In line with our 10 Creatively Unique Ways to Get Paid to Draw in 2020, today we’re sharing 10 Creatively Unique Ways to Get Paid to Color in 2021.

There are billions of ways to make money today, but they all boil down to one thing: finding something valuable to someone who wants to sell it to someone else. The beauty of this business model is that you’ve probably already figured out how to make money by watching TV, taking photos, using software, or reading the news. It’s entirely possible you’ve also noticed that plenty of those same things can be done by people who make money by charging other people money to do them. It’s not rocket science, it’s just common sense.

The only problem is that creative jobs are in high demand, and it’s hard for potential artists to get a foot in the door. There are also a lot of people who just aren’t great at drawing, and some of them don’t even realize it. We’ve selected 10 different ways to make money coloring, so that you can have a little fun, and some extra cash in your pocket.. Read more about get paid to color app and let us know what you think.

Coloring is a very relaxing and stress-relieving hobby. It’s similar to meditation in that it helps your brain concentrate instead of being scattered. If you’re an adult who enjoys coloring, you may be shocked to learn that you can get paid to do it.

I needed assistance selling paper dolls on my Etsy shop recently, so I hired my sister to color the dolls so that I could photograph them. She enjoys coloring during church and meetings because it allows her to focus. This got me wondering about how other people would color for actual money.

You may be paid to color online in a variety of ways. You may convert coloring into a side business or a full-fledged company in the future. It will not only be a relaxing profession, but it may also be financially rewarding.

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10 Ways to Make Money Coloring in Your Free Time

Woman getting paid to color

Consider how you may be able to earn money by coloring images.

1. Volunteer to be a product tester for coloring books.

Become a product reviewer and try out the latest and greatest coloring goods. Apply for sponsorships with various companies and publish your results on a YouTube channel or other social media platform.

You may also be paid to test products via companies like Pinecone Research and Opinion Outpost. These sites, on the other hand, enable users to evaluate a wide range of goods, not only coloring books.

2. Create a blog for coloring enthusiasts.

You may create a blog to provide coloring lessons and reviews of coloring items including books, pencils, and markers. You may utilize affiliate marketing to promote such goods and earn money when someone purchases anything via your link.

Get paid to promote coloring books on your blog. Adult coloring sheets, pens, markers, crayons, and other creative materials are available from a variety of companies. Depending on the goods your reader purchases, affiliates may earn anywhere from 3% to 50% compensation. Content producers may join affiliate programs like Amazon’s and Etsy’s to suggest items to their audience.

Finally, you can put advertisements on your site and be paid when people see them and click on them. With a blog, there are a plethora of possibilities to be paid to color online.

3. Use Etsy to sell coloring pages

If you aren’t ready to make your own coloring pages yet, you may get commercial rights to sell them through companies like Createful Journals. Mommy and Me, holiday, calendar, and even alcohol coloring pages are among the adult coloring pages offered. Return often to see what more is available.

You get a Commercial/PLR license with each purchase from Createful Journal, which means you may sell the designs on another ecommerce site like Etsy. Create your own Etsy store and start selling coloring sheets in no time.

4. Dropshipping Coloring Materials

Anyone may buy coloring materials at any time of year. Consider instructors who want to fill their classrooms, parents who want to keep their kids occupied, and pediatric offices that keep their waiting rooms packed with diversions.

To all of these prospective customers, sell coloring materials on a Shopify store. Learn how to get your Shopify shop up and running in just a few easy steps.

5. Create your own coloring supplies and sell them under your own brand.

White labeling is the process of rebranding a product created by another business to make it your own. You may sell a white-labeled product via Amazon FBA once it has been white-labeled.

Amazon FBA handles the storage, fulfillment, shipping, and even returns for you.

6. Launch Your Own Coloring Subscription Box Company

Starting your own coloring subscription box is another option to be paid to color. Create subscription boxes for children and adults to turn this into a company.

You may offer monthly or quarterly subscription packs. By sticking out from the crowd, you may entice more purchases. To keep your consumers coming back, add as many exciting, unique coloring items as you can.

7. Host a Wine Tasting Using Coloring Pages

When there’s a little wine involved, who doesn’t like to watch masterpieces being created? Get paid to color with friends and customers by hosting a wine tasting and coloring event.

Charge a modest charge for each person who comes and let them pick whatever coloring page(s) they’d like to finish while their wine sampling. This is a perfect opportunity to utilize the Wine Tasting Design pages from Createful Journal.

8. Create your own YouTube channel.

Use tutorials, product testing, or create a meditation place where you color beautiful pages and upload them to YouTube. Include advertising, affiliate links, and sponsored videos to earn money.

Drive visitors from your channel to your blog or Etsy, Shopify, or Amazon FBA colored goods. Online coloring jobs are legitimate money-making possibilities.

9. Host a Kids’ Coloring Session

Set up paid playdates in your neighborhood and organize kid-friendly coloring sessions. Choose a day when parents may leave their children off at a park or mall and provide them with coloring activities while they shop.

Charge parents a charge per kid and encourage them to buy the coloring books via your affiliate connections or your own goods.

10. Enter an online coloring competition (or host your own)

Online coloring contests are one kind of coloring game that pays real money. You may hold a competition for a number of reasons, including to generate interest in your coloring goods, to promote the unique designs you provide, or just to get your name out there as someone who can cater the next birthday party or kid’s event.

Simply charge each competitor an entry fee, establish a deadline, and give the kids a digital coloring sheet of your own product to color. After the deadline has passed, all submissions may be seen online, and the top winners can be chosen by a panel of pre-selected judges. You may earn money as the host of this popular online coloring contest. Consider having an adult-only event as well.

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Combining Ideas to Replace Your Income Through Coloring

Coloring is enjoyable for people of all ages. Don’t restrict yourself to just one method of being paid to color. Some of these ideas may be combined, such as creating your own coloring sheets to sell on a blog or YouTube channel that is already monetized with advertising.

To earn the maximum money, combine the choices from this list. If you approach it like a company rather than a hobby, it has the potential to eventually replace your full-time income. Having a company, like everything else, requires commitment. Make sure you’re up to the challenge.

If you like coloring as much as my sister, here is the opportunity you’ve been looking for to start earning money doing something you enjoy. Get paid to do something you like.

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With color printing becoming more popular every day, now is a great time to start a business color printing. Color printing is a great way to earn additional income while working from home, especially if you’re lacking in a marker or pen.. Read more about how to make money with coloring books and let us know what you think.

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