I love the idea of creating, selling and buying things on Etsy. This article features 27 ideas for cute items that you can sell to make some extra income.

how to make money on etsy without making anything” is a blog post that talks about 27 ideas for cute things to sell on Etsy. The article also includes some of the best tips for selling items on Etsy.

27 Ideas for Cute Things to Sell on Etsy for Some Extra Income

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re searching for attractive items to sell on Etsy and convert your hobby into a small company.

On Etsy, you may sell a wide range of items, including real and digital goods, art and home décor, and much more. You’ll undoubtedly discover something that piques your curiosity, and your consumers will be ecstatic to get it.

Are you ready to put your crafts, design, or printable-creation abilities to work and earn some money selling creative items on Etsy?

Yes, I agree! Let’s get going.

If you’re short on time, have a look at these 27 adorable Etsy items:

1. Printouts

2. Wall Art & Decor

3. Handmade Jewelry & Supplies

Stickers (n.d.)

5. Bath & Body Products

6. T-Shirts

Sweatshirts (nine)

8. Mugs

9. Headbands for babies

Bibs for babies (nine)

Blankets (nine)

12. Teething Rings for Babies

Mats with Milestones

14. Customized Toys

15. Candles

16. Notebooks & Journals

17. Clothes

Cases for Phones (nineteen)

Cases for Airpods (19.)

Crochet Crafts (20)

Cards of Greeting (number 21)

Wedding Decorationsations 22.

23. Invitations to Weddings

Additional Wedding Supplies 24.

25. Bags & Purses

26. Animal Supplies

Coasters (number 27)


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27 Cute Etsy Items to Sell

Here are some adorable items to sell on Etsy to help you get started. Alternatively, you may incorporate these ideas into your own Etsy business! I hope you will find them motivating.

1. Printouts

You may sell them on Etsy if you are a former teacher or have a talent that can be turned into a printable, such as kids’ activities or planners.

People will gladly pay for your knowledge and the way you arrange the content you know better than they do. Win-win.

I have a ton of free resources to help you get started with your Etsy Printables store, including the top Etsy Printables courses you can take to save time and money while getting started.

You’ll find a list of some of the best Etsy Printables courses in this post, including:

This post will be quite useful if you want to learn more about the particular procedure for setting up and operating this sort of store.

2.    Wall Art & Décor

People like adorning their residences. As a consequence, interior design and home décor are growing in popularity, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Why not use it to your advantage in your Etsy shop? Make some charming art for the empty area above someone’s television that they can’t seem to fill. 

Or a fun animal pattern for a kid’s room. There are so many different ways to sell this basic DIY on Etsy.

cute things to sell on etsy handmade jewelry and supplies

3. Handmade Jewelry & Supplies

One of the most popular items to offer on Etsy to generate money is handmade jewelry. Jewelry is quite popular among Etsy customers.

The beauty of jewelry is that there are so many different areas to explore. You may sell individual jewelry items such as necklaces or rings. You have the option of working with certain metals. You can work with particular stones, such as pearls. 

If making and selling your own jewelry is something you want to pursue, the possibilities are nearly endless. People are interested in purchasing it!

If you believe opening a jewelry business on Etsy seems like a dream come true, you can get started here.

Stickers (n.d.)

Stickers are one of Etsy’s most popular things, which is great news for you! They’re quite simple to construct, and you can take them in a variety of ways.

Planner stickers, cleaning stickers, name decal stickers, and so much more could be made.

See my article on things you can create with a Cricut machine for more more ideas on how to make them, and boost your sticker game! You’ll be out of stock in no time.

I can provide further information on how to sell stickers on Etsy if you need it.

5.  Bath & Body Products (Oooo soaps!)

Who doesn’t like a good soap opera? To most people, having a spa-like experience in your own bathroom for a fraction of the cost of a spa day seems fantastic.

Soap is one of the easiest things to create and sell on Etsy, and as long as you can follow instructions properly and then branch out and start experimenting and becoming more creative, soap is one of the easiest things to make and sell.

6. T-Shirts

T-shirts are perhaps one of the most straightforward items to offer on Etsy. T-shirts are available for every occasion! They’re also a lot of fun to make using a Cricut. 

A Cricut is a cutting machine that allows you to print professional-looking graphics at home. If you want to learn more about it and how to use it to sell your products on Etsy, check out this post.

For occasions, everyone likes matching t-shirts. A Disney World family vacation? What about a bachelorette party? Gender Exposure?

All of this is fantastic for designing and selling t-shirts!

Sweatshirts (nine)

Sweatshirts, like t-shirts, may be produced for any occasion. Sweatshirts featuring festive themes, sweet sayings, or logos and graphics from their favorite TV series are popular.

8. Mugs

Everyone enjoys a good cup! Is there anything better than waking up and putting your favorite hot beverage into a beautiful mug? I don’t believe so.

With that information, why not manufacture mugs to sell on Etsy as one of your attractive items? On Etsy, glass mugs, ceramic mugs, and mugs with adorable sayings all sell really well.

Because mugs are a tangible object, this article on how to sell prints on Etsy will be useful for anybody wishing to start an Etsy business selling prints.

cute things to sell on etsy Headbands for babies

9. Headbands for babies

Have you ever seen anything cuter than a newborn wearing a big bow? Most likely not. That’s why these handcrafted things are among the simplest to sell on Etsy, since they don’t require much time or effort to manufacture yet are in great demand.

If you’re a mother, this one could be perfect for you since you can make Headbands for babies out of extra material.

Bibs for babies (nine)

There are many baby-related things on this list. That’s because Etsy has a massive market. Millennial mothers are there all the time, purchasing handcrafted baby stuff. More significantly, they are enthusiastic about assisting small companies.

Another simple item to offer on Etsy is Bibs for babies. Monogrammed bibs, bandana bibs, and anything in between might be your specialty. Make your bibs stand out by using your imagination. 

Moms always have issues with products they use with their children, and if you can fix one of these issues for them, you’ll have a client for life.

Blankets (nine)

Yes, blankets may legally be classified as baby items, and there is a sizable market for them! However, Etsy now has a large selection of blankets for sale.

Someone would love to have a nice blanket in their bedroom or cuddle up with it on their sofa if you can make one.

12. Teething Rings for Babies

These are in high demand because they make fantastic gifts! Make sure your packaging is gift-worthy, and promote them as something people may bring to a baby shower.

There are so many materials to pick from, and you may construct the teethers out of whatever you’re most comfortable with. Just make sure it complies with all of the safety regulations for those little lips!

Mats with Milestones

You’ve probably seen a baby on a milestone mat if you’ve spent more than a minute on Instagram. If you’re not sure what this is, it’s the lovely picture on the milestone mat with a large “1 MONTH OLD!” circled.

They’re really popular right now among new parents, and you may take advantage of their desire to retain memories of their brief time with their baby via those precise lovely images. A few likes and comments on their adorable newborn never hurts, either.

14. Customized Toys

Toys and baby goods are among the most popular things on Etsy, so spending time producing and polishing them for a business is worthwhile.

Customized Toys are excellent gifts, and you could make a killing marketing to parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles looking for the right present for the young child in their lives around the holidays.

cute things to sell on etsy candles

15. Candles

Candles are a fantastic way to upgrade your house without breaking the bank. They may smell great, look great, and come in beautiful pots.

People will want to purchase your candles if you make them seem appealing. Because they are so popular, they are simple to sell on Etsy.

You can make yours stand out by using different smells, different containers, and so many more. If you want to learn more about selling candles from home, check out this tutorial.

16. Notebooks & Journals

Are you a master of words? Do you like writing in notebooks, diaries, and pens?

If you run a store that specializes in these items, now is a fantastic time to dust out your Cricut! You may decorate the front with lovely small sayings about business or health goals, planning, or recipes. You could even personalize it for your clients!

cute things to sell on etsy clothes

17. Clothes

T-shirts and Sweatshirts have already been mentioned, but you can also make crochet apparel as crafts, linen things, denim jackets, and much more.

You may design and sell your own patterns for anyone who wish to make their own apparel.

Cases for Phones (nineteen)

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone that they must safeguard. But just because it has to be safeguarded doesn’t mean it can’t be adorable!

This is where you enter in: create some lovely phone covers with various patterns or creative designs that your consumers may buy.

To embed this video, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql3RvcnnGH0.

Cases for Airpods (19.)

People want their AirPods cases to reflect their individuality, much like Apple Cases for Phones. A basic white one is available to everyone.

Customers will desire one with a colorful print or other modification if you can provide it.

Crochet Crafts (20)

On Etsy, you may manufacture and sell a wide variety of crochet things. Here’s a link to my post on selling crochet on Etsy.

Cards of Greeting (number 21)

Cards of Greeting are a fantastic opportunity to express yourself creatively while still earning money!

The nicest part of making Cards of Greeting for Etsy is that you may use whatever media you choose to do it – paintings, drawings, Cricut, and so on.

22. Wedding Decorationsations

Signs, centerpieces, and cake toppers are all items that a couple would want to have custom-made for their wedding.

Here’s when your Etsy store comes in handy. People will appreciate it if you can design something special that they can display during their wedding.

There are a lot of successful stores in this category, so there’s space for you too.

23. Invitations to Weddings

Invitation suites on Etsy range in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars! 

If you like paper goods and festivities, this is a terrific chance to make lovely items to sell on Etsy.

You’ll need time to create each order uniquely since they’ll be unique to each pair, but if you can pull it off, it’s a terrific Etsy market to break into.

Additional Wedding Supplies 24.

There are a million more things to create relating to weddings besides wedding décor and invites!

Some of these things are:

Personalized hangers

Stickers for shoes

Bouquets of evergreens or crocheted flowers

Personalized Cups

Wedding coordinators

Personalized Signs

Garters with Embroidery

Flutes de Champagne

· Favors

And there’s a lot more! Remember that when it comes to their wedding, people are eager to spend top money for high-quality things, therefore this is a profitable sector to explore!

25. Bags & Purses

Everyone need a fantastic bag or handbag. We all have such hectic lives, and we always have computers, phones, wallets, keys, and a million other items on us.

Why shouldn’t we desire something unique and handmade? This is a fantastic way to get started selling adorable items on Etsy!

26. Animal Supplies

Why should all the affection go to human babies? Our pets, too, need cute items.

There is a sizable market for dog and cat accessories, ranging from collars to leashes to customized things with the creatures’ names. As a result, your shop is going to become gorgeous!

Coasters (number 27)

Coasters are one of the most straightforward items to produce and sell on Etsy. You may create them out of a variety of materials, including some surprising ones!

They may be made out of tile, mason jar lids, leather, wood, and a variety of other materials. You may manufacture coasters to suit a broad range of preferences, styles, and home décor thanks to the unlimited design choices.

Cute Things To Sell On Etsy FAQs

Do Things On Etsy Sell Well?

Etsy sells a lot of stuff, so you’re in luck! One of the most popular items to offer on Etsy is handmade jewelry. People are constantly on the lookout for unique items. On their next ladies’ weekend, date night, and all in between, they want to stand out. 

You must devote time and effort to create high-quality things, learning what sells well on Etsy, offering excellent customer service, and writing compelling descriptions for your items to sell. 

Having said that, there’s no reason you can’t have a profitable Etsy business up and running in no time!

What Is Etsy’s Most Profitable Item?

(A summary of the 27 Best Things to Sell on Etsy):

  1. Printables
  2. Wall & Art Decor
  3. Handmade jewelry & supplies
  4. Stickers
  5. Bath & Body Products
  6. T-shirts
  7. Sweatshirts
  8. Mugs
  9. Headbands for babies
  10. Bibs for babies
  11. Blankets
  12. Teething Rings for Babies
  13. Mats with Milestones
  14. Customized Toys
  15. Candles
  16. Notebooks & Journals
  17. Clothes
  18. Cases for Phones
  19. Cases for Airpods
  20. Crochet Crafts
  21. Cards of Greeting
  22. Wedding Decorations
  23. Invitations to Weddings
  24. Additional Wedding Supplies
  25. Bags & Purses
  26. Animal Supplies
  27. Coasters

In addition to this list, there are a few more methods to discover Etsy’s most popular things – hint: if they’re the most popular, they’re also the most lucrative.

The first step is to do extensive Etsy keyword research. To do so, go to the website and look at their editor’s choices or popular right now sections to discover what’s hot.

The second option is to join up for an erank free trial. This site will tell you what is currently popular on Etsy, based on real statistics.

If you find the tool beneficial, you will ultimately have to pay for it. 

As you have your business up and running, check out the top Etsy keyword tools to discover what you should manufacture for Etsy.

Because they are exceedingly simple to use and, more importantly, cheap, I strongly suggest the following Etsy keyword tools:

Can I Still Make Money On Etsy If I Don’t Want To Make Any Of These Cute Things?

There’s good news! Even if you aren’t artistic or don’t want to make the physically adorable items featured in this list, you have a few possibilities for running a lucrative Etsy business.

I’ve got you covered if you want to earn money on Etsy without creating anything.

If you don’t want to sell anything on Etsy, you have a few options:

  • Dropshipping
  • Produce digital goods

You may start by participating in dropshipping. Dropshipping is appealing because it enables you to delegate the fulfillment of your purchases to someone else. You will never need to maintain any inventory on hand. 

When you dropship, a different firm handles the manufacture and fulfillment of your products. This will take some effort and investigation, but if an Esty business with no items is something you’re interested in, it’s worth checking into. 

In addition, you can also Produce digital goods! These require no crafting skills, but they do still need a bit of creativity. You can make anything from planners to designer graphics in Canva. There are thousands of options for turning your Etsy store into a lucrative business without creating a physical product.


Setting up your Etsy store and finding adorable items to offer can be a lot of fun as well as profitable! What a win-win situation for you.

There are so many exciting possibilities, and chances are one of them matches a pastime you either have or want to start.

People are increasingly wanting to support small businesses and entrepreneurs, therefore now is the ideal moment to open an Etsy shop and capitalize on this trend!

Making candles, anyone? I’m excited to see what you come up with and all of the adorable items you’ll sell on Etsy!

The “craft ideas to sell on etsy” is a blog post that includes 27 ideas for cute things to sell on Etsy. The blog post also contains a list of items and the author’s profit per item.

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