Whether you like to buy in bulk for the extra savings, the convenience, or the thrill of the hunt, wholesale stores are a great place to find unique products at low prices. Whether you are planning your next garage sale or just want to stock up on some everyday essentials, here are some things you can find at several popular wholesale stores:

The makers of the popular wholesale store finder site, Boltons.com, have compiled a list of 13 things you should always keep stocked in your home store. “The list is not meant to be an exhaustive inventory of all things you should stock, but rather a useful guide to get you started,” said the site’s founder, “Our most popular items have been a surprise. You can go almost anywhere in the world and find the things you need.”

There are certain items that are very difficult to buy at retail stores. Or, you may find it cheaper to buy these items at a wholesale store. You can find many wholesale stores at your nearest area. Given that wholesale stores are one of the best places to buy these items, why not use the information in this article to find your nearest wholesale store and buy the items below. You will save money and time.

Are you a member of a wholesale store like Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s? These popular department stores require a membership, but promise lots of good deals in return – provided you can buy wholesale, of course. But with membership prices ranging from $450 to $100 a year, people often wonder if membership in a wholesale club is worth it. I think these subscriptions are a great way to save money, but you have to a) use the subscription often enough and b) buy the right products. Millions of Americans are members of the warehouse. These stores have annual sales of more than $500 billion and employ 1.5 million people in the United States. But you have to remember that they are not all better at wholesale. Some products are definitely better than others, and some stock chains are better too. It’s all about choosing the right wholesaler based on your needs and what you buy most often. Follow these tips to choose the right wholesale membership and save the most money when shopping.

What is the best wholesale market?

I’m not objective because I’m a Costco fan myself, but millions of shoppers swear by Sam’s Club and BJ’s. These warehouses have a lot in common, so it can be difficult to choose the right one. Factors such as location, membership fees, advice and perks should play an important role in choosing a wholesale store. If you’re still unsure, you can buy free trial rides and day passes at all of these stores to try before you buy anything. There is also no rule against shopping with a friend who is already a member. If you are unsure when choosing a wholesale market, ask a friend who is a member to help you. You must shop with your companion and show his or her card at the entrance and at the cash register. This way, you don’t have to sign up for a free trial if you’re not interested. Not sure which membership suits you best? Compare each club based on these 4 criteria to find the right membership for you.

Membership fees

You must be a member to shop at all three stores. The frustrating thing about these subscriptions is that you have to buy them every year. If you don’t buy enough discounted items to offset the $60 membership, you may end up spending more money than you save. So calculate carefully whether your savings will exceed the membership fee. That’s the price of an annual membership in stores now:

  • Costco: Everyday Value’s basic membership costs $60 per year and includes access to the department store, online shopping and two membership cards. However, if you purchase a premium Gold Star membership, it will cost $120 per year. Extended memberships include a rewards program and additional coupons and discounts. I’ve found that the upgrade only makes sense if you visit Costco weekly or use it for business.
  • Sam’s Club: Sam’s Club currently has the lowest membership fee of $45 per year. It also offers a Plus membership for $100 a year, which includes cash rewards, free shipping, early access to deals and perks like pharmacy and optometry.
  • BJs: Membership in the BJ Inner Circle is $55 per year. Membership in Perks Rewards costs $110 per year and includes cash rewards and travel benefits. BJ’s also offers corporate memberships, which cost $55 and $110 respectively. The advantage of a commercial membership is that it is tax-free and gives you resale rights.

If you are looking for a membership in terms of cost, Sam’s Club is the cheapest and Costco is the most expensive.

Distinctions and discounts

Each Warehouse Club offers some sort of rewards program with a premium or increased membership level. It’s usually 2% cashback you get through a premium membership (Costco Gold Star, Sam’s Club Plus, or BJ’s Perks Rewards), but stores like BJ’s occasionally have promotions with 2x and 3x rewards. In my opinion, these offers are pretty similar in terms of rewards and discounts. If you’re paying for access to cashback rewards, make sure the membership fee is worth it! Oh, and don’t forget that BJ’s is the only warehouse club that accepts manufacturer discount coupons! If, like me, you love discount coupons, this could be a serious money saver for you.


No one wants to drive an hour to the nearest Costco. It’s a good idea to join a warehouse club in your area. Sam’s Club is the most widely distributed department store brand with 599 locations worldwide. Costco is second with 559 locations, while BJ’s is much smaller with 229 locations. Check out Google Maps to see which Warehouse Clubs are conveniently located to your location. Even if you’re a die-hard Costco fan, it’s probably a better idea to go to the local Sam’s Club than to the Costco remotely.

Ancillary services

One of the reasons I joined Costco was the perks. Regardless of which Warehouse Club you join, each brand offers additional services that make membership even more valuable. Depending on the club and location, membership gives you access to :

  • Photo Centre
  • foodcourt
  • Pharmacies and optical centres
  • Tyres
  • Alcohol
  • Trip planning
  • Gas

I can confirm that the photo center and cafeteria at Costco are incredibly cheap. BJ’s and Sam’s Club also offer similar discounts with their extras. Check with the Warehouse Clubs in your area about the additional services they offer; this may be the deciding factor if you are hesitant to sign up. word-image-4265

13 things to buy in warehouses

At this point, you probably have an idea of which warehouse club you want to belong to. Congratulations! That’s half the success. After paying the membership fee, you are probably ready to start shopping. But before you buy $300 worth of stuff wholesale, you should know what’s a good deal at a thrift store and what deals to avoid. In the 8+ years I’ve been a member of Costco, I’ve found that these 13 items are usually the most profitable.

1. Electronics and equipment

I bought my work laptop for $700 at Costco. It was on sale elsewhere for over $1000, so I got a significant discount that easily offset my fee. You can get great discounts on TVs, cameras, tablets, and printers at any wholesaler. (But if you want Apple products, you’ll have to shop at Sam’s Club, which has an exclusive offer). If you’re looking for appliances, a wholesale market should definitely be on your radar. We could buy a refrigerator for $500 less. So check out the big stores before you buy big appliances.

2. Own brands

Whether it’s Member’s Mark or Kirkland Brand, each wholesaler has its own generic products. Their prices are usually the same from store to store, but they are much cheaper than branded products! For example, I always buy Kirkland brand acetaminophen instead of Tylenol, which is 40% cheaper.

3. Luxury goods

Unless you’re a big snob who buys luxury items directly from the designer, wholesale clubs have a surprisingly good selection! Articles such as: …are a good deal at wholesale. Keep in mind that these products are expensive because they are a luxury, but it is still a good deal for the quality you get.

4. Alcohol

It is not uncommon for alcohol to be sold for 25% less in wholesale outlets. Costco is known for its good wine selection, and Sam’s and BJ’s sell high-quality spirits at low prices, according to the state. If you are having a party and don’t place too much value on top quality spirits, you can buy them from a discount wholesaler.

5. Stationery

Toilet paper, paper towels, sticky notes and stamps are very cheap at the wholesale market. You can usually get 50% off on these items compared to the grocery store. Since paper never expires, it’s a great way to stock up several times a year at very little cost. word-image-11146

6. Certain dry goods

Some dry goods such as beans, rice and noodles can be bought at low prices in a wholesale market. We like to buy dry food in apocalyptic quantities, store it in mylar bags and put it in 10 gallon buckets for our emergency supply. However, you can also buy dry food at very low prices in regular grocery stores. I recommend you check the prices per ounce or per pound before you buy. You’ll find that beans are cheaper at the grocery store and rice is better at Sam’s Club.

7. Layers

Diapers for one child cost over $500 a year. You can buy them in bulk from a wholesaler to reduce the cost by 25-35% each year. Of course, you need to choose the size of the diapers you buy wisely. You don’t want to stock up on diapers that are too small for your baby!

8. Tickets and gift vouchers

Wholesalers have a special relationship with restaurants and entertainment venues. It’s not uncommon to find Groupon-like packages for sale – dinner and a movie. Sometimes tickets and gift certificates can be purchased well below face value, which is a great way to save money. For example, I once bought a $60 gift card to Perry’s Steakhouse for only $40.

9. Frozen fruit

Have you seen how expensive frozen fruit is? I’ve been addicted to smoothies for months and hated spending $8 on a 30-gram bag of frozen fruit. Sam’s Club, Costco and BJ’s generally sell better frozen fruit than the grocery store. If you have room in your freezer, you can get a pound of frozen fruit for $10 to $15. That’s stealing.

10. Roast chicken

Costco sells $5 chickens as a loss leader. You can only find chicken helicopters this cheap in wholesalers. If you need protein for dinner, buy camel chicken for dinner in bulk.

11. Flowers

Flowers are very expensive, but wholesalers sell them at low prices. You can get a decent bouquet for $20-$40, which is much cheaper than a florist. In fact, the flowers here are so good (and affordable) that my sister-in-law bought all the flowers for her wedding at Costco!

12. Canned pet food

I give my cat canned Friskies twice a day, and that’s a lot of cat food per month. If you are feeding your pet canned or dry food, you should go to a wholesaler first. Sometimes you can get a lower price per jar or per pound.

13. Certain dairy products

Some dairy products are for sale at the wholesale market! For example, I like to buy big packs of hard cheese, like grated cheddar, and freeze them for later. You can do the same with butter: It freezes and defrosts perfectly. Other dairy products may not be as beneficial. Whipped cream and milk are usually sold in large quantities; unless you’re feeding an army or running a restaurant, it’s usually not worth it. word-image-4266

Avoid these 5 points to save money

It’s easy to overdo it at a thrift store. If you buy the wrong product – and in large quantities – you will lose a lot of money. So you have to be careful what you buy in a wholesale warehouse. There are exceptions to the rule, but in my experience these 5 items are not worth the money spent on them.

1. Product

This is a heated discussion in the wholesale community, but I stand by my opinion: I don’t think wholesale food is a good deal. Unless you eat 2kg of avocados a week, chances are you’re spending more money buying them in bulk and letting them rot before you can eat them. The exception is if you work in a restaurant, feed a large family or plan to freeze food for later. If this sounds like you, go crazy! But for most of us, wholesale production is too expensive to make sense.

2. Grain

I used to buy Honey Cheerios every month at Costco. But then I realized that the cost per ounce is literally the same as Cheerios from my grocery store, and I don’t have to buy pound of them. Some cereals are cheaper in the supermarket. Especially since most grocery stores sell unbranded cereals that are much cheaper than the big brands.

3. Coffee

I’m a big coffee snob. When I buy coffee in bulk, I have found that it is usually older and less aromatic than the supermarket coffee. Even if you buy whole coffee and grind it fresh, it doesn’t taste the same. Buying coffee in bulk doesn’t get you much either, so stick to the grocery store in this case.

4. Condiments and seasonings

The same applies to spices and condiments. You don’t know how old the condiments are at Sam’s Club, BJ’s or Costco. Sometimes you get old, tasteless spices that aren’t worth the money. For maximum benefit (and taste), buy spices in large baskets from your local grocer. Plus, you only buy the amount of spices you really need. So you can cook with fresh spices every time.

5. Furniture

Don’t get me wrong: Wholesale markets sell very good furniture. I’ve admired Costco’s high-end patio furniture for years. But if you want the best price on furniture, you should shop online at Facebook Marketplace or Overstock. Wholesalers don’t always have the best deals on furniture, so look around carefully to make sure you’re getting the best deal.


Buying in bulk is a great way to save money if you have room to store everything you buy. If you can afford to pay more upfront for membership fees and wholesale prices, wholesale deals are a great way to save money in the long run. But in such stores, it’s easy to fall into a trap if you’re not careful. You can save more money by using products like. B. :

  • Products
  • Cereals
  • Coffee
  • Herbs
  • Furniture

If you want to get the most out of your membership, these products will give you the most value:

  • Electronics
  • Own brands
  • Luxury products
  • Alcohol
  • Paper products
  • Dry goods
  • Diapers
  • Gift vouchers
  • Frozen fruit
  • Roast chicken
  • Flowers
  • Food for Pets
  • Dairy products

Each wholesaler has its advantages and disadvantages. Do your research to find the best membership for your family. Finally, to save money, you need to recoup your membership fees, so buy wisely.

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word-image-11147There are a lot of misconceptions about wholesale stores. People usually think that wholesale stores sell items in bulk and people can save up by buying more. While that is true, there is so much more you can benefit from such as getting anything at a cheaper price, especially if you live in a small town where grocery stores charge you more for the same item. (Don’t you just hate it when you get charged more for a product just because you live in a small town?). Read more about cheap things to buy at the grocery store and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three most important things you want from a grocery store?

If you’re like most people, you do a lot of your grocery shopping at big-box grocery stores. These stores are great, because they carry thousands of products in one location, and are open 24 hours a day. But, no two wholesale stores are alike, so you need to keep your eyes open when you’re shopping to figure out which ones have the best prices and selection. Small grocery stores are the backbone of our country. They are the grocery stores we see in the neighborhoods we live in, the stores that offer us a personal experience we can’t find in the big retail chains. They are the stores where we know the owners by name and they remember us when we come in. When you walk into a small grocery store, you know what you’re going to spend in dollars and cents, but there is so much more that you leave with.

What are the cheapest things to buy at the grocery store?

It’s always better to buy in bulk, as it’s cheaper to get large amounts of something in one go. This is especially true when going to a wholesale store, where you can get almost everything you need in one place. But what are the cheapest things to buy at the grocery store? We’re here to tell you what they are. The supermarket is a great place to save money, but it isn’t always easy to find the bargains. Here’s a list of the 13 best things to buy there. Forget that fresh produce is cheaper at the farmer’s market, and focus on stocking up on these basics.

What wholesale store is best?

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business in the retail industry, then the time is right to get started. Retail is a business that requires you to be both creative and nimble because the market is always shifting. But just as important as being creative is knowing what type of retail store to open. There are plenty of options to choose from, including things like big box stores (think WalMart), specialty stores (like Apple or Disney), and even online stores. As you consider your options, it’s important to focus your energy on the right type of store, so you can either succeed or jump ship quickly. If you are in the market for discount goods that aren’t in the style of last season, then a wholesale store may be the place for you. These stores are a great place to buy items in bulk for a fraction of their retail price, but you have to be careful. Here are some of the most important things you should know.

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