If you want to make money, it’s important that you know how to earn something in your spare time. Here are 50 crafts for people with a creative side who need some extra cash that they can use on their own terms.

The “most profitable crafts to sell (2022)” is a blog post that lists 50 crafts. The article will also include the “Must Have” text.


DIY projects to make and sellDIY projects to make and sell

Craft Projects and sellCraft Projects and sell


Craft Projects and sellCraft Projects and sell

Craft Projects

Whether your a stay at home mom, college student or busy mom looking to make some extra money we have some amazing ideas for you. Discover 50+ amazing Craft Projects and sell for extra money. Learn what crafts sell better than others. Where to sell them and how to turn your love of DIY into a money maker.

Handcrafted items

Handcrafted items and homemade items are looked for when it comes to gift giving. Whether that be for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, hostess gifts or just because. People also want to buy quality items, handmade items for themselves.

The Demand For Handmade Goods

Soaps, candles, handcrafted foods, jewelry, and many more goods are in demand. The 50 fantastic crafts listed below may be made and sold to generate additional income. You can create them in your free time since they are simple to produce.

Where To Sell Craft Projects Money

There are several places where handmade crafts may be purchased. It’s best to start by spreading the news among family, friends, and acquaintances. Pop-up shops, farmers markets, artisan markets, and holiday markets are all fantastic local venues for selling your goods. You may sell your DIY items and reach a broader audience by using Etsy and other online marketplaces.

Merchandise for a Craft Fair

Who is shopping and what kind of artisan fair determine everything. Identify the desires of your audience and market those. This might include handcrafted soap, paintings, lotions, wooden signs, blankets made of crochet, spices, and more. Each market has a certain audience. People are shopping for modest to medium-sized presents for family and friends, for instance, at holiday markets. People shop at farmers’ markets for products they need or desire on a daily basis.

How to Make Extra Money Making Crafts created at home

Absolutely, you may supplement your income with handcrafted crafts. Decide what you like to do or create. Decide which sales channel you wish to use: the market, the internet, or both. Make a lot of your creations and put them to the test. See what does and does not sell. Adapt your side business as necessary. Sometimes it takes many marketplaces to get to a consensus. Sometimes a product is a success and sells out. Everything is based on supply, demand, desire, and necessity.

The latest DIY projects are always evolving. What is really popular right now can change in six months. At the moment, candles and essential oils for home fragrance, resin crafts, paper flowers, dollar store crafts, antique upcycling, and textile dying are all quite trendy.

Crafts That Are Successful

Crafts That Are Successful are popular crafts, useable crafts, food related crafts, items you can use in the home and seasonal crafts. As long as the item is priced well it should sell.


Craft Projects And Sell

We want you to be able to make some extra cash and get your creativity flowing. Below you will find 50+ easy Craft Projects and sell. You can create these in your spare time, make a business out of it or get a few friends together for market weekend.

Easy-to-make and sell items

Ornaments made of fresh greenery – The Merry Thought

Pretty Cool Life: Mason Jar Cozy

Easy To Make Lotion Bars – Saving & Simplicity

Plant Hanger Vertical – The Inspiration Board

10 Minute Lip Balm – Homemade Happiness

Hot Craft Concepts for Sale

Marble Coasters with Color Blocks: A Kailo Chic Life

Homemade Soaps – Saving & Simplicity

The Merry Thought’s DIY Bathtub Caddy

Hot Chocolate Bombs – Saving & Simplicity

Growth Chart Made With Rulers – Made To Be A Mom

Items from a craft show that do well

Lemon & Lavender Sugar Scrub – One Little Project

Air Plant Terrariums – Homemade Happiness

Clay Ring Dish with Marbles: A Beautiful Mess

Garden Therapy: Clay Leaf Dishes

DIY Bath Bombs – Saving & Simplicity

Adult Crafts You Can Sell

DIY Champagne Flutes with Gold Dots – Lulu’s

Water Bottle with Design for Creative Green Living

Metal Roses: The Joyful Homemaker

From Beyond The Chicken Coop: Bees Wax Wraps

Rag Quilt in Flannel – Quilting Digest

Handcrafted items To Sell

Nesting Salt & Pepper Shakers – A Beautiful Mess

Glass Fabric Magnets– Mr & Mrs Phillips

Where The Smiles Have Been: Cork Trivet

Crocheted Blankets – Saving & Simplicity

Backroad Bloom – Homemade Apron

Craft Projects And Sell From Home

Homemade Sugar Scrubs – Saving & Simplicity

Headbands for infants – The Lovely Drawer

Directions for Painting 100 Clay Pots

Custom Mugs by Designer Trapped

The Little House of Four image coasters

Crafts created at home

Funky Junk Interiors: Tic Tac Toe Coasters

Farmhouse Wire Baskets – Thrifty & Chic

Garden Therapy – Wind Spinner

Candle Making For Beginners – Saving & Simplicity

Splash of Something: A Diy Garden Lantern

Craft Show Income Sources

The Best Way To Heat Press Baby Onsies

Cutting Board Made of Resin – Mod Podge Rocks

Homemade Dog Treats – Spaceships & Laser Beams

Picture Frame Made of Barnwood by Our Crafty Mom

Instructables: Pressed Penny Wind Chime

DIY Jobs That Pay Off

Pocket Pals in Felt by Lia Griffith

Gnomes for Christmas – Love Our Real Life

Homemade Air Fresheners – Hearth & Vine

BBQ rub recipe from Angie Holden

Firepit made from a tabletop: Mighty Mrs.

Rope Coasters: Diy Tricks

Floral Wood Bead Wreath from Elle Marie Home

Popcorn with caramel – To Kooks in the Kitchen

Mountain Rose Herbs’s Diy Lavender Eye Pillow

Tidbits: Natural Wood Garden Markers

Soaps, lotions, food-related goods, or crafts with limited quantity are often in great demand and sell out quickly. Personalized presents, handcrafted jewelry, calendars, crocheted products, and anything created with a Cricut are now in demand.

Can I Survive By Selling Crafts?

Absolutely, you can support yourself by selling your crafts. Locally, we have a woman who creates both unique and standard quilts in her home studio while her children are in school. She sells her crafts to help support her family. if you can do it every day and you enjoy what you do. You may earn a life selling crafts if there is a demand for your own creations.

How Can I Launch A Craft Company Without Any Money?

You begin modestly and develop. In general, DIY and craft projects are inexpensive. Work on building a craft inventory to sell. Once you’ve created a couple, sell them and use the proceeds to buy supplies for other projects. Then go out and try selling items at the neighborhood farmers market or online. all the while spending your free time producing new things. Build it gradually, and people will come.


50 Amazing Craft Projects and Sell – For Extra Money


The “easy crafts to sell” is a blog that offers 50 different ideas for crafting projects. The projects range from easy and fun to more difficult and time-consuming.

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