We all know about the freelance writing gigs that are available on the internet – but if you want a few extra dollars, why not write for other companies. These websites pay writers to publish articles with their brand and product as part of an ongoing relationship.

The “websites that pay you to write” is a list of websites that are willing to pay writers for guest posts. These sites will help you earn money from writing without having to spend hours on your own site.

22+ Websites That Pay Writers For Guest Posts

It’s possible that some of the links in this article are affiliate links. My disclosure policy may be found here.

If you’ve been wanting to start making money as a freelance writer, or if you simply have some great things to tell and want to do some one-time writing and publish your piece online for additional cash, paid guest post possibilities are just what you need.

When I initially started out as a freelance writer, I was eager to build up my portfolio so that I might get hired for long-term projects. At first, my portfolio was largely journalism-based, so I realized I wanted to broaden it with blog entries and articles on other websites.

Guest posting is a great way to expand your portfolio and get your name and work out there, however most guest posting opportunities are unpaid.

The majority of the guest articles I produced at initially were free, but my very first one was paid, and it felt amazing to get compensated for all of my hard work.

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However, if you want to make money fast from freelance writing, paid guest posts are the way to go since you can earn while building your portfolio.

I’ve seen a number of postings on the internet with connections to websites that pay for articles, but most of the material is old. That said, I want to update this on a regular basis to ensure that the information is always current.

Here are 22+ websites that will pay you for a guest post, whether you want to write on parenting, fashion, finance, sports, law, technology, travel, cuisine, or anything else!

1. A Wonderful Parent

My first paid guest post opportunity was with A Fine Parent. They pay $75 each piece if you like writing on parenting issues, but you must first submit an outline.

They are currently not seeking guest posts since they have enough content to go till July. However, you may sign up to be notified when they reopen submissions here, or just visit the website in August, when they’ll most likely allow authors to submit paid guest pieces once again.

2. A Writer’s Life

If you want to write about writing, The Write Life will pay you $75 for a 600-900-word piece. The Write Life is an excellent resource for authors seeking guidance, suggestions, and tools to help them progress their careers. Check out their submission requirements if you have any writing tips or tales to give. Submissions are temporarily closed, but keep a watch out!

3. Magazine of Travel and Leisure

If you want to travel, this digital magazine is for you. It’s managed 95% by freelancers. They pay a set amount that changes depending on the length of your piece. They do, however, pay upon capitulation.

Here’s where you can learn more about submitting your work to this site.

4. The Journey of the Pathfinder

Another travel site that pays $150 for 800-1,000-word trip article is this one. If you want to submit your own photos, they will pay you $20 each picture.

More information may be found here.

5. Parents Only

Another parenting website that pays $50 each guest article is Just Parents. More information may be found here.

The Motley Fool is number six on the list.

This is another personal finance site that pays $100 for posts that are well-written, analytically sound, and meaningful. However, it seems that in order to submit articles, you must first apply. More information may be found here.

7. a credit doctor

Doctor of Credit is a personal finance blog that welcomes guest contributions on credit and other financial issues. They pay $50 each piece and may consider collaborating with a writer on a long-term basis if they can regularly produce high-quality blog entries.

These submission restrictions date back a few years, but they remain relevant since the site’s administrator still regularly checks the page and reacts to comments.

A List Apart, No. 8

This is a website on digital technology that publishes articles about web design, web development, and web content. They provide $50 for each mini-post, $100 for each article, and $200 for each feature. Their submission rules may be found here.

AppStorm is number nine.

If you love your Apple devices, you can really cash in by writing a guest post for AppStorm. AppStorm publishes articles that discuss apps for the iPad. They pay $60 per submission and you can write an in-depth review, a how-to article on how to use a specific app or a roundup post. More information may be found here.

The Great Escape (#10)

Another travel website that compensates authors is this one. They pay $50-$75 for pieces on the website, $100-$150 for interviews and personal tales, and $150-$200 for articles with specific income ideas that readers can print and use to make extra money.

Check out their submission guidelines to learn more.

Funny Times (No. 11)

You may submit a $75 guest post to our website if you are confident about your skill to make hilarious tales and jokes. They also welcome $30-$50 humorous cartoon sketches.

More information may be found here.

IWA Wine Accessories Blog (nineteenth)

Are you a wine enthusiast? This website will pay you $20-$50 for a 500-700 word blog article about wine storage and enjoyment. Guest blogs about the best methods to buy, utilize, install, and enjoy wine cellars, racks, cabinets, and cooling equipment are always welcome.

Their submission rules may be found here.

LiisBeth (age 13)

Intellectual service pieces, profiles, policy critiques, op-eds, interviews, and personal tales on experiences in the startup world from a female viewpoint are all welcome at LiisBeth.

They pay $250-$2000 each piece on average, depending on the sort of work, the amount of original research done, and the length of the piece (typically 500-2000 words).

More information about their submission criteria may be found here.

cosmopolitan 14

Cosmopolitan is a well-known publication that you may have heard of. They pay $1 per word and invite guest posts on a variety of themes, including fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

More information may be found here.

DailyWorth (#15)

DailyWorth accepts guest articles surrounding women and money. They pay $50 per guest post. You can find what they’re looking for and More information may be found here.

Freshbooks is number sixteen.

Freshbooks, a famous invoicing and payment platform for creatives and small business owners, pays authors $100+ for an 800-word guest article submission.

Here is where you may submit your proposals.

The Atlantic (17.)

The Atlantic is a well-known publication that welcomes contributions of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. According to reports, their mental health section pays up to $200 every guest article.

Here’s where you can learn more about contributing to the Atlantic.

SB Nation, no. 18

Some sports contributions are paid for by SB Nation. I looked into it and couldn’t discover any information regarding their current pricing. If you genuinely want to write about sports, you should send them a proposal and work out a deal with them.

LadyQ’s (19.)

LadyQ’s is a women’s website that pays $50 for editorials, how-to articles, and product evaluations. Contributor criteria and methods for submitting proposals may be found here.

Landscapes with a lot of stuff in them (number 20)

Landscape, nature, animal, and travel photography are the subjects of Loaded Landscapes, a photography blog. Writers get paid $20-$150 each piece, depending on their expertise and the content. To apply, go to this link.

21. Blogger Meetup

Blogger Hangout is a resource for authors who want to learn more about blogging and improve their skills. Blogger Hangout is aimed towards authors who want to earn a living from their blogs full-time. At the moment, they pay $50 every blog article. To apply, go to this link.

22. Personal Finance for the Elite

Writers that specialize in personal finance aim for pieces that are between 1,000 and 3,000 words long. Writers will be paid $300 for each post. Loans, credit cards, identity theft, and credit reports are just a few of the approved subjects with Elite Personal Finance. You may find out more by clicking here.

23. Earn a Living Through Writing

On themes like blogging, copywriting, ghostwriting, and other blogging categories, Make a Living Writing pays $75-$150 every piece. Check out their guest article submission rules for more details.

Bonus Tip: Work as a paid writer on a regular basis.

It will feel fantastic when you score your first paid guest article. It ignited my desire to work as a paid freelance writer and find clientele who might provide me with regular projects.

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If you have a laptop and like writing, this course may help you make money as a side hustle or transform your hobby into a full-time job.

I also offer a course called Freelancer’s Winning Pitch that can help you get started and get a great new customer in 10 days or less if you want to learn how to pitch winning clients the proper way.

22 Websites that Pay Writers for Guest Posts

Have you heard of any of these sites or written for them? What additions would you make to the list? Do you have any questions concerning freelance writing or guest posting that you’d want to ask me?

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