proofreading is a vital skill for every writer, and it’s not just your spelling that needs editing. Your ideas, your style, and even your tone are all open to critique. That’s why 30 Best Online Proofreading Jobs in 2021 (Make Money Fast!) is dedicated to highlighting the best places to make money proofreading online.

In 2019, the internet is flooded with many online proofreading jobs, which means people will have to work harder to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, in the future, people will have to work harder to make money. Therefore, the demand for online proofreading jobs is increasing. Therefore, the demand of online proofreading jobs will continue to increase in the future. Therefore, the demand for online proofreading jobs will continue to increase in the future.

Check out the wide range of online proofreading jobs available now. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you can find proofreading jobs that fit your preferences. Some of these online proofreading jobs pay well while others are limited, but the best online proofreading jobs are appropriate for many different types of people.. Read more about online proofreading jobs from home and let us know what you think.

The finest online proofreading jobs can let you work from home and earn a part-time to full-time income.

Do you have a talent for spelling and grammar? If so, working as a professional proofreader may be a profitable side job for you. Proofreaders are responsible for sifting through papers to ensure that everything is spelt properly and that the grammar is accurate.

The greatest thing is that working as a proofreader does not need any particular schooling. Proofreading jobs are available to anybody with a computer, an internet connection, and a basic understanding of the English language.

However, knowing where to look for the finest online proofreading jobs may be difficult. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 30 proofreading jobs available right now on the internet.

Now is the moment to let your inner grammar snob go and get to work!

What Are Proofreaders and What Do They Do?

Proofreaders check written documents for mechanical consistency; e.g. spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting, omitted words, etc. Proofreading is usually the final step before a written piece is published.

Proofreading is not the same as editing. Editing include checking papers for substance, tone, and style consistency. Many proofreaders also provide editing services in addition to proofreading, although the two businesses are fundamentally distinct.

Copyediting combines elements of both editing and proofreading, although copy editors typically specialize on a single topic. As a result, they need subject-specific expertise as well.

Proofreading Certification & Courses

While proofreading certification and training are not needed for the work, they may help you enhance your professional abilities.

Proofread Anywhere, for example, offers training and certification that you may present to customers to obtain better employment. The purpose of certificates is to demonstrate to customers that you are an expert in either fundamental proofreading abilities or specific subjects.

Begin by enrolling in the Proofread Anywhere Course.


Online Proofreading Jobs at Their Finest

1. Upwork

One of the finest sites for proofreaders and writers is Upwork.

You may pick and select your own tasks, and there are millions of employment openings every day. Successful freelancers may also benefit from Upwork’s incentives, such as improved contracts and search results.

Payment protection, a time monitoring tool, and automated scheduled bank transfers are just a few of Upwork’s excellent features for freelancers. Upwork is arguably the most well-known and finest freelancing marketplace in the world for a reason.

FlexJobs are a kind of job that allows you to work from home.

Another general-purpose gig site, FlexJobs, offers ads for a variety of odd tasks.

Proofreading is one of the site’s most popular categories, with numerous “specialized” sections for different types of proofreaders. All of the positions available are completely remote.

3. Independent contractor

Another freelancing platform comparable to Upwork is Freelancer. You may establish a profile, and the site will connect you with customers and jobs that match your qualifications.

Lionbridge is number four.

Lionbridge provides a broad range of work-at-home opportunities, but proofreading is one of the most popular.

To get started, you’ll need some expertise, but Lionbridge can link you with fantastic possibilities.

Craigslist is number five.

Craigslist is a great place to look for odd jobs, including proofreading opportunities. You may look for jobs in your region and at your skill level.

Craigslist is also a fantastic place to discover private, returning customers, and it’s completely free.

6. Guru

Guru is another excellent resource for finding proofreading work, whether you are a total novice or have some expertise.

This site has a solid reputation among freelancers and customers since it has been operating for a long time. Fill up a profile and you’re ready to start searching for work.

Scribbr is number seven.

Scribbr is a job board where you may discover editing and proofreading opportunities. You must first pass a screening exam, after which Scribbr will use your CV to connect you with clients who are a suitable fit.

You’ll have to finish a few “simulation” tasks before you can obtain employment. If you pass, you will be able to accept jobs.

EditFast is the eighth option.

EditFast allows you to establish a profile and then matches you with customers based on your qualifications and experience. Clients may go over your samples before making a choice.

Keep in mind that EditFAst will take a 40% share of the total project fee in exchange for their services.

Book Editing Associates (nine)

Book Editing Associates specializes in editing conventional self-published books. Before you can explore jobs, you must pass a brief copyediting and proofreading exam, and they only employ 100% freelancers (you cannot have another day job).

You must also have at least 5 years of experience, although they pay well for proofreading services.

ten. proofread right now

ProofreadNow is another high-end proofreading service that employs proofreaders after a thorough screening procedure. They also want you to have current software, such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office.

This site, too, isn’t constantly recruiting, although it does provide extremely high-paying jobs for proofreaders.

ProofreadAnywhere’s Caitlyn earned $43,000 per year working approximately 20 hours per week. In this comprehensive course, she demonstrates how you may accomplish the same.

Gramlee (#11)

Gramlee is a freelancing platform that hires both new and experienced proofreaders and editors. Clients must pay $0.03 per word and have a minimum of 3,000 words, although certain projects may pay you more.

You may apply online, but since they get hundreds of applications each week, you may not hear back right away. They do, however, provide extremely consistent labor.

12. Wordy

Wordy charges a flat price for proofreading services, and proofreaders must complete a series of exams and evaluations to evaluate their competence in the English language’s spelling, grammar, and syntactical command.

Workers are hired as independent contractors, which means they are not employees of the service.

Cambridge Proofreading and Editing is a company that specializes in proofreading and editing.

Cambridge Proofreading & Editing has a nationwide network of more than 150 proofreading experts that specialize in almost every academic topic imaginable.

They provide high-level work, therefore you must have prior experience to be considered for a position with them. To get recruited, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree and be willing to proofread at least 10,000 words each week.

They pay their proofreaders $20-$30 per hour on average.

Domainite (number 14)

Domainite is a website aimed mostly for novice proofreaders. The gigs aren’t particularly highly paid, but they’re an excellent place to start looking for work if you’re just getting started, and there are no prerequisites to apply or search for work.

Wordfirm Inc. is number fifteen.

For a variety of sectors, Wordfirm Inc. offers editing and proofreading services. When applying, you must complete a long application, so make sure you have enough time to sit down and do it.

They are picky about who they hire, yet they pay well for proofreading jobs.

Best Online Proofreading Jobs Proofread is written on a note with a pen on the side.

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Worker is the 16th option.

Clients may use Click Worker to outsource microtasks to editors, authors, proofreaders, translators, and other professionals.

The amount you earn is decided each task, and there are a few jobs that pay very high, but you must be extremely skilled to obtain them.

Before you can start working, you must pass a proofreading exam, although they have a broad range of positions.

MediaBistro is number seventeen.

Another job-board-style site where you may look for and apply for jobs is MediaBistro. There are no particular prerequisites for creating an account, but the platform will not match you with customers; you will have to go via the job board to locate them on your own.

You may also specify preferences for gigs and get notifications when new offers that meet your criteria become available.

18. Pal for Proofreading

Proofreading Pal hires college students with a good GPA for short-term proofreading jobs.

It’s a fantastic way for students to supplement their income while improving their writing, editing, and proofreading abilities.

Reedsy (19.)

Reedsy is yet another freelancing marketplace that links writers with proofreaders and editors. You create a profile, and the “magic algorithm” matches you with employment based on your degree of expertise and skill set.

You may also use the site to submit and receive quotations directly from customers.

20. Look for Editing Positions

Get Editing Assignments is a huge community center where individuals can look for freelance writing, proofreading, and editing jobs.

You won’t receive any assistance applying since it’s a directory site, but it may be a good location to discover private customers. The majority of the openings are for remote work, although they do sometimes have in-person openings and full-time positions.

Do you want to work as a proofreader and start earning money? Check out this 76-minute free workshop on what it takes to succeed. Within 30 days, you may start a proofreading company!

21. Job Opportunities for Writers

A marketplace full of proofreading and editing assignments may be found at Writer’s Job Shop. Before you can be employed to write, you must have a native-level command of the English language and a degree in any subject.

After being employed, you will be able to apply for work on the board and will have direct contact with customers.

22. Jobz in Writing

Because freelance proofreaders are the only kind of work available on Writing Jobz, it’s an excellent marketplace for them. Academic papers, blog posts, news sources, novels, and more are all available on Writing Jobz.

You don’t need a degree or other specific skills to create an account and begin searching for work. On the platform, proofreaders may earn up to $11 per page of work and provide smaller “micro-tasks.”

R3ciprocity (number 23)

R3ciprocity is a proofreading service that pays authors using a unique credit system. You earn credits by completing proofreading assignments, which you can then use to hire a proofreader for your own work.

Through a transactional aspect, it’s a fantastic method for authors to obtain proofreading services for their works. You may also use these credits to be paid money by cashing them out.

Polished Paper (number 24)

Polished Paper is a great site for finding high-paying freelance work, but they are picky about who they employ.

Before you can apply, you must first pass a 35-question competence exam. The exam has no time restriction, and you are permitted (rather, encouraged) to use other resources such as formatting or style guides.

Edit911 is number 25.

Edit911 is a high-end proofreading firm that provides high-paying employment and the opportunity to work with long-term private customers. However, there are some extremely stringent application criteria.

To be considered, you must have a Ph.D. in English or another writing-intensive discipline, as well as published writing examples. You must also provide evidence of proofreading or editing expertise.

The good news is that they reply to all applications/resumes within 48 hours, so you won’t have to wait long.

Jobs in the Best Food Delivery App

CACTUS Communications (n.d.) (n.d.) (n.

CACTUS Communications is a specialized proofreading company that specializes in particular areas of proofreading. They have part-time and full-time positions available.

When you apply, you’ll be asked to choose a specialist subject and demonstrate that you have a degree in the area you’ll be editing. Biology, medicine, sociology, and other disciplines are among the topics they address.

However, they do not always accept applications, so keep checking back to see if any positions become available.

Kirkus Media (#27)

Kirkus Media is a proofreading company that specializes in book and magazine proofreading. The bulk of the work they provide is for remote assignments, although there are a few full-time in-person positions available as well.

SmartBrief (ninety-eighth)

SmartBrief is a proofreading service that specializes on business and industry news. Every day, they get fresh job postings, and proofreaders may expect to earn about $15 per hour. Before you can apply, you must first fill out an application and complete a brief exam.

You may start looking for work after you’ve been authorized.

ProBlogger is number 29.

ProBlogger is a job-board-style website that mostly advertises writing jobs, but also includes a large number of postings for editing and proofreading services.

Before creating a profile, you do not need to have any credentials or pass any certification exams. They don’t have a wage scale, therefore it’ll be on a case-by-case basis. You may work out an appropriate fee with your customers.

30. Start Your Own Company

If none of these alternatives appeal to you, you may always go it alone and establish your own proofreading company. To get started, all you need is a computer, an active internet connection, and a lot of drive and perseverance.

If you want to start your own proofreading company, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort and know how to approach and promote yourself to customers.

Before venturing out on your own and establishing an independent company, it’s a smart idea to get started on one of these platforms.

The greatest thing of starting your own company is that you have full control over the tasks you take on and can establish your own prices. 

Caitlyn’s Proofreading Course is one of the finest we’ve come across. It has 40+ courses organized into eight modules, as well as worksheets and real-world examples of occupations. You’ll also receive access to a wealth of tools for finding jobs, as well as a certificate of accomplishment to offer potential clients.

To learn more, you may start with the free introduction session.

Where Can I Look for Proofreading Jobs on the Internet?

Clients will offer proofreading tasks on various sites, and you may apply for them. These jobs may be one-time assignments or part-time employment on a regular basis. You may look for jobs on job boards and apply for them.

Many platforms will also make it easier to communicate with customers and accept payments. The greatest thing about job boards is that they usually don’t need you to create an account before you can start searching for employment.

You may also submit an application to work for a proofreading service. These types of businesses employ freelancers and place them in jobs. Before you can start looking for employment, you’ll need to fill out an application and potentially pass a competence exam.

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Is a degree required to work as a proofreader?

No, a college degree is not required to work as a proofreader. While some customers prefer proofreaders with an English, Communications, or Journalism degree, it is not a must for the position.

To work as a proofreader, you’ll need a strong command of English grammar, spelling, and syntax, as well as professional qualities like meeting deadlines and managing your time.

Some organizations may require candidates to have either a basic college diploma or a degree in a writing-intensive field.

What Do Proofreaders Get Paid?

Proofreaders are often compensated on a per-word basis. The precise remuneration is determined by the degree of expertise, the kind of material, and the particular customer. Proofreaders may be paid by the project or by the hour.

The typical proofreader earns about $45,000 per year, according to Glassdoor. Proofreaders who are well regarded may earn up to $50 per hour.

However, you are unlikely to earn this much straight once, and most new proofreaders start at about $0.002-$0.005 per word.

You may build up a clientele as you get expertise and ask for more money.

Proofreading’s Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Work that is adaptable. You have complete control over when and how much you work as a freelancer. You may either attempt to get full-time employment or work a few hours each week.
  • Work from home. The vast majority of proofreading jobs are remote so you can do them from the comfort of your home. That means you can work in comfortable clothes, take a nap when you want to, and go for a stroll with your dog when you take breaks from working.
  • The price is low. Aside from the purchase of a computer, being a freelance proofreader is completely free. It’s also something that has the potential to turn into a full-time job.


  • Work that is inconsistent. There will undoubtedly be times when finding employment is difficult. Being a freelancer entails a certain amount of risk.
  • Deadlines. Freelance proofreaders must work under tight deadlines and with short turnaround times.

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Proofreading Software That Works

The following are some of the finest tools and apps for proofreaders:

  • Grammarly
  • App by Ernest Hemingway
  • PaperRater
  • WhiteSmoke
  • Slickwrite
  • LanguageTool

Grammarly is, in our view, the most helpful proofreading tool. This free browser extension will look for grammatical problems, misspellings, repeated words and phrases, formatting difficulties like space and punctuation, and other typographical errors in documents.

Grammarly was actually used to create the post you’re reading right now!

Frequently Asked Questions about Proofreading Jobs

What is the role of a proofreader?

Proofreaders examine written materials for errors in spelling and grammar. In other terms, proofreading entails reviewing manuscripts for mechanical problems such as spelling, grammar, missing/omitted words, incorrect punctuation, and formatting difficulties. One of the most essential parts of the writing process, along with editing, is proofreading.

What’s the difference between proofreading and editing?

For substance, style, and tone, editing entails reviewing and altering sections of the text. Checking spelling and punctuation is part of proofreading. Both are crucial components of the writing process, yet they are essentially distinct.

Is a degree required to work as a proofreader?

No, a proofreader does not need a specific degree. Although some clients prefer a proofreader with a degree, you do not need one to operate as a proofreader. All you need is a solid understanding of English language and spelling. ProofreadAnywhere may help you get reputation by completing a course.

Is proofreading a difficult task?

It all depends on the kind of paper you’re proofreading. Technical papers with specialist terminology may be difficult to proofread, while basic items such as blog entries are simple to proofread and may be finished in a matter of hours.

What can I expect to earn as a proofreader?

It depends on your degree of expertise and the papers you’re reviewing. The most entry-level occupations pay about $0.005 per word, while the most profitable ones pay between $0.06 and $0.08 per word. Proofreaders with high ratings may earn up to $50 per hour.

What kind of businesses employ proofreaders?

At some time, almost every company and organization will need proofreading services. When a business has produced papers, it will almost certainly employ a proofreader to double-check them. You may edit books, marketing material, blog posts, technical papers, and more as a proofreader. Proofreading is required for any written work.

Further Reading:

Online proofreading jobs are a great way to make money online and get some extra cash. Here are 10 online proofreading jobs you can do today and in the near future.. Read more about legitimate proofreading jobs online and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an online proofreader make?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for an online proofreader is $31,490. Actual salaries may vary greatly based on specialization within the field, location, years of experience and a variety of other factors. Q: I heard that I can use my smartphone for free

How can I make money proofreading?

Proofreading is a good source for making money. You will be able to proofread various documents like government forms, medical pamphlets, and many other documents. However, it does require some time, effort, and skill. Q: How to make $10,000 in one day?

Is online proofreading legit?

Online proofreading is not a scam. However, you should be wary of companies that charge a lot of money for proofreading, but provide little in the way of results. Online proofreading services are legitimate and can be an excellent tool for writers that want to improve the quality of their work. The key

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