google, and Microsoft’s greatest systems, “the error rate would be approximately 8%.”

If something was twice as horrible as humans, would you accept it? Nope? Neither would businesses trying to make a profit with the least amount of mistake. 

What Kinds Of Transcriptionists Are There?

There are several reasons why different businesses from different industries want transcribing services.

Here are a few examples of them and how you fit in:

The Legal Industry

A qualified transcriptionist is often required by legal professionals like lawyers, court reporters, paralegals, and law firms. Court files must include transcriptions of witness testimonies, court proceedings, depositions, and recorded evidence. Legal transcribing training is helpful in this situation.

Healthcare Professionals

Health Transcription is needed as a clear account of the patient’s file, treatment, and procedures are valuable for medical institutions.

The Sector of Education

These days, most lectures and course materials are in audio or video format, so both lecturers and students need transcribing services. Transcriptions are useful since listening to a file may be tiresome and time-consuming.

The Commercial Sector

Information may be seen or heard, but some individuals prefer to read it. Having keynote speeches, conferences, or business meetings transcribed may be quite beneficial for a firm. 


Under generic transcription, this category belongs. Oh my: podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers! Text versions of their audio and/or visual material are required by a whole sector of creatives, including video production companies, instructors, radio presenters, and journalists, to mention a few. 

With the pace at which people are consuming material, this industry is now flourishing.

What Transcription Skills Are Important?

best transcription courses

You may start your own transcription company without any formal training. You may become a transcription enthusiast and start making money if you have the appropriate abilities.

These are some of the key abilities a successful transcriptionist must possess.

  • Grammar abilities
  • abilities to listen
  • rapid-fire typing
  • language editing and checking abilities
  • knowledge of Microsoft Word or Google Docs
  • abilities to multitask
  • abilities to handle time
  • talents in communication
  • Paying close attention
  • Comprehension

Enroll in one of the aforementioned online transcribing courses if you want to improve your skills.

To become an expert in transcription, you do not need to spend hours at any online school or university.

You may still find many online lectures and programs that will give you all the knowledge you need. These transcribing lessons are available for students of all ability levels, so you may learn grammar, take practice exams, and get started on a career in transcription.

Are Courses in Transcription Worth It?

You could believe that the online courses are just another revenue stream for a transcribing business.

However, the knowledge and exposure you get might easily be transformed into a transcription job if you have a firm grasp of how to transcribe effectively using both free and commercial tools.

Customers that pay for transcribing services provide rewarding experiences and rewarding financial rewards.

There is no harm in giving it a try if you possess the required advanced abilities or if you are new to the transcribing industry but find it interesting.

Who doesn’t desire the opportunity to increase their income, after all?

You could find all you need to start your own transcribing business in the above-mentioned free courses and online tutorials.

How Much Can a Transcriptionist Expect to Earn?

The following factors actually determine how much money a transcriptionist or transcriber makes:

  • Your rate of typing
  • precision in typing
  • Work frequency
  • The sum that the business pays you

In my previous post, Best Transcription Jobs (for Beginners), I performed some math, but in case you missed it, here is the breakdown.

If you’re just starting out, your hourly wage would be $15; if you have some experience, it would be $25 or more; but, if you improve your skills, enroll in a course, and get certification, your hourly wage might be as high as $35.

Even if you labor 2.5 hours every day for a month, you might easily make $1,500 at a beginner’s rate. Does it sound good? 

The greatest transcription companies will employ you even if you lack certification, but consider what would happen if you enrolled in one of the top online transcribing courses right now. Your income would increase significantly. 

Note: The rates improve if you can provide expert transcripts, if the audio file quality is poor, or if you have supplementary abilities like audio editing.

Here are some of the top automatic transcribing tools to make the most of online transcription courses:


Please remember that the number of projects you can accomplish, your typing speed, the business you’re working with, and how much they charge will all have a significant impact on your profits.

Where Can I Find Jobs As A Transcriptionist?

Now that you are aware of the top online transcribing courses, where exactly are the top websites for transcription jobs?  

The top transcribing websites are listed below:

Disclaimer: The wages and conditions indicated below reflect the going rates on the websites at the time this article was being written.

  1. Writing down notes

best transcription courses

Writing down notes is a UK-based company that hires transcriptionists, audio proofreaders, and copy typers to transcribe audio files for focus groups for market research, interviews, and conferences. 

  1. Quicktate/iDictate

best transcription courses

Working with Quicktate as a transcriptionist, you’ll mostly transcribe voicemails, notes, letters, legal documents, medical records, call recordings, conference calls, and other audio files.

  1. Scribie

best transcription courses

If you’re just starting out as a transcriptionist, Scribie is an excellent place to start and get your foot in the door.

All of the files you’ll be transcribing are 6 minutes or less, although they pay somewhat less than other firms. Consider these practice files to help you perfect your transcribing accuracy.

  1. Rev

best transcription courses

If you’re just starting out, Rev is another excellent firm. They provide free training in the form of practice tasks and online lessons for transcribing. Even after finishing an assignment, you will get comments from seasoned transcriptionists.

Want a longer list of the top transcribing sites where you may find work? For a list of even more of the best transcribing firms wanting to employ, see my post “Best Transcription Jobs (for Beginners)”.


Here are the locations of the top transcribing training programs. These courses will assist you in earning certification and extra money, whether you’re trying to upskill or start a new side business.

A certificate is not required in the transcription industry, of course, but if you’re wanting to apply at the finest transcription businesses, consider how a certificate and proficient transcribing abilities could help you stand out from the competition and seem as a professional in the area. 

Just for you to chew on, I’ll leave that little tidbit there. 

Folks, that does it. Just for you, they are the online transcribing classes.

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